Toy Review: Meo’s Power Massager Attachment

Wand vibrators are iconic among the sex toy community for a good reason: They get shit done. If you’ve met someone who has a vulva, access to a wand, and a sex positive outlook then chance are that they’ve raved about the benefits of these magical rods. Wands are powerful, broad, and versatile…at least to a certain extent.

Vulvas have long benefited from the prowess of a good wand vibrator but for those with a penis there is sometimes a sense of being left out. I’ve raved about my wands many times to Mr. Peaches, and we have used them on him, but really there’s only so much that can be done with a penis and a wand, and the application of the wand isn’t always as obvious or effective. That is until you bring attachments into the equation.

I confess that I don’t know the original mind behind the wand attachment but I do sincerely hope that they got some form of recognition for their glorious contribution to the world of sex toys. Simple in design, most wand attachments simply involve a flexible cup-like dome, which can be fitted onto the head of the wand, and then an additional section stuck on top of this dome to act as the attachment. For some this is a G-Spotting dildo, for others anal beads, and then there’s the masturbation sleeve.

Meo’s Power Massager Attachment fits into the latter category. Monopolizing on the combination of two favorites—wand vibrators and masturbation sleeves—this sex toy allows penis-owners to final reap the full benefits of the wand vibrator (well, that’s the theory at least).

As an avid wand enthusiast you know I was excited to try this out on Mr. Peaches. But what were the results like? Read on to find out.

Meo’s Power Massager Attachment

The Meo’s Power Massager Attachment is a rather straightforward attachment meant to enhance the possibilities of one’s wand vibrator. To this end the cupped area has measurements which should fit most standard sized wands (an internal circumference of about 6 inches and an internal one of 8.5 inches).

Cleaning is also essential because the material is a bit of a dust magnet too.
Cleaning is also essential because the material is a bit of a dust magnet too.

The material that the Meo’s Power Massager Attachment is made from also enhances the ‘one size fits all’ approach of this attachment. This material is categorized as ‘silicon’ on Meo’s description page but is much more likely TPE or a similar material. This makes the Meo’s Power Massager Attachment rather malleable with a lot of give where needed (and firmness where that is required too) making it a great material for the purpose at hand. The trade-off is that the Meo’s Power Massager Attachment is porous so it will need to be cleaned thoroughly before and after use with an appropriate toy cleaner.

In terms of sensation this material feels rather grabby when not lubricated (which, again, is great for gripping on to the head of a wand) but it does become nice and slippery when water-based lubricant is applied. There is a good deal of variation in terms of how the material feels for different parts of the attachment too, but for this I’m going to have to get into the actual sleeve part of this sleeve stroker attachment.

The masturbation sleeve used for the Meo’s Power Massager Attachment is, again, pretty standard, but standard doesn’t mean bad by any means. In fact the Meo’s Power Massager Attachment sports a rather popular demand which, much like wand vibrators, are popular for a reason.

Essentially the almost 4 inch sleeve chamber has two surfaces to offer—one being a series of tiny nodules essentially dotted around the chamber and the other being made up of a bumpy opening followed by ridges which, when lubed up, create a sort of lapping sensation. The ridges in this section are soft, flexible and suitably thin while also providing a tight and hugging sensation. Meanwhile the ribbed section’s nodules are actually rather firm and almost grainy in a way, standing out from the smooth and squishy feeling of the rest of the main chamber.

As an aside, the malleable nature of this attachment means that users can also wrap their hand around it and squeeze it tighter in order to increase pressure and sensation, giving even more options for enjoying the texture

Testing out a few of my wands I found that this attachment fit well on most of them, except for the ones which were designed to be smaller-than standard (which is to be expected). Every wand was relatively easy to hold with the attachment on it and using it on Mr. Peaches wasn’t awkward at all in terms of hand and wand placement.

Once I turned my wand on I was impressed by how well the vibrations transferred through this attachment. Very little is lost and the attachment meaning that it can effectively transfers them into the attachment, providing different ways to enjoy the wand itself.

It's what's inside that counts.
It’s what’s inside that counts.

However Mr. Peaches did not enjoy what this attachment had to offer.

Firstly the good points. He, too, conceded that the vibrations felt incredibly good against his shaft and this did result in a fair few orgasms. From my perspective it was nice to see him experience my wands in a new way and it did feel like a once rather exclusive sex toy had been opened up to us more as a couple. We also found that, because the stroker section is open-ended, it can be fun to run the sleeve lower down the shaft and add in some oral action too. Heck, the overall opportunities to explore with this attachment are beneficial alone (especially the variation in grip, as mentioned above) making it a good toy for sexual communication and passionate play.

But for Mr. Peaches the bad was basically a deal-breaker for this toy and that was, in essence, its material and texture. Remember when I said that the nodules were quite firm on this stroker? Yeah, well it turns out they’re too firm for Mr. Peaches and he didn’t like it at all. To him they felt very grainy and as if something were scraping against his penis, which isn’t what you want (especially when running against such a sensitive area).

At its core Mr. Peaches attributed this to a mismatch between material and texture. The nodules would have been fine but only if they were softer. A firmer stroker could have also been interesting, but only if it omitted the nodules (or at least made them larger and smoother). He reported similar (though not as strong) opinions about the other end and overall his preference would have been for a softer stroker with refined texture.

Final Thoughts

In terms of other downsides there really aren’t any other issues with the Meo’s Power Massager Attachment and we’re sure that it will work well for some and not others (the product page has multiple 5 star reviews). However for us the Meo’s Power Massager Attachment was a disappointment because it represents a ‘so near, yet so far’ moment.

The attachment fit our wands well. It was very good at translating vibrations and the size and shape were basically spot on. Sadly for us personal preference meant that it was simply incompatible with our needs and so now we’re left with a longing: a longing for another stroker attachment which will be able to provide to us what the Meo’s Power Massager Attachment so effectively provides for many others.

For now we’re still on the search. However if you think that the Meo’s Power Massager Attachment is your perfect match then please don’t let us dissuade you.

Recommend to:

People wanting to transform their wands into a stroker.

People wanting to explore their wand further as a couples toy.

People who like firm, small nodules in their strokers.

Do No Recommend to:

People who prefer non-porous materials.

People who dislike strokers.

People who dislike firm, small nodules in their strokers.

The Meo’s Power Massager Attachment was provided to us by Meo in exchange for an honest review. If you liked this review then go check out their site here to show your approval.