Toy Review: The PicoBong Kiki 2

I’ll admit to being a power queen any day of the week. I often masturbate on the max setting on any given vibe and I own so many wands that I recently used the hashtag #MagicalPeachGirl. So, of course, PicoBong’s recent line of toys, proudly titled the ‘Power Up’ range, hold an intrinsic appeal to me.

The Power Up range basically takes 5 of PicoBong’s most loved toys and gives them a boost with double the vibration strength. An impressive premise to say the least. With this latest release PicoBong also encourages users to consider their preferences with the question ‘What’s your vibe?’.


My answer to this was the Kiki 2 but did I pick wisely? Find out below.

The PicoBong Kiki 2

The PicoBong Kiki 2 is the discreet all-rounder of the new Power Up line with a particular focus on clitoral stimulation. This is facilitated by the Kiki 2’s flat tip, which can be applied to the clitoris for a very precise experience while serving equally well to travel across other erogenous zones. Alternatively the Kiki 2 can also be flipped around to provide a broader for of stimulation which covers a larger section of the vulva. This is my preferred method of use and I’ grateful that the Kiki 2 has the versatility needed to offer varied methods of use.

The Kiki 2 is a beautiful, small and striking vibrator.
The Kiki 2 is a beautiful, small and striking vibrator.

The PicoBong Kiki 2 is made out of high quality silicone (for the shaft) and ABS plastic (for the base). This makes it phthalate-free, non-porous and completely body-safe. The silicone used for the PicoBong Kiki 2 is 100% on par with Lelo silicone in its buttery matte surface and overall appeal. It’s also smooth and soft enough to avoid becoming a dust magnet, which is a huge bonus.

The PicoBong Kiki 2 is completely waterproof, making it easy to clean. However you do need to make sure that you’ve screwed up the base nice and firmly between uses and washes. It’s also advisable to unscrew the cap and check if that needs to be cleaned after use, as I find sometimes gunk does manage to weasel its way into unwanted areas of the toy. The Kiki 2 also comes with a 1 year warranty but, sadly, isn’t rechargeable. Still, at £29.95 I didn’t necessarily expect it to be. Instead I think the Kiki 2 manages to gracefully walk the line between elegant and affordable.

Make sure you've vigilant when cleaning your Kiki 2.
Make sure you’ve vigilant when cleaning your Kiki 2.

The Kiki 2 has 12 different modes to it—some of which are continual vibration with different intensities and some of which are patterns. While I generally avoid patterns the Kiki 2 does offer some nice (if not standard) pattern options which should appeal to those who like teasing themselves with the pattern settings.

The Kiki 2’s modes are controlled by a + and – button which are located within the indented PicoBong logo on the side of the Kiki 2. While I don’t necessarily mind this design I did find that it meant the buttons didn’t stand out much during use, meaning that changing modes mid-masturbation was a tricky task. Sometimes I would even have to pause, remove the toy and adjust, which is less than ideal. Then again, as mentioned before, my habit was often to use the Kiki 2 at maximum power.

The buttons could be more distinct.
The buttons could be more distinct.

So what are the Kiki 2’s vibrations like? A deep hum comes to mind. The Kiki 2 is actually an impressively quiet vibrator (great for discreet use) and the result of this is when it is applied to body it omits only the gentlest of low humming sounds. The sensations very much match up to these noises and the Kiki 2, while twice as powerful as its predecessor, still feels like quite a gentle toy for me.

The Kiki 2’s vibrations are what I’d call soft-to-mid level and, while its vibrations are rumbly enough to go beyond the surface, they’re never overwhelmingly powerful and I wouldn’t associate them with the oomph that most power queens seek. I do orgasm with it but only when I focus purely on the Kiki 2 and circumvent any vibrating insertables, or even dildos at times.

In this way the Kiki 2 provides a rather intimate experience for me personally. It’s a toy that I find to be delicate in many ways and one that I explore instead of simply use. Unlike a roaring wand, where my thoughts are purely with the power of the experience, the Kiki 2 forces me to focus more on the sensations it provides and how they interact with my body. It’s not necessarily a bad experience but neither is it overly powerful or a viable contender for something like the Mia 2.

Because of this I feel like the ideal user for the Kiki 2 would be someone who values discretion and doesn’t need high-intensity vibrations to reach orgasm or someone who is just beginning to explore their body through vibrations and knows that they prefer a light touch during regular masturbation. For people who fit into these categories the Kiki 2 will be a delightful companion (for the very reasonable price of £29.95 and a single AAA battery). People who like more power probably will be able to enjoy the Kiki 2, and it may make a nice travel companions but if you’re anything like me then you’ll probably be wishing for a little bit more.

When it comes to downsides the biggest one really is the placement of the controls and the logo itself, which makes cleaning harder. If PicoBong were to make another iteration of the Kiki 2 then I’d request that they up the power, keep the fantastic design and colour options, but rework the control panel and ditch the logo. I know you’re awesome PicoBong, but your logo kind of cramps my cleaning style.

Final Thoughts

Overall I did really enjoy the Kiki 2 and I think it functions as a nice affordable, discreet, and mid-level vibrator, which is never a bad thing to have.

Would I use the Kiki 2 as a go-to clitoral vibe? Probably not, but I would consider travelling with it and I do feel like it is a solid toy for what it is.

That being said power queens shouldn’t read too much into the ‘Power Up’ slogan. At the end of the day there’s only so much that a modestly sized clitoral vibrator can do with 1 AAA battery and I think the PicoBong Kiki 2 does its job well.

Recommend to:

People who like gentle-to-mid level rumbly vibrators.

People looking for a discreet clitoral toy.

People wanting to get to know their bodies.

Do Not Recommend To:

People who know they like more oomph.

People who prefer rechargeable toys.

People who value button placement.

PicoBong provided me with the Kiki 2 in exchange for an honest review. Why not show your approval by checking out their site.