Product Review: The Zado Premium Leather Collar

As time goes on my desire to find the absolutely perfect collar continues. I’m not necessarily into the ritual of collars like some amazing people in the BDSM community but neither do I take them lightly. For me a collar means something: Whether it’s setting the scene or fulfilling a sense of self a collar has to have a certain weight about it.

It’s fortunate, then, that the Zado Premium Leather Collar is no light-weight contender.

With a beautiful split leather exterior and a wonderfully padded interior, the Zado Premium Leather Collar certainly earns its ‘Premium’ title. However does it perform to the same high standard? Read on to find out.

The Zado Premium Leather Collar

The Zado Premium Leather Collar was provided to me by the lovely folks over at Uberkinky and is part of their large range of slave collars. If you’re on the fence as to why you might want a slave collar then Uberkinky has a great guide on their site which might entice you. But, for now, I’m going to assume that everyone reading this is down for some collared fun and get right to business.

The Zado Premium Leather Collar looks just as great during use as it does here.
The Zado Premium Leather Collar is a collar that is willing to work with its user.

The Zado Premium Leather Collar is a collar that offers a compromise on comfort without compromising on quality. Heavy duty bondage collars tend to look amazing but not all of them are comfortable. This is where the Zado Premium Collar steps in: providing a collar which is both heavy duty and comfortable for the user. In order to achieve this soft foam has been used on the interior to provide a nice soft material. This padded material isn’t visible at all during use—meaning you can play hard to your heart’s content without having your immersion broken.

People with metal allergies will also be happy to hear that this collar’s internal padding acts as a buffer against its metal studs, meaning you can use this collar without undue irritation.

The collar itself has a wonderful appearance to it. With an adjustable length of 10.6 to 17 inches this collar will fit most female-bodied individuals and some male-bodies ones (it barely fits Mr. Peaches). Wrapped around the bulky 2.4 inch width of the Zado Premium Collar is a leaner piece of leather which is secured by flat studs. This both serves to hold the collar’s D-ring into place and to add further aesthetic flare. It’s not an original design by any stretch of the imagination but sometimes you can’t beat a classic look. When I think of a formidable black leather collar then something like the Zado Premium Collar easily comes to mind.

The padding provides a comfortable buffer up against the skin.
The padding provides a comfortable buffer up against the skin.

When I applied this collar I found it to be very restricting. It’s not really a posture collar (at all) but if you’re used to slimmer collars then the sudden width of the Zado Premium Collar may feel like a considerable step up. The leather used for this collar is flexible but also firm enough to make it feel enforcing during use, meanwhile the padding adds an extra layer of restriction. The texture of the foam padding also feels slightly grainy against the skin; adding another layer of sensation play to this collar’s wear. Overall this meant that the Zado Premium Collar felt ever-present to me and it was hard to get the sense of restriction out of my mind.

This level of command is fantastic during a play scene but it does mean that the Zado Premium Collar is most likely ill-suited as a day collar or for long uses. If you’re experienced with larger, chunkier collars then this may not be the case for you but personally I find this collar’s place is in the bedroom. For us this makes its use even more powerful anyway, and this may well be the case for you too.

This collar is easy enough to apply and I can even put it on myself if I wish. During use it feels sturdy and gives the impression that it will last a very long time. It certainly has a quality appeal to it, which is impressive for a collar costing £24.99. One of the first things Mr. Peaches did when I placed this collar on to test was to yank me to his face via the D-ring for a kiss, which convinced us both that it was as sturdy as it was comfortable.

Generally I do really like this collar, though mainly for its padding and aesthetic appeal. Due to its thickness, though, it’s not necessarily my preferred collar, and instead I prefer seeing it on Mr. Peaches rather than wearing it myself. However, this is very much personal preference and shouldn’t be held against the collar (although people who dislike chunky collars will probably feel the same way).

So are there any objective downsides to this collar?

Well the only one Mr. Peaches and I really found is that if you wear the collar for too long and get all hot and bothered then the fringes of the foam can actually create a rubbing sensation which can cause discomfort. For some this may sound like the perfect cherry on top of this lovely collar, but for us it was a point against the Zado Premium Collar.

In the wrong conditions the padding can become a hindrance more than a help.
In the wrong conditions the padding can become a hindrance more than a help.

As an aside we were also hoping that this collar would retain quite a strong leather smell (always good for sensation play) but it actually doesn’t. Again, this may be a pro or a con depending on your stance but it is something to be aware of.

Final Thoughts

Overall I am very pleased with the durability of this collar and what it has to offer. While this collar may be a bit too much for my neck, it does provide a wonderful visual and tactile experience which should please many users.

For some this collar will be a step up—a transition from cheaper collars to something sturdier—and personally I think it’s great for this purpose. It would also really suit someone who likes chunky collars but requires a bit of support or softness around the neck.

If you like the sound, look, or feel of the Zado Premium Leather Collar in this review then, please, don’t hesitate to give it a try yourself. It’s a decent collar which has earned my admiration, if not my long-term use.

Recommend to:

People who like chunkier collars.

People who want a comfortable collar for play scenes.

People who want a beautiful black leather collar.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who want a slimmer (or thicker) collar.

People who don’t like foam as a padding.

People who want something with no lining.