Toy Review: The VixSkin Tex

Is everything that Vixen Creations produces a beautifully flawless work of magnificence? Well if the VixSKin Tex is the standard to go by then yes, definitely.

The VixSkin Tex is just one of many Vixen Creations toys which monopolize on their amazing VixSkin technology. This essentially gives the dildo a ‘realistic’ texture or, as I like to call it, a more natural feeling during use. But whatever, I’m not going to split terminology hairs when a toy is this good.

The fact of the matter is that the VixSkin Tex stands out to me in the most pleasing way possible. It’s a comfortable dildo but that doesn’t mean it isn’t exciting. Nor that it can’t make my eyes roll back and my chest expand with deep, primal gasps. It does both of those things on a regular basis. But I’m getting ahead of myself here.

The VixSKin Tex

From looking at the VixSkin Tex you wouldn’t necessarily assume that it’s anything special (at least if you’ve never tried a VixSkin toy before). Short, slightly stout and curved to hit the G-Spot the VixSkin Tex looks decent but also incredibly standard. The only thing that makes it seem relatively unique upon first glance is its level of detail and the incredibly prominent exposed inner foreskin layer that is found on a lot of Vixen Creations dildos. It isn’t until you look a little closer that the aspects that makes this toy so exceptional start falling into place.

Yeeehaw! I do love to ride this toy.
Saddle up because this toy is one fantastic ride.

Firstly the VixSkin technology. For those who haven’t heard of this Vixen Creations have created a method and formula which essentially allows them to make some of the squishiest and most natural-feeling dual density toys on the market. This VixSkin formula is made of 100% Platinum silicone, making the VixSkin Tex non-porous, phthalate-free and completely body safe. It also allows then to make a toy that has a solid inner core and a really squishy, wonderfully plush outer layer.

When not lubed up and in use this does make the VixSkin Tex feel a bit sticky (and grab up dust and hair like there’s no tomorrow), however during use this material really does come into its own. The firm inner core allows the Tex to be surely inserted and simulates, to some degree, the sensation of a swollen penis (which has an equally firm-feeling core). Meanwhile the cushioned outer layer enhances the ‘realistic’ sensation of the dildo once inserted and makes thrusting a lot safer and easier. The sticky silicone also retains some drag, even when lubricated, allowing it to partially cling to the vaginal walls and create additional sensation when being thrusted or moved about.

This silicone also heats up with the body very well, which adds to the experience of using this dildo. While I firmly maintain that a toy cannot replicate the sensation of a person fucking you I do feel completely at ease when being fucked with this dildo. The dual-density and warmth of the silicone manages to provide the exact perfect conditions to leave me feeling  utterly relaxed in mind yet present in my vagina. Enjoying every motion.

This is where the magic happens and I'm ill-equipped to describe it in all its glory.
This is where the magic happens. I’m woefully ill-equipped to describe it in all its glory.

The measurements of the VixSkin Tex and its brilliant design choices also make this an incredibly enjoyable toy to use. Vixen Creations’ aspirations towards a ‘realistic’ finish means that this toy has a lot of details (both large and minute) which enhance sensation during use. My favourite aspect certainly has to be the coronal ridge (and the exposed internal foreskin area just underneath). Every time I use this toy its curve makes it so that these areas perfectly align with my G-Spot and rub persistently against it in an odd glide/cling combo which I appreciate 100%. In terms of measurements the VixSkin Tex is 5.25 inches long and has a circumference of about 5 inches at the coronal ridge, making it a good middling size which should be inviting for most users.

That’s the term I think of most when considering the Tex: Inviting.

In between testing the Tex I’ve been using some other dildos too and I had an experience the other day which made me realize why I love the Tex so much. I had just begun masturbating and I was trying to wrangle one of the other dildos (which I will review at a later date) into my vagina. As I did so it kept of either slipping out or moving into an uncomfortable position or, on some unfortunate occasions, a mixture of both. Frustrated, I cast it aside, picked up my Tex and shoved it in instead.

The difference was immediately apparent; where my other toy had been trying to force its way out of my body the Tex feels like it’s trying to actively hug its way in to the vagina so that it can camp out and settle down for the evening (cowboy style). Everything sits where it needs to sit. Every aspect of it is accommodating. Arousing. The Tex fits my vagina like a hand in a glove, and I’m willing to slip it in any time of the day.

In terms of other benefits the Tex also has a firm, non-slip base which makes it harness compatible, anal-friendly and easy to hold during use. For those who want a realistic dildo but don’t want something too firm then I think the Tex is one of the best VixSkin options out there too, as its head is actually the squishiest out of all of the VixSkin toys that I own.

This toy does like to grab up whatever it can (including my devotion).
This toy does like to grab up whatever it can (including my devotion).

However no toy is perfect and the VixSkin Tex, while flawless during use, is still subject to minor niggles and personal preference.

If you want a firmer, smoother, glossier dildo then the VixSkin Tex is ill-suited to your needs. This is also the case if you want a girthier toy or even something a bit slimmer (though Vixen Creations does have other options which might be more to your tastes).

The dust-grabbing qualities of the VixSkin Tex can also be a bit irritating, and I have had to wash it mid-session a few times. But to my mind this is a small price to pay for the marshmallow cushiness that this toy has to offer.

Final Thoughts

Vixen Creations claim that their toys are ‘worth every inch’ and I wholeheartedly agree when it comes to the Tex. The size, shape, squish and surface of the Tex all come together to create a toy that gives me incredibly strong orgasms and wonderful experiences along the road to climax. I may even prefer it to my Mustang, but I’m still debating this (right now the Tex is winning).

Investing over $100 is never an easy choice but with the VixSkin Tex I feel like it will be money well-spent. Especially if you like standard-sized, well-curved dildos and crave something that feels a bit more natural.

I could end this review on a cowboy pun but I feel like to do so would feel like a joke. Far from it, the Vixskin Tex means serious business and I highly recommend it.

Recommend to:

People who like ‘realistic’ style dildos.

People who like an average sized dildo.

People who know they like VixSkin dildos (you don’t even need my opinion, do you?)

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike realistic looking dildos.

People who prefer larger/smaller dildos.

People who prefer smooth, rigid and/or glossy dildos.

The VixSkin Tex was provided to me by Betty’s Toy Box where it is currently on sale! To show your thanks (and maybe even get your own VixSkin beauty) check out their site here.