Toy Review: The PicoBong Tano 2

Following on the heels of the PicoBong Kiki 2, the PicoBong Tano 2 is also part of PicoBong’s new and more powerful ‘Power Up’ range. One for the anal enthusiasts, the Tano 2 takes PicoBong’s popular product, the Tano, and adds a bit more oomph to its vibrations.

Having never tried the original Tano, Mr. Peaches and I were excited to try the new and revamped version: More power is always a bonus for us. However, because of this I will be judging the Tano 2 primarily on its own performance rather than offering up a comparison.

So, without further ado, let’s get to it!

The PicoBong Tano 2

The PicoBong Tano 2 is a slim, accessible, vibrating butt plug with a compelling design focused on beginners. The overall design of the plug stays true to this intention. The shaft itself is tapered and has a maximum circumference of 3.75 inches. The Tano 2 is also straight and smooth, meaning that people who are new to anal don’t have to content with any curves or intimidating texture.

This butt plug wins points for looking sleek and unimposing.
This butt plug wins points for looking sleek and unimposing.

The Tano 2 is made out of silicone and ABS plastic. Both of these materials are phthalate-free, non-porous and completely body-safe.

Okay, silicone isn’t completely non-porous but those pores aren’t large enough to harbour moisture, bacteria or anything else beyond odours, which still firmly puts it in the non-porous category in terms of safety.

In terms of odour, however, I found that the Tano 2 did retain a larger amount of anal scent than some of my other silicone toys. Which was a real bugbear for me, as I dislike smelly anal toys. Personally I attribute some of this increased odour to the indented PicoBong logo and CE logo etc. which are indented into the insertable section of the toy. I can only assume that these do perhaps make cleaning more difficult and may allow some fluids to cling to the toy more than usual, which means cleaning this toy thoroughly is essential. Thankfully the Tano 2 is waterproof, making cleaning easier. Still, anal odour makes me very sad.

Still, the ABS plastic is odour-free and the ABS plastic base of the Tano 2 is exceptional. With a long form that is well-contoured to the body and a ring built in to allow for easy insertion and removal the Tano 2’s base is something I’d love to see on more anal toys.

This design is great!
This design is great!

The silicone for the Tano 2 is also silky smooth and incredibly comfortable for insertion, making it an increasingly persuasive butt plug for those new to anal play.

The Tano 2’s vibrations are powered by a single AAA battery which is screwed firmly into place to fuel the toy’s 12 different modes of vibration. Personally I’m not a big pattern fan but the Tano 2 offers enough to satisfy the desires of most pattern appreciators. For Mr. Peaches and I it’s the power that matters and the Tano 2 provides some very powerful, nicely smooth, deep vibrations. These vibrations are bit buzzy but they manage to provide the depth needed to still make them very appealing. I could, if I wished, masturbate with this toy clitorally and reach orgasm, which is always a good sign.

Still, there is one major flaw with the Tano 2’s design. Namely the + and – controls are built into the insertable part of the toy. This makes it near-impossible to change the controls unless you remove the toy and manually adjust them. Such a process is less-than-desirable: Not only does it break a person’s immersion and completely kill the mood but the toy may also have undesirable materials on it that makes fiddling with the buttons equally unattractive. Not only that but pulling out an anal toy, fiddling with the part you’ve just used and then going back to groping your partner is rather unhygienic. In order to safely do this you would have to wash your hands with every button change, which is just impractical.

This design...not so much.
This design…not so much.

Of course if you’re happy to just put it in and then enjoy your current setting throughout use then this really isn’t much of an issue. The plus sides of this toy are the shape, the base, and the strength of the vibrations, and if you don’t mind keeping the same setting then this toy is a pretty good option for some anal enjoyment. However, Mr. Peaches didn’t really enjoy the Tano 2 and the concerns he brings up are pretty valid and reflect my own (as well as revealing some other downsides):

The Tano 2 is a toy that I have mixed feelings about. On the one hand is has some great features which I really like, but there are two things that, for me, drag down what would otherwise be a very good toy.

First the good points: I like the vibrations. They a fairly strong and produce a great feeling, making them very enjoyable.

I love the base. It’s large enough to be safe and a designed so that it won’t chafe during long sessions. It even has a little hole in it!

The bad points are the controls for the vibrations, which are on the insertable part of the toy. Now I know the Tano 2 isn’t the only toy guilty of this. And if this toy’s vibrations were hard to accidentally press then this would be an annoying but tolerable feature. But what annoys me is that I can actually change the vibrations with my ass without meaning to! So I can be enjoying a nice strong buzz and then suddenly turn it off…or down…or patterned, you get the point.

The second thing I dislike is the lip of the seal. Sometimes when using this toy I find the seal can pinch me. Even when screwed up as tight as possible this pinching is still present.

This is uncomfortable and a turn-off during use, although I’m not really sure how PicoBong could solve this other than designing a hood to cover the seal.

My climaxes with this toy have varied a bit depending on how much the bad aspects of this toy have bugged me during use. Sometimes they can be strong and really enjoyable, other times they are more a “FFS just finish so I can get this out of me”. Overall this is an okay toy but I don’t think it’s one I would return to in a hurry.

In addition to Mr. Peaches’ downsides, it’s also worth noting that you will need to unscrew this toy and clean the insides after each use too, as some fluids and scents can get past the seal. This isn’t a deal breaker when it comes to purchasing this toy but it is something to keep in mind and approach with vigilance.

Final Thoughts

So overall the Tano 2 was sadly a bit of a flop for us and I’m not sure that I could really recommend this toy.

Yes, there is a lot to like about this toy but, in most cases, the inconvenience of having to remove the Tano 2 to change it, the annoyance of accidentally changing its setting during use and the uncomfortable pinching of the seal will making it an impractical product for many people.

That being said there are good reviews out there for the Tano 2, and if you know that the above mentioned issues won’t bother you then please don’t let my review get you down.

The Tano 2 isn’t our ideal toy but it may still suit some so please do consider whether or not the Tano 2 is right for you.

Recommend to:

People who like straight, tapered toys.

People who like strong, deep vibrations.

People who like well-designed bases (we sure do!)

Do Not Recommend to:

People who want to freely change the settings.

People who prefer curved toys.

People who think it would feel like it was pinching.

PicoBong provided me with the Tano 2 in exchange for an honest review. If you liked the review then please do visit their site. We may not recommend the Tano 2 but there are lots of other items on the site which do get our seal of approval.