Product Review: The Master Series Prick 10 Row Spiked Pinwheel

I’ve never really mentioned pinwheels on my site before and that in itself is a grave injustice. I firmly believe that pinwheels are a core piece of sensation play kit and that everyone should feel the prick of a pinwheel’s needles grace their skin at least once (if they so choose).

Why are pinwheels so good? It’s all in the execution really.

A good pinwheel isn’t just about the sensation; it’s about the mind games too. This could be said of many tools within the BDSM community but pinwheels seem particularly evocative of this notion to me. Pinwheels look undeniably frightening.

A series of needles spiking out in a circular shape intended to be wheeled across the skin is enough to make anyone take a deep gulp. But a good pinwheel will only provide as much pain as the user wishes it. Hence most pinwheels will feel more like the gentle tingling of pins and needles than an actual pin pricking your skin. Yes, the prickliness of a pinwheel is undeniably there, but it’s light enough that most of the time it feels more like a tickle than a piercing of the skin. Add some pressure and this can all change, but the handle of most pinwheels means that the user is always in control.

Pinwheels can also be quite diverse in terms of the sensations they provide: run them across the skin and you get the tickly prickles but flip the pinwheel on its side and suddenly you can drag is across someone’s skin, in a manner that feels similar to a cat lightly scratching you.

Still, even though most stainless steel pinwheels are diverse enough for anyone to use, some may still find them too intimidating (or perhaps to clinical) for use. Some people could have tried the conventional design and want to move on to another type of pinwheel.

If this sounds like you then the Master Series Prick is a great pinwheel to purchase.

The Master Series Prick 10 Row Spiked Pinwheel

In many ways the Master Series Prick 10 Row Spiked Pinwheel is pretty typical: it’s a sensation play product, which can be easily handled and has a wheel on the end with multiple rows of pins that can be rolled against a person’s skin. However, in other ways this pinwheel in unlike any pinwheel I’ve tried before.

Made with the beginner in mind, this pinwheel is suited to sensation play enthusiasts and those ‘in search of exquisite pleasure and calculated teasing’. Sensation play is definitely the realm that this pinwheel operates within, as its design doesn’t lend itself to the more intensive play sessions of those who are dedicated to BDSM. If you are new to BDSM, new to sensation play, and eager to dabble in gentle degrees of ‘pain’, then the Prick has been perfectly designed for you.

The Prick by Master Series is an easily accessible pinwheel for beginners.
The Prick by Master Series is an easily accessible pinwheel for beginners.

As I said before, mind games play a large part in the success of pinwheels and I believe that the Prick is well-designed for its chosen purpose. Its black plastic handle and 10 rows of tiny pins look suitably intimidating. The shiny black plastic, in particular, would complement a PVC or leather outfit well to create a comprehensive ambiance and really set the scene. On a more practical level the plastic handle is ergonomically designed and fits very comfortably into the hand. Its curved form and resting space at the section before the wheels allows users to confidently hold it no matter what area of the body they’re aiming for.

This also makes the Prick a good call for anyone who dislikes the cold sensation of steel or who needs a light-weight pinwheel for health reasons.

The pins themselves are incredibly thin and actually rather tiny. Without my glasses on I can’t actually see them at times, that’s how fine they are. I have to admit, this does kind of lack some of the intimidation factor that traditional pinwheels have, but once the Prick is up close and personal the prospect of having 10 rows of tiny needles running across your skin starts to sink in. Because of this I think the Prick does work just fine as a daunting sensation product, especially for first-time pinwheel users, who have never experienced a single-row pinwheel before, let alone one with 10 rows.

The pins certainly do create a striking display.
The pins certainly do create a striking display.

I’ll confess to being a little nervous myself when I first laid eyes on the 10 rows of pins that would soon grace my skin, but I had nothing to worry about. While the Prick is certainly not an ineffective toy it is very tame when it comes to pinwheels. The sensation provided is like an itching, with slight pricks and a consistent tingle, but it very rarely veers in to being even slightly painful. In fact I can place my thumb down quite firmly on the Prick and not suffer any adverse effects (it actually feels rather soothing actually).

This may seem like a downside at first but, I can assure you, when you’re blindfolded and you feel the light prickling sensations of this pinwheel run against your skin the fact that it can’t really hurt you is all but banished—replaced, instead, with tantalizing enjoyment. It’s very close to perfect.

So, are there any real downsides to this pinwheel? Well, a few.

Personal preference does come in to play. You can’t really get a pinwheel wrong, but if you want a fully metal pinwheel, one that has thicker, longer needles or one that can inflict some serious pain then this pinwheel isn’t for you.

The pins can also pick up some hair and other debris during use.
The pins can also pick up some hair and other debris during use.

On a more practical note the Prick lacks diversity compared to conventional pinwheels. Whereas other pinwheels can be dragged on their side to scratch against the skin the Prick’s needles are so small, short and clingy that the pinwheel just grips against the person’s skin instead. This is a shame, as it limits exploration, but I’m willing to say that it doesn’t take too much away from the toy itself.

Final Thoughts

Overall I really like this pinwheel and feel like it’s an ideal introduction to what a pinwheel can offer in the bedroom. With its lightweight design and shorter, slimmer needles, this pinwheel manages to be completely safe while also still possessing an incredibly formidable appearance.

It’s effective, well-designed, and user friendly. What more could a person want?

Recommend to:

People who are new to pinwheels.

People who are new to sensation play.

People who want to be cautious.

Do Not Recommend to:

People looking for a conventional pinwheel.

People who want more options re. pain.

People who prefer thicker, longer needles.

The Prick Pinwheel was kindly provided to me by Shop Naughty in exchange for an honest review and is actually on sale on their site right now. If you want to show your support then please do check out their site here and consider making any purchases through this affiliate link.