Toy Review: The Sola Egg Wellness Massager

Okay, okay, so The Peach isn’t actually a real thing (as awesome as it would be). Sorry.

However, the announcement wasn’t entirely untrue either. There is actually a new company on the market, they are launching a new, wand-like product, and it is very effective. So, in this review, allow me to introduce you to Sola and their flagship product: The Sola Egg.

The Sola Egg Wellness Massager

The Sola Egg Wellness Massager is an egg massager launched via an Indiegogo campaign. Sola, the team behind the Sola Egg, seem truly impassioned about their product. To quote them directly:

We believe that expressing your sexual wellbeing and exploring new depths of relaxation is of utmost importance. Our products here at Sola reflect this ideology. Every function and design feature was created to give our consumers the ultimate massage experience.

One of the key functions that embodies Sola’s core ideology is the uniquely designed pressure sense technology for the Sola Egg. While pressure-sensitive toys are not unheard of in the adult market the Sola Egg achieves this by having a flexible neck which will change the vibrations depending on how much pressure you apply. In my opinion this adds an extra degree of exploration and control over the Sola; as you’re exploring with different angles and degrees of flexibility as well as pressure.


The Sola Egg itself looks less like an egg in my mind and more like a compact wand; with a wonderfully broad head and a short-and-stout handle area. To my delight the Sola Egg also performs much like a compact wand too, packing some seriously impressive power, but I digress.

The Sola Egg’s controls are easy to use. At the bottom of the Sola Egg is a single button. To turn the Sola Egg on all you need to do is press this button. After that you simply apply pressure to play around with the Sola Egg’s vibration intensity. If, at any point, you find that perfect level of vibration then you can press the button again to ‘lock in’ the vibrations. Once you’re done you simply press it again (while no pressure is being applied) to stop the vibrations. Then you press the button again to lock it into this mode. After 10 minutes like this the Sola Egg automatically shuts down.

The packaging used for the Sola is also lovely.
The packaging used for the Sola is also lovely.

If I’m being completely honest about the Sola Egg its controls are perhaps one of my least favourite aspects of the toy, primarily because they feel like they take control away from me rather than providing it.

Pressure-activated intensity is nice but sometimes I’d like to have the + and – options so that I could easily change the vibration intensity without having to unlock the toy, fiddle with its pressure and then relock it. This is especially the case when my hands are lubricated and I’m fumbling in the dark with a button that (while lit up) is small and rather hard to feel, making stopping to look for it a necessity. Equally it would have been nice to have a definitive ‘off’ button rather than letting the Sola Egg naturally power down, but this isn’t as much of a hindrance so I’m willing to let it slide.

I know that pressure control is a fundamental aspect of the Sola Egg but more options in the next incarnation wouldn’t go amiss.

Following this up we have one of my favourite aspects of the Sola Egg. Because the Sola Egg is designed with diversity of experience in mind the Sola Egg is actually compatible with four different attachments (some of which are sold separately). These attachments are made out of silicone too, making them phthalate-free, non-porous and completely body-safe (the main body of the Sola Egg, being ABS plastic, also has these benefits). Each attachment feels wonderfully soft and has a buttery matte surface which is fit to compete with the main silicone giants of the adult industry.

Each attachment offers its own unique benefits.
Each attachment offers its own unique benefits.

Because each of these attachments offers a different experience I’m going to describe them individually:

The Swedish Sleeve: The standard sleeve for the Sola, the Swedish Sleeve is a perfectly smooth sleeve which wraps around the head of the Sola Egg. This sleeve is definitely the most wand-like of the group and it provides a broad and all-enveloping experience similar to some of my favourite wands. The vibrations of the Sola Egg have no trouble passing through this sleeve and it is my personal favourite of the bunch.

The Shiatsu Sleeve: The Shiatsu Sleeve has four different nodules on it which are suited for both conventional and erotic massage. Used against the vulva the Shiatsu Sleeves raised bumps managed to stimulate my clitoris while simultaneously massaging the outer edges of my inner labia. While this felt nice during use I always used the Shiatsu Sleeve as more of a starter sleeve rather than a finishing addition. Thankfully the sleeves for the Sola Egg are incredibly easy to swap out, even with slippery hands.

