Update: Remoji is Here! (Well….Almost)

Hello my lovely readers,

Some of you may have noticed a subtle tweet that I posted up a few days ago that vaguely mentioned ‘Remoji‘. What is Remoji?


Well, at the time my lips were sealed but now I can happily shout from the rooftops that Remoji is a brand new way to think about remote control sex apps with a brand new set of toys to boot.

Unlike most of the current apps on the market, Remoji takes the conventional ‘remote control’ style of sex toy apps and flips it on its head, making an app that is both practical and fun. I could go on but I’d rather let the lovely folks over at PicoBong (the creators of Remoji) speak for themselves:

Since mobile technology already touches most parts of our lives, rather than be turned off by that, we say bring it on! By creating an app rather than a traditional remote, we’re taking something you’re already constantly using―to listen to music, plays games, stay in touch with friends, hook up with new ones, whatever―and making it something that you don’t have to put down to during sex, but will actually make sex better.

Sounds promising right? The new line of toys that come equipped for use with the Remoji app also looks very interested. Taking on a beach theme there’s an egg vibrator, a cock ring/clitoral vibe, a butt plug, and a vibrating ‘cup’ stroker. Having just reviewed the Tano 2 I am incredibly excited by the Surfer, which looks like it eliminates all of the issues I had with the Tano 2 while keeping all of the elements which I liked. I can’t wait to get my hands on it!


And, as you’d expect, each toy has all of the luxury benefits, including being made from body-safe silicone, being waterproof, and being USB rechargeable. Fantastic.

But I’ve yet to mention the most exciting part of the Remoji: It’s being crowdfunded. Yes! That means early access prices, loads of perks and milestones and you get to play an active hand in bringing an exciting new range of toys onto the market (along with the fantastic new app at the center of it all).

So if the Remoji looks like something you’re interested in then don’t hesitate to make your pledge today. I know I’ll be eagerly checking in to see how things go with this campaign.

Until the next review!