Product Review: The Joyboxx Hygienic Storage System

Sex toys are amazing but they can also be an absolute pain to store. I personally admit to having given up on this endeavor for the most part. Discretion isn’t a must in my household as, as a result, there are sex toys sprawled out everywhere: on my bedside table, in my office, I even use some as decoration, or less-boring furniture, but I digress.

Despite my flippant approach to toy storage I do confess that it is good to have a safe, hygienic and discreet place to store away products. Whether you display your toys like me, or want to keep them as secret and safe as the one ring, a sturdy storage place is never an unappreciated asset. And if that storage space can double up as a washing system then all the better.

Enter the Joyboxx.

The Joyboxx is (to quote the company) ‘more than just a box: It’s a system’. The Joyboxx is specifically designed to house your most intimate items and, as such, it goes above and beyond the typical storage boxes available on the market. Meo were kind enough to provide me with one of these lovelies so that I could give it a test drive. So let’s explore this treasure trove together!

The Joyboxx Hygienic Storage System

The Joyboxx Hygienic Storage System is the result of ‘thinking inside the box’ in an unconventional way and was created by Passionate Playground. Creating a sex toy specific storage box might seem odd at first, but once you start thinking about what is currently available on the market it makes a lot more sense.

The Joyboxx is simple but effective.
The Joyboxx is simple but effective.

While most of us have found makeshift ways to store our sex toys (or purchased other storage devices) these improvised storage solutions can be made out of wood, vinyl, fabric, metal or other types of plastic which may not necessarily be hygienic. Some could actually be porous and could cause a questionable outcome if slightly damp toys are stored in them. Others may react badly with the natural product material of your sex toy (though I should hope you are all using non-porous and body-safe products I know that this isn’t/can’t always be the case).

Don’t get me wrong: I don’t want to scare you away from using conventional storage systems and materials, and neither does Joyboxx, but what Joyboxx does provide is a viable alternative that actively considers the specific storage needs of sex toys. To this end the Joyboxx has multiple features and design choices which are purpose-built for handling adult products.

Smart, sexy storage.
Smart, sexy storage.

The material used for the Joyboxx provides just one example of this thoughtfulness. The Joyboxx is made out of food-grade, non-porous plastic which is PVC, BPA and Pthalate-free. Mixed into this plastic is an antimicrobial silver ion agent which assists in keeping toys clean and in creating a storage environment that is free from microbe growth (including bacteria, viruses, mold and fungus). I must stress: this doesn’t mean that the Joyboxx will lean your toys for you, nor that it’s self-cleaning, but it does provide a cleaner option than standard storage units. For those occasions where you do need to clean the Joyboxx it is dishwasher safe, or can simply be wiped or rinsed clean.

The plastic material used for the Joyboxx feels sturdy and substantial but not overly bulky or cumbersome. The Joyboxx has been designed so that it will fit inside of most nightstands and drawers, and its exact measurements are 12.60 x 5.5 x 5.0 externally and 11.25 x 5.5 x. 3.5 internally. The Joyboxx has also been designed as a unisex item, so no one will suspect what it’s actually meant for. In fact I’d say it looks very similar to a lot of tool or arts & crafts storage boxes that you might find in your local DIY store.

Ventilation holes has been strategically placed on the Joyboxx to allow for moisture to eacape without excess dust finding its way into the box and on to your toys. Having stored some rather dust-grabby toys in the Joyboxx myself, I can say that it does do a really good job at keeping toys dust free, which is a great feature of the toy. This contrasts quite a bit with the standard plastic drawers that I have, which always leave some of my toys with a mysterious layer of dust and hair. In addition to this the Joyboxx has an area where USB cables can be slotted out to allow for discreet charging. This USB hole is actually quite sizeable so it should be able to allow most charging units through (and maybe even multiple cables, depending on how chunky they are).

Store away your smaller items in the top section.
Store away your smaller items in the top section.

Keeping on the theme of discretion, the main compartment of the Joyboxx has a quiet, child-resistant sliding lock which allows users to easily slide and un-slide the Joyboxx shut. This lock also has a place for a padlock (provided with the Joyboxx) so that it can be securely fastened. In addition to this the Joyboxx actually has a compartment at the top of the box which doesn’t unlock and can be used to quickly store and retrieve items like condoms, cock rings or clit vibes. Alternatively Joyboxx suggest you put some everyday items (like receipts or nuts & bolts) in it to throw people off. This is a really good element of the box, but it does eat up some of the inner storage space. Having said that I usually don’t notice the loss.

In addition to being a great storage device on its own the Joyboxx also comes with a divider which can be slotted in and out to organize the internal section. This divider isn’t just used for separating toys, though, and is actually one of Passionate Playground’s other products: The Playtray. Having the Playtray as an additional aspect of the Joyboxx is fantastic, and the Playtray provides a safe, clean space to place any toys that aren’t in use or to leave them out to safely dry. Personally I think this aspect of the Joyboxx alone makes it a worthy investment.

This addition is tray magnifique.
This addition is tray magnifique.

Now, I have a lot of toys so it would be foolish to assume that the Joyboxx could meet all of my needs but it does make storing some of my toys a heck of a lot easier and much more convenient than some other methods. The antibacterial element of the Joyboxx and the ventilation is really useful and we’ve taken to using it as an ‘Upcoming testers’ box of sorts.

That being said the Joyboxx does have one major flaw and that is its size. Yes, it’s convenient for easily slotting it away somewhere but it also means that most wands and larger dildos simply can’t fit in this box. My Lelo Wand just about fits (though not comfortably) but my Doxy has no chance. Because of this if Joyboxx were to expand their range I’d want it to be a literal expansion; a longer box (the ‘Wand Edition’) for all of us magical guys and girls out there.

Other than that there really isn’t anything to say against the Joyboxx. Like a bundle of sex toys placed in this product, the Joyboxx has got it covered.

Final Thoughts

There really isn’t a smarter, safer and more expertly designed sex toy storage box on the market and, because of this, the Joyboxx is an ingenious product which would suit someone who has a modest collection of regular toys that they want to keep close but discreetly tucked away.

If you have a larger collection (or tend to use larger toys, like wands) then the Joyboxx may not be ideal but for most other situations it’s perfection. And for €39.00 it’s an incredibly reasonable purchase (especially when you start calculating the cost of individual storage bags).

Overall I was incredibly impressed by the Joyboxx and just how well-suited it was to the needs to sex toy users. A lot of care and consideration have been put into this product and the end result is something that I can wholeheartedly recommend.

Recommend to:

People who need discreet, safe storage.

People looking to store their regular toys.

People who like task-specific storage systems.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who don’t care about discreet storage.

People who use wands and/or hulking toys.

People who don’t have the space for the Joyboxx.

The Joyboxx was provided to me by Meo in exchange for an honest review. If you like this review then please do consider visiting their site as a show of appreciation.