The Bunni Sleeve: It’s fair to say that the Bunni Sleeve was designed with erotic use in mind. Modeled after the conventional clitoral stimulator, the Bunni Sleeve provides many of the expected benefits of rabbit ears on a sex toy and also many of the downsides. Personally I’m not a fan of the bunny-hype (though, trust me, I used to be) so I tend to just flip the Bunni Sleeve on its side and use a single ear at a time. I shouldn’t knock this method though because the Bunni Seeve still feels quite effective during use.

Having a long ear places against the vulva instead of a broad head gives the option of more pinpoint stimulation, and the Sola Egg’s vibrations travel well up the ears of this toy. While the Bunni Sleeve may not be to my taste it is still a very well designed sleeve which will most likely achieve the desired results.

The Omi Sleeve: The Omi Sleeve is an insertable sleeve designed for G-Spot use. Sadly the Sola Egg’s vibrations don’t travel as well up the Omi Sleeve’s shaft but that does make it a great sleeve for those days when you just want a bit more distance from the vibrator’s full power during clitoral use.

As an insertable toy the Omi Sleeve is perfectly passable. It slides in well, it locates the G-Spot with relative ease and it is firm enough to provide the required pressure that some people desire. However I’ve fallen in love with my Sola Egg as a clitoral toy so I don’t take advantage of the Omi Sleeve often, especially when the orgasms are what I would describe as average. That sounds terrible, but really it’s just a reflection of how much I crave this toy on my clit.

Why is the Sola Egg such a wonderful clitoral vibrator? Well, imagine the strength, rumble and depth of a large wand massager. Keep the beautifully broad head but ditch the cumbersome shaft and you essentially have the Sola Egg. How perfect is that? While I’ll admit that the Sola Egg’s vibrations do get a bit buzzier on their higher setting (and, thus, too intense in the wrong way for me) they feel perfectly rumbly on the lower-to-mid level settings and this rumble, depth, and respectable strength is enough to give me strong, enduring, gasping orgasms.

The Sola Egg definitely has my sexual wellness in mind and, in spite of its own minimal controls, it knows just what buttons to press.

The strength and rumble of the Sola Egg is only made better by the fact that its shaft is tiny compared to that of wands that sport a comparable type and level of vibration intensity. This makes using it with another toy or with a partner much easier and generally makes it more convenient to hold during use. It’s because of this that I’ve been grabbing for my Sola Egg more often than not recently and why I recommend it to people looking for wand-like power in a smaller (yet uncompromising) package.

That being said, I do wish that the finesse of the Sola Egg didn’t get diminished at its highest setting, because I would have loved to experienced the rumblier elements of this toy when rampled to the max. That’s a minor gripe though.

Much more important as a downside is the volume level of the Sola Egg. This toy touts wand-like strength but it also has wand-levels of noise. This is not a quiet toy and when I first used it I actually found its noise levels to be a little bit distracting. Because of this I wouldn’t recommend to Sola Egg if you need a discreet toy, as this is the one area in which it really falls short.

Other than that it’s waterproof, AC/USB rechargeable (3hrs gives up to 1.5hrs use) and it comes with its own antibacterial storage pouch; all key components of a very enjoyable toy.

The full list of the Sola Egg's benefits (which definitely outweigh the downsides on most occasions).
The full list of the Sola Egg’s benefits (which definitely outweigh the downsides on most occasions).

Final Thoughts

Overall I am incredibly impressed with the compact power and diverse sleeves that this toy provides and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a wand-like clitoral vibe. With the option to use this toy internally or even *gasp* as an actual body massager, the body has a lot to offer and I wholeheartedly recommend it.

Recommend to:

People looking for a toy with lots of options.

People looking for a rumbly, powerful vibrator.

People who value the wand-like experience.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who need a discreet vibrator.

People who like more control options.

Male-bodied users (sorry my lovelies).

The Sola Egg was provided to me by Sola in exchange for an honest review. If you want to support my site please by it via the affiliate links included.

  • PurpleElysium

    Holy crap, 5 year warranty? Sounds amazing.

    I’m also really impressed by the power in these little guys, cause it honestly looks like something that would swing from a keychain. I’m not too fond of wands or broad vibes, so I would probably hate it, but I’m glad it has such great uses.