Toy Review: The Tantus Twist Butt Plug

Twizzly toys are guaranteed to entice. I’m not sure why but there’s something about a corkscrew-inspired sex toy that seems to be equal parts challenge and immense fun. Of course the end results can be somewhat mixed but that’s to be expected when a toy comes with a twist; it really is hard to anticipate the sensations you’ll get until you use them yourself.

Still there are some things you can predict. If you like texture, experimentation and swirling sensations then the Tantus Twist excels in all of these domains, but the end results may still have you spiraling in unexpected ways.

Having tried a vaginal toy with a similar design I was adamant that Mr. Peaches try out a similar product, and the Tantus Twist Butt Plug certainly fit the bill. Meo was kind enough to provide the Twist for review and, being a Tantus toy, I knew the Twist would be high quality.

But did the Tantus Twist coil its way around Mr. Peaches’ heart or was it one twist too far? Read on to find out.

The Tantus Twist Butt Plug

The Tantus Twist is an incredibly distinctive butt plug. With its winding design it’s guaranteed to stand out from the crowd and make an impression. To some it may also look rather formidable, making it a good potential toy for a BDSM session. I can imagine some subs becoming wide-eyed if the Twist was presented to them (and that’s certainly a delightful thought).

The Tantus Twist puts a new spin on butt plugs.
The Tantus Twist puts a new spin on butt plugs.

The Twist’s design represents the ultimate in texture play but it’s a very specific type of texture too. Namely it utilizes diagonal, swirling ridges to create its texture. This will make some people drool with delight but other texture lovers may prefer bumps, veins or other textures, at which point the Twist may be a poor fit.

In terms of size the Twist actually presents what I would consider to be a manageable challenge for intermediate butt plug users. With an insertable length of 4 inches and a maximum diameter of 1.3 inches the Twist is very reasonably sized, however the actual design makes it trickier than its dimensions would convey.

The Tantus Twist is made out of Ultra Premium grade silicone which makes it phthalate-free, non-porous and completely body safe. It does retain some butt odour (the bane of my existence) but other than that the silicone is incredibly easy to clean and is even dishwasher safe and boilable.

The silicone itself has a beautiful matte finish which makes it silky smooth and a delight to use when slathered in lube. When it comes to anal play lubricant is an absolute must but please make sure to use a water-based lubricant with any and all silicone toys. Tantus say that their toys are compatible with pure silicone lubricants but better safe than sorry. Still if you prefer silicone lube then be sure to do a spot test on the base before proceeding further.

The base of the Twist is very well-designed.
The base of the Twist is very well-designed.

Speaking of the base, the one for the Tantus Twist is absolutely wonderful. It’s nice, reasonably sized and naturally contoured to fit comfortably between the butt cheeks. Tantus have always been pretty good about this but it’s nice to see it implemented on yet another one of their plugs. This makes inserting and removing the Twist a lot easier, and the Twist has a reasonably sized neck to help make it even more comfortable during use.

That being said Mr. Peaches and I somewhat clashed with the Tantus Twist.

The thing with swirling sex toys is that, unlike conventionally shaped toys, you have a chance to twist it in (as is kind of the point). While this was a breeze with my vaginal corkscrew toy it wasn’t so easy anally and neither of us felt entirely comfortable doing so. Because Mr. Peaches was uncomfortable with the Twist he automatically clenched which made it even harder to twist the toy and…you get the point. In the end we both found it easier to just insert it conventionally, but then we both felt that we were missing out on an aspect of the toy’s fun.

You don't have to screw the Twist in and sometimes it might actually be inadvisable.
You don’t have to screw the Twist in and sometimes it might actually be inadvisable.

That being said once the Twist was in I was pretty much in heaven. Neither of us are 100% sure why but the Twist makes Mr. Peaches incredibly hard, like firm to an unprecedented degree. This led to multiple incredibly satisfying PiV experiences for me where I was able to revel in Mr. Peaches’ amplified asset. Giving a blowjob to a dick that firm was also incredibly satisfying and when Mr. Peaches reached orgasm I could feel the strength of his climaxes running through his shaft. Each muscle clench was immense and the experiences were incredibly thrilling for me.

Sadly Mr. Peaches did not have such a great time. It’s true that the Twist made him incredibly firm but this wasn’t necessarily due to arousal. I’ll let him speak for himself on this particular point:

God damn it Tantus, you’ve always done so well by me but I’m sorry to say that I just don’t like this plug. Let me explain, and this is all mostly personal preference so don’t take this as a ‘do not recommend’, more of a ‘it’s not for me’.

When I first looked at this plug I thought “yeah that looks like a good screw” however when I tried to screw it, it wouldn’t go in. It was awkward and painful at times even after a warm up. Often I was forced between lubing the toy up slightly less and being able to twist it (but finding it was too dry to be enjoyable) or lubing it enough that it was comfortable but then finding it too slippery to twist. If I’m honest is was easier interesting it normally which was fine.

Once in you can feel the detail and it’s ok. I personally like a curve on my toys so they stimulