Toy Review: Bad Dragon’s Nocturne the Enderfang (Small Size, Medium Firmness, With Suction Cup)

I am absolutely terrible at video games. Motion sickness makes it so that most games are off-limits to me, at least when it comes to playing them. However I still absolutely adore video games and seize any opportunity to enjoy the medium.

Fallout is certainly a game series that I adore as a game observer. The rich ambiance of the wasteland combined with the amazing visuals and interesting characters always has me wanting to watch or listen to the newest game unfold. Which is perfectly fine in our household as Mr. Peaches is a huge Fallout enthusiast and has been his whole gaming life. It’s fair to say that as a couple we’re a bit Fallout mad.

Why am I telling you this? Well, Nocturne the Enderfang came as part of Bad Dragon’s own wasteland exploration (just before the release of Fallout 4) and its intimidating design and wonderful artwork and story are more than a little inspired by our favourite post-apocalyptic universe.

As such the Enderfang is a must-have for any horny Fallout fans who want to be ravaged by the formidable creature that roams the radiated wastelands. However, realizing a fantasy is sometimes heavily dependent on reality and, in this, it’s really how the Enderfang is designed and how it performs that really matters. Non-game enthusiasts may also wonder if the sensations that the Enderfang provides are right for them. So allow me to step in and take a wander through the main benefits and downsides of Nocturne the Enderfang.

Bad Dragon’s Nocturne the Enderfang

In terms of sheer aesthetic excellence and customization Nocturne the Enderfang lives up to Bad Dragon’s high standards. With its rippling coronal shaft, bulging knot and formidable spikes the Enderfang looks dangerously irresistible.


Bad Dragon offers amazing diversity in terms of size, colour and optional add-ons. The Enderfang comes in five different sizes, a near-unlimited range of colours, and has the option of an added suction cup or cumtube (allowing your Enderfang to ejaculate on command). Bad Dragon also offers different levels of firmness for the Enderfang, with options available for split firmness too.

With all of this variety you can bet that there’s an Enderfang out there that appeals to you. And, if not, Bad Dragon offers this high level of customization on most of their toys, allowing you to make an entirely unique and perfect product for yourself (or perhaps a special someone as a gift).

Because I wanted some girth (but with the option to take the knot if I wished) I went for a small Enderfang with medium firmness and decided to try the suction cup too.

Naturally I wanted to get the Enderfang in its truest form so I picked one of the Enderfang-exclusive colours for my toy. I definitely don’t regret this decision as the colour I received has a beautiful fade to it and a wonderful metallic sheen which really comes out under the right light. Sadly it looks like this option is no longer available but if my custom colours are anything to go by then I imagine the Hot Zone colour is equally exceptional.

The suction cup on my Enderfang is incredibly good at gripping and I have no complaints with it. Having a suction cup is always a plus for me, as it expands the potential of the toy, so I do recommend it to others. As a bonus the slight scooping shape provided by the suction cup base makes the Enderfang more comfortable to use as a strap on—cupping my vulva in a very natural manner—so it may also be a good call if you plan on using this dildo for pegging.

All Bad Dragon toys are made from high-grade silicone which is phthalate-free, non-porous and completely body safe and from there it’s only the firmness and colour that differs. The medium firmness for my Enderfang is incredibly plush and squishy. Perhaps a bit softer than some of my other medium firmness Bad Dragon toys but still very enjoyable. Bad Dragon silicone is a dust magnet and very draggy without lubricant but once water-based lubricant is applied it becomes incredibly slick and creates a wonderful gliding sensation during use. This typically works extremely well with the texture of the toy and the Enderfang is no exception.


Those bumps and ridges combined with the tapered head and noticeable coronal ridge of the Enderfang makes it feel very stimulating during use. I personally had my doubts as to how the nodules on the shaft of the Enderfang would alter my experiences but they ended up being pretty noticeable during use and massaged my vaginal walls in a very compelling manner. If you prefer gentler texture then I do recommend sticking with the soft or medium firmness. However if you want to relish the Enderfang’s incredibly well thought out design to its fullest then a harder firmness might be for you.

Personally I find the texture on the Enderfang perfectly placed to allow for enthralling sensations during use. There’s just enough texture to captivate my vaginal walls but also enough restraint and smoothness to allow for the experience to complement whatever clitoral vibrator I’m using at the time, rather than overpowering its sensations. The curve of the Enderfang means that it does hit my G-Spot, though it would need to be firmer if I wanted it to be an ongoing sensation. As it stands it’s pleasant but not too receptive to more pressure. The medium firmness does, however, make it fantastic for thrusting.

Orgasms with the Enderfang are typically strong, long, and full of different sensations, as my vaginal muscles clench around its shaft and explore its texture further. In short this toy leaves me wholly satisfied and full of high recommendations.

Now, some people might be asking me why I haven’t mentioned the knot much in this review and the reason is this: I don’t actually like taking the knot on the Enderfang. I know! The size and shape are absolutely perfect and, in theory, it should be a dream to take. However because of the length of the Enderfang I find that the toy’s tip presses uncomfortably against my cervix if I take the knot.

Because of this I rarely take the knot but I do still find ways to enjoy it. By partially taking the knot or pressing it against my vaginal opening I get a wonderful sensation of girth and pressure which gives me more than enough satisfaction. Because of this while I don’t like taking the knot I still enjoy it a lot and feel it’s a crucial part of the toy’s success.


Having sung the praises of the Enderfang for most of this review are there any real downsides to this toy? Well of course. No toy is perfect after all.

Because the Enderfang does have such a chunky base you will need to make sure that your harness can take its measurements if you plan to use it for pegging.

As I said before, this toy is also a dust and hair magnet, which means that you will spend more time cleaning this toy, but as it’s made of silicone this really isn’t a huge issue.

All Bad Dragon toys also come with an inherent risk if you’re not entirely sure what firmness and measurements are for you. If this worries you then it might be worth waiting for one of Bad Dragon’s many offers or adopting a toy rather than making an expensive custom item. That way you can try out Bad Dragon’s wonderful products in a more secure manner.

Depending on where you live you may also be hit by customs. I’m in the UK and I always get a customs charge when I buy from Bad Dragon so make sure you factor this in when deciding to buy.

Final Thoughts

Overall I am thrilled by how the Enderfang performs and recommend it to Fallout fans and gaming noobs alike.

This toy provides a wonderful curve, manageable and effective texture, and the option of a girthy, bulging knot all in one delicious package. It looks beautiful, it feels wonderful and it managed to exceed my rather high expectations of it.

If the Enderfang looks compelling to you then I say go for it. With so many ways to make this toy work for you I’m sure that you’ll be able to create the Enderfang of your dreams and have some extremely S.P.E.C.I.A.L. experiences.

Recommend to:

Fallout fans.

People who like lightly textured dildos.

People who like custom-made products.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike all/gentle texture.

People who prefer straight toys.

People who prefer more abstract designs.

Bad Dragon provided me with Nocturne the Enderfang in exchange for an honest review. If you find yourself craving this wonderful creation then go check out their site. There’s more than enough goodies to be had.