Product Review: The Tantus Wham Bam Paddle

I’m no stranger to the Tantus paddles but the Wham Bam was a bit different for me in that its design is longer and thinner than the previous models I’ve tried. Right off the bat I just want to say…Wow!

The Wham Bam Paddle delivers a double whammy of delight in one deliciously torturous silicone package. Not for the faint of heart this paddle can pack a punch but if you can take it (or even crave the pain) then the Wham Bam Paddle is incredibly rewarding.

The Tantus Wham Bam Paddle

The Tantus Wham Bam is a silicone paddle and, if you’ve never experienced one before, you should know that this comes with certain connotations. Firstly it makes the Wham Bam Paddle incredibly easy to clean. All you need to do with this paddle is run it under water, rinse with some soap and you’re good to go.

Of course if you do want a more thorough clean then the Wham Bam Paddle is also boilable, bleachable and dish washer safe. Between these methods you will find a way to make sure that your paddle looks squeaky clean between play sessions. Tantus silicone is also hypoallergenic, so you don’t need to worry about your skin hurting in any of the wrong ways.

The Wham Bam Paddle lives up to its name.
The Wham Bam Paddle lives up to its name.

Silicone paddles also have a very distinctive sensation up impact. It’s an incredibly swift, sharp, almost biting sting which stays with you for a moment before fading into a dull ache. This means that silicone paddles give an amazing rush of sensations which is addictive (trust me).

With silicone paddles you don’t really need to put in too much effort to get a sharp hit in either. If you, like me, simply dabble in sensation play then a silicone paddle may seem intense but hits will be manageable. However experienced BDSM owners can put a bit more effort into their paddle and get very formidable results. If you really want to be cruel wetting a silicone paddle or the user’s body (or both) take the pain levels to a whole new realm. For the record I am a pansy and cannot handle this but I have faith that some of you are troopers.

One of the things I personally love most about Tantus paddles is simply how they feel against the skin. Not when you’re being hit but when you’re being stroked. At one point Mr. Peaches had me blindfolded, ran the Wham Bam Paddle against my skin and I quizzically asked him if he was using a massage bar on me. That’s how smooth, inviting and sincerely buttery the silicone for the Wham Bam Paddle is, and this is the case with every Tantus paddle.

With all this being said each Tantus paddle also has its own distinct sensation and the Wham Bam is no exception. With a total length of 15 inches, 9.75 of which is a spank-zone, the Wham Bam Paddle is a slender heavy hitter. The handle for the Wham Bam is firm and very comfortable to hold, however the paddle itself is floppy and flexible. Its 2 inch width also means that it’s leaner than something like the Pelt, providing more of a strap-like sensation upon impact.

The sensations provided by this paddle are sharp and distinct (but the paddle itself may get a bit scuffed).
The sensations provided by this paddle are sharp and distinct (but the paddle itself may get a bit scuffed or gather dust).

This floppy design has its pros and cons. Compared to the Pelt this does provide a sharper and more precise sting upon impact. However because the Wham Bam is floppier and longer it is a bit harder to control and swings can easily lose some of their control if not done in a precise manner. Because of this practice really does make perfect when it comes to the Wham Bam and I don’t recommend this as a starter silicone paddle. But for those with the right combination of experience, willingness to practice, and measured expectations then the Wham Bam is a wonderful addition to the toy box.

Personally I like the very swift and sharp swings that the Wham Bam provides, although I do enjoy wielding it a bit more than receiving it. This is a paddle that makes me squirm and when it comes out I know Mr. Peaches means business (and likewise when I pull it out).

So, are there any downsides to the Wham Bam? Not really, actually.

It’s very hard to go wrong with a product like this; it’s simple, elegant and effective and I can see that a lot of thought when into the design process. If I had one complaint against the Wham Bam that wasn’t personal preference it would be that it collects dust and scuffs sometimes, which does leave it looking less than pristine. However as it’s easy to clean anyway this isn’t really an issue.

In regards to personal preference and experience level you’ll want to avoid this paddle if you’re a complete beginner to impact play, if you prefer thumping sensations or if you like a wider surface area from your paddle.

Final Thoughts

Overall the Wham Bam Paddle is a sadistically splendid paddle which will last a very long time and leave equally long-lasting memories for anyone who has used it.

The flexible nature of the Wham Bam Paddle may make it a bit intimidating for some but it’s also one of its biggest strengths—providing a paddle with a fun swing to it and a strong presence.

If this paddle appeals to you then please do take the plunge. I don’t think you’ll regret it.

Recommend to:

People who like silicone paddles.

People who like stinging sensations.

People who like flexible paddles.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer different paddle materials.

People who prefer thuddy/thumpy sensations.

People who dislike flexible paddles.

This paddle was provided by Tantus in exchange for an honest review. If you liked it then please do consider visiting their site and making any purchases through the affiliate links in this post.