Update: Emmeline Peaches is Branching Out!

Hello my lovely readers,

Remember when I said I had some big things planned for 2016? Well it’s been a long time coming but now I can finally reveal one of them to you. Hold on to your fucking machines guys because this is going to be one exciting ride!

In what seems like a lifetime ago now an upcoming company reached out to me and asked if I’d be interested in designing a sex toy for them and essentially launching with them as a co-partner. Naturally I said ‘HECK YEAH!’  and we started working on toy designs soon after.

I’ll be honest with you; the process was a lot harder than I expected. The design process itself was a huge commitment. I wanted to make something true to my blog (and my personal preferences) but with a broad enough appeal to please you, my lovely readers, who have supported me in every endeavor I’ve undertaken.

At first we drafted up a clitoral massager of sorts, but then we realized Rianne S was a thing so that idea had to be scrapped.

Naming was also a bit of a challenge, and earlier this year I was left angrily shaking my fist at Coco De Mer for beating me to the punch, but I digress.

Materials and production—where we got the toys made an the impact that had on the total cost of the product—also proved to be a lot more intimidating than I ever imagine but I’ll go in to all of that in a separate post.

For now allow me to give you some exclusive teaser information on my first official adult product: The Peach.


I’m not officially allowed to show you the product itself yet (gotta get that buzz going first, pun intended) but here are some of the key aspects of The Peach.

  • The Peach is going to be a wand vibrator (naturally) with a big broad head shaped like, you guessed it, a peach!
  • Body-safe materials are incredibly important to me and this is reflected in The Peach. The handle for The Peach is made out of ABS plastic whereas the head itself is made out of non-porous, phthalate-free silicone.
  • It took us a long time to get the silicone just right but I’m very proud with the fell of the final prototype. What I essentially requested was a type of silicone that felt similar to the actual surface of a peach. This was trickier than it sounds because, obviously, we had to strike the balance between soft and draggy while still staying true to the peach-centric concept. The end product is a velvety smooth silicone surface which feels like it reciprocates when you stroke it against your skin. Yeah, it’s pretty awesome.
  • What’s a wand without power. Nothing I say! But variety and control is important too. That’s why The Peach has a simple + and – control system which allows you to decide how strong you want the vibrations to be. Having tested The Peach myself multiple times I can say that it’s strong enough to satisfy most power queens while also having gentler settings for those who like to ease into vibrations. From ‘soft’ to ‘firm’, The Peach has a vibration intensity for you.
  • In addition to this The Peach also has a ‘leaf it to you’ button which allows you to filter through some different patterns. Y’all know patterns aren’t really my deal but we still tried out best to put in some fun options. These include ‘fuzzy’ (a flickering pattern) and ‘smoothie’ (where the vibrator veers up to a higher intensity and then eases down into a lower one) to name just a few.
  • Of course I made sure that we ticked off all of the boxes in terms of luxury perks. The Peach is completely waterproof, USB rechargeable and comes with a travel lock. 2 hrs worth of charge time will get you 90 mins. of play, which isn’t bad considering how strong The Peach can get. And, of course, I threw in a storage bag.

We’re still finalizing the RRP of The Peach but, because I love y’all, readers will get an exclusive pre-order price a month before we launch!

If things go well we’re also going to look in to bringing out a bullet-style vibrator called The Peach Slice, but I’m getting waaay ahead of myself here.

If you’re curious about the company I’m working with then you can find their site here.

And that’s all for now guys! Before you go please do check out the company that is making all of this a reality. I’m sure they’re going to be around for a long time to come.

Until the next review!