Toy Review: The CalExotics Silhouette S10

Right off the bat I have to say: I really enjoy this toy. Why do I want to clarify this point? Well, CalExotics toys don’t typically do well with my body. Some are just incompatible with my body and some make me downright shudder. But the CalExotics Silhouette S10 is a complete and utter success. An S10 out of S10, if you will.

In short I really like this vibrator. Now let me tell you why.

The CalExotics Silhouette S10

Part of the Silhouette range, the CalExotics Silhouette S10 has a new feature to offer people which is part-novelty and part-really friggin’ useful, actually. What might that be? Well the CalExotics S10 bends.

The S10 near max bend.
The S10 near max bend.

In essence the CalExotics S10 has a very flexible shaft which will bend into whatever angle you want it to and will stay in that position (for the most part at least). I really wasn’t too sure about how this would work out during use but, as it turns out, the bending motion itself feels very natural and it holds its shape pretty damned well.

It kind of reminded me of some old toys I used to have a kid, and the S10 does have that sort of playful element to it. I have no gripes about saying that it’s just really fun to bend the S10 in to different curves and angles and seeing how those work in practice. It’s like what the PicoBong Transformer was trying to be except it’s infinitely more useful (also the controls are on the external part of the toy, thank god).

Topping off the S10 is a bulbous head which reminds me of a tulip just before it blossoms. As it turns out this head is really effective during use, but more on that later.

Straight an an arrow, this toy's head reminds me of a tulip.
Straight an an arrow, this toy’s head reminds me of a tulip.

Being a luxury toy the S10 has many of the benefits that you’d expect from it. It’s waterproof, it’s got a travel lock. It’s USB rechargeable (with a 2.5 hour charge getting you 40 minutes on its highest speed and 3.5 on its lowest) and it’s made of silicone. This makes the S10 phthalate-free, non-porous and completely body safe. The silicone used for the S10 also has that ‘luxury’ feel to it; matte and smooth, slightly draggy but velvety to the touch, it works well with lubricant and isn’t too much of a dust-magnet. When it comes to specs. You really can’t fault the S10 and that makes me really happy.

I will admit, though, the buttons for the S10 are a bit annoying. Simple enough upon inspection two buttons control this vibrator. However when you have a travel lock, 5 different patterns and multiple vibration intensities then this set up becomes a bit more impractical. I kind of wish that the S10 came with 4 buttons but this is really a minor gripe.

Essentially to turn the S10 on you press the top button. You can then press and hold the bottom button to increase the intensity or simply push it to filter through the patterns. The patterns themselves are standard but should appeal to those who like patterns. I do appreciate being able to adjust the vibration intensity by pressing up to the level I want but this does mean that you have to turn the toy on and off to go to a gentler speed again, which isn’t ideal. Again, 4 buttons would have made all of this a lot easier.

I do wish there were for buttons.
I do wish there were for buttons.

The vibrations themselves are enjoyable. They do veer on the buzzier side but they’re deep, resonant and can be impressively strong. I can use this vibrator as a clitoral vibrator and reach a very satisfying orgasm. The bendable shaft of the S10 means that using it clitorally is nice and easy, although if you like to apply pressure on the handle during toy use then you may find the S10 a bit jarring to use.

Still, clitoral use isn’t where the S10 shines and this toy makes an exceptional internal vibrator. The tulip-like head, while not humongous, is rather firm, bulbous and definitely knows how to hit the G-Spot. When this toy goes in I feel it and the pressure it provides (coupled with its slightly draggy silicone) leaves my G-Spot throbbing and my mind shouting in approval. It’s a sensation that has it screaming ‘Yes, Yes, YES’ in the most cliché Hollywood way. It was almost be embarrassing if it didn’t feel so good.

Again, because the shaft is adjustable you don’t have to worry about the S10 not having the right curve because you make the curve. This toy is a custom experience and, judging on my many orgasms with it, it does keep its shape very well, even when vying for a little more pressure. I cannot emphasize how awesome the bendable element of this toy is and my vagina literally gushes over it.

Orgasms with the S10 are very strong, nicely prolonged, and totally uncompromising. When I use this toy I know I’m going to have a fantastic finish, there’s no two ways about it, and that really excites me. It excites me because CalExotics doesn’t always get it right, so seeing them make toys like this feels like a massive step forward. At least in my opinion.

As for the vibrations during internal use. Meh. I’d take ‘em or leave ‘em. And that’s probably the most negative part that I could say about this toy: the vibrations don’t feel like anything special during internal use and on the higher settings they give me that ‘got to pee’ sensation, but I’ve never been a massive fan of internal vibrations either.

If, however, you do need you internal vibrations to be rumbly, deep and just generally on point then I would say that the S10 is lacking in this regard, so it might not be for you.

But if, like me, the main qualities you look for in an internal vibrator is a nice curve, a firm, bulbous head, and silicone that has found the balance between grip and slide then the S10 is a very good investment.

Final Thoughts

The CalExotics Silhouette S10 is a toy that, if I lost, I would pay money to replace, and as a sex toy reviewer I think that’s an important aspect of any toy; not just because I wouldn’t dream of recommending a toy to you that I wouldn’t pay money for myself but because it means that the CalExotics S10 offers something that none of my other toys could replicate. It is a valuable asset to my toy box and I feel like its flexibility plays a large part in that.

The S10 feels like a refined version of the previous attempt of flexible toys that other companies have attempted and I couldn’t be happier that we have finally got to this point in adjustable sex toys. The vibrations aren’t quite there yet, and that is a bummer, but if you care more about the shape (with the vibrations just acting as a cherry on the cake) then I can definitely recommend the S10.

Recommend to:

People who like bulbous G-Spot toys.

People who want an adjustable curve.

People who like buzzier vibrations.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer a firm shaft.

People who prefer a girthier toy.

People who need rumbly vibrations.

The S10 was provided to me by CalExotics in exchange for an honest review.