Product Review: The Meo Hurt Me Punishment Rods

When it comes to impact play metal has an aura to it which is undeniably fierce. It commands a certain amount of respect and forces submissives to cringe at the mere prospect of what’s to come. So, it was inevitable that I’d graduate to a metal impact item at some point.

My instrument of choice was provided by Meo: namely their Hurt Me Punishment Rods. Unlike anything I’ve ever tried before, the Meo Hurt Me Punishment Rods were totally new territory for me, but it’s a territory which I happy to have ventured in to.

The Meo Hurt Me Punishment Rods

The Meo Hurt Me Punishment Rods have a simple design but an effective one. Essentially this impact item incorporates 30 steel rods which have been embedded into one device. The handle for the rods is also made of metal and has been engraved to allow for a comfortable grip, meanwhile the rods themselves tend to naturally cluster together, but can be manually spread to provide a wider area of impact.

These rods look primed for a session of pain, but do they deliver?
These rods look primed for a session of pain, but do they deliver?

The rods themselves are made out of steel and are wonderfully polished with their silver exterior adding to the aesthetic of the product. In total this toy comes in a 20 inches, but part of that is the looped section at the end (which is very handy for hanging this item up). The metal rods themselves are 15.25 inches. Some seem looser than others but all are perfectly secure so you can feel confident when using this item.

Because the rods are rigid and the handle is so well made this item is incredibly easy to swing and each motion feels totally controlled. Because of this I do feel like this item would be suitable for beginners, although the decision to start with a metal impact item is certainly a bold one!

The handle is very well-balanced and easy to grip.
The handle is very well-balanced and easy to grip.

However, while this item is suitable for beginners when it comes to control I’m not too sure about the sensations. When lightly hitting a person with these metal rods the sensation is actually rather anticlimactic, it almost feels like a show dog (with impressive looks but diminished performance). That’s not to say that the sensation it provides is terrible, it’s simply…gentle. Like a firm thunk in a very lean area. As such if you’re looking for gentler sensation that still have some substance then the Hurt Me Punishment Rods might be a bit ill-suited for your needs.

There is a reason for this, though, and that is that this device is made for the hard hits. When you put some effort into this rod it can produce some rather strong, blunt force sensations. It’s certainly distinct but I’m not too sure that I personally want to give or receive such hard-hits. However if you’re looking for a brutal thunking toy and your sub is eager to embrace the ‘Hurt Me’ mantra of these rods then you might be in for a good time.

Despite not feeling this toy for any strong swings I still love my Hurt Me Punishment Rods. Why? Well it turns out these rods are also great for general sensation play.

30 rods clanging against each other make some rather nice sounds, and these are amplified to a delicious degree when you’re blindfolded. As a dominant you can use the sound created by these rods to tease your blindfolded lover with a clanging noise just slightly out of reach. Alternatively you can keep up the noise from one direction before suddenly introducing a new sensation (like a feather ticker) from a different one; essentially misdirecting your partner’s senses. This worked very well for Mr. Peaches and I making the Punishment Rods a very handy tool.

These tips cannot be underestimated.
These tips cannot be underestimated.

Because the Punishment Rods are made out of steel you can also heat or cool them and then run them against your partner’s skin. Please do this sensibly though. Warm and cool water, no boiling water or the freezer.

Another great element of these rods are the ends of them, which can be run across your partner’s skin to create a scratching sensation. This was one of our preferred methods of using the Punishment Rods and this sensation play, combined with the noise that the Punishment Rods provide makes them a fantastic tool, even if you only use them for a light touch. They also make a great back scratcher, as a side note.

So are there any downsides to the Hurt Me Punishment Rods? Well not really. I suppose if you’re looking for a set of rods that naturally fan out then the Punishment Rods are ill-suited for that. People who prefer sharp stinging sensations may also be disappointed by the Punishment Rods—which provide the polar opposite in terms of impact sensations—but that’s more personal preference than the fault of the toy.

Final Thoughts

Overall I was very pleased with the Meo Hurt Me Punishment Rods, although I feel like they perform different purposes for different experience levels.

For those, like me, who consider themselves only casually into BDSM them the Punishment Rods are less about impact and punishment and more about exploration and sensory play. Add a blindfold to the mix and the Punishment Rods become a great tool for some tame-yet-empowering play scenes without ever needing to get too intense.

However if you’re more into impact play and like the hard swings and heavy hits then the Punishment Rods also seem capable of providing this (as the reviews on the product page attest).

Because of this I feel like the Meo Hurt Me Punishment Rods make a great addition to most people’s collection, as long as your expectations are managed when it comes to the outcome.

Recommend to:

Veterans looking for a narrow thumping product.

Beginners looking for a scary-looking sensation item.

People wanting to explore metal impact items.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer sharp and stinging sensations.

People who prefer other impact materials.

People looking for maximum pain with minimal effort.

Meo provided me with the Hurt Me Punishment Rods in exchange for an honest review. Why not show your approval by checking out their site here.