Product Review: The ON Female Natural Arousal Balm by Sensuva

It’s not often that I get to experience the exhilarating tingle of an arousal product without it being swiftly followed by the stinging reminder of just how sensitive my skin is. That’s why when Harmony Store approached me with this item to review I made them very aware of my own personal struggles with such products.

As a testament to their commitment Harmony Store did everything they could to make sure it would be compatible with me—including sending me the ingredients list and trying to detect any potential ingredients that might cause irritation themselves. This is the level of care that makes a truly great adult retailer and I felt truly appreciative that it’s the level of care that Harmony Store provides. Honestly it fills me with the warm fuzzies.

Still, Harmony Store aren’t the only ones warming a body part of mine because, great news, this balm was a success for me! Non-stinging arousal products may be a rarity for me but finding one that don’t irritate my skin and actually delivers in terms of stimulation is like observing a rare cosmological event. Still, when the stars eventually do align they apparently produce ON Female Natural Arousal Balm.

The ON Female Natural Arousal Balm by Sensuva

The ON Female Nautral Arousal Blam by Sensuva is a stimulating balm which works by exciting the clitoris with its ingredients. This allows users to experience heightened sensitivity, a rise in arousal and even more orgasms. The box for the ON Arousal Balm may be a bit overenthusiastic—with terms such as ‘shockingly powerful’ and ‘buzzing with pleasure’—but the end result of this balm is still impressive. Still it’s effects rely less on shocks and buzzes and more on spices, which does make me feel like the packaging could be a bit misleading (especially when ‘buzzing’ has well-established connotations in the world of adult products, and it isn’t with arousal gel).

This balm looks wonderfully discreet.
This balm looks wonderfully discreet.

Placing the selling points of this product’s packaging aside, the ON Arousal Balm is pretty much exactly what you’d expect in the best way possible. Aimed at those with a clitoris, the arousal balm has a brilliantly discreet look to it which will appeal to people’s feminine side. From a distance it looks like just another tube of makeup and the labeling keeps it discreet, saying ‘ON Balm’ only. Even with the lid off the ON Arousal Balm looks like a generic lip balm, adding to its obfuscation. It’s only if someone were to examine the label properly that they would find instructions that encourage you to ‘Apply directly onto the clitoris’, but I doubt most would get close enough to pry.

I’ve made a fair few allusions in this review to the ingredients that make up the ON Arousal Balm so it only seems right to list them out:

Beeswax, Sweet Almond Oil, Cinnamon Oil, Vitamin E, Rosemary Oil Extract.

These ingredients are nice, simple, and really wouldn’t sound out of place in any other high end cosmetic product. Still, I personally believe they’re at their best when used in the ON Arousal Balm.

One of the first things I noticed when removing the lid for my balm was the rich, spicy scent of warming cinnamon. Cinnamon is definitely the primary scent of this product (and probably the primary ‘arousal’ element too). Personally this immediately put the ON Arousal Balm in my good books as I absolutely adore cinnamon; it’s one of my favourite fragrances in the entire world and so I’m happy to have an arousal balm which utilizes it to great effect.

Curious creature that I am I also tasted a bit of this balm (y’know, for science) and found that it didn’t have a strong or offensive taste. You get a slight tang of cinnamon and a hint of creamy almond oil and beeswax but it’s mild at most. This means that this balm could be applied before oral sex without ruining the experience in any way.

The ON Arousal Balm is incredibly easy to use. All you do is rub you finger onto the balm until you have the amount you desire then apply it to your clitoris via rubbing your balm-slathered finger into it. The balm itself has a buttery consistency which reminds me of a luxurious massage bar. It’s very smooth, very receptive to warmth and spreads extremely well.

Applying a small amount of this balm produces impressive results.
Applying a small amount of this balm produces impressive results.

Once applied the ON Arousal Balm can take up to 2 minutes to kick in but once it does it lasts for a respectable amount of time. In my experience it doesn’t need reapplying. This, combined with the minimal amount needed to get good results, makes the amount you get last an impressively long time, more than justifying its price tag.

The sensation that this arousal balm provides is truly delightful. The cinnamon feels like it kicks in first, providing a growing warmth which spreads and slowly gains in intensity. This feels both wonderfully comforting and undeniably exhilarating, as your attention is incontestably drawn to the growing warmth of your clitoris. For me this is enough to make me squirm and for my vaginal muscles to begin clenching with anticipation. Because of this it’s fair to say that this balm certainly succeeds at heightening arousal, as I’m pretty much ready to go soon after applying it.

Because so much attention and sensation is being drawn to the clitoris, causing blood to flow to the area, sensations are definitely heightened after application. Each touch feels a bit more meaningful, each vibration sharper. Throughout the heightened sensation the warmth of this balm continues to be an uncompromising presence too, keeping your mind and body engaged. This was my experience at least and my body responded incredibly well to it. After applying this balm I reached orgasm in an impressive amount of time, followed quickly afterwards by two more orgasms. Now, I can have multiple orgasms without arousal balm, however they’ve never felt so readily available as when I’ve applied the ON Arousal Balm. There was no compromise in strength or fulfillment either. It was just all benefit all the time.

That being said no product is perfect and I can think of a few glaring issues with the ON Arousal Balm.

The first is the ingredients. Yes, they should be fine for people who are sensitive to chemicals, but those who cannot abide cinnamon as a warming ingredient will also find the ON Arousal Balm inaccessible. In fact if you dislike cinnamon full stop then the cinnamon scent of this item may be a turn off altogether.

I also worry that this product isn’t as hygienic as it could be. Rubbing my fingers into lip balm again and again to apply it seems fine to me but I’m a bit more uncertain when my genitals are involved. Personally I recommend making sure that your hands have been washed before rubbing it in to the balm, in order to avoid cultivating something nasty in it.

That being said these are the only complaints I have and they’re minor. Especially considering the clear benefits of this balm. What can I say? I’m a happy camper.

Final Thoughts

Overall I was incredibly impressed with this arousal balm; both because I could use it and because it felt truly amazing. This balm heightened arousal in me, increased sensitivity and provided multiple strong orgasms, which is pretty much exactly what you would want from a product like this. Personally I think this balm could have great potential for those who struggle with any of these things but I can’t personally vouch for that.

What I can vouch for is the effectiveness of this balm for those with sensitive skin or for those who know that arousal products work for them who want to try another one out. For me this is one of the best arousal balms I’ve tried and I thoroughly recommend it.

Recommend to:

People who struggle with skin sensitivities.

People who like warming arousal balms.

People who like heightening their sensitivity.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who cannot use cinnamon-based products.

People who prefer cooling sensations.

People who prefer arousal lubricants.

The ON Arousal Balm was provided to me by Harmony Store in exchange for an honest review. Why not show your approval by checking out their site here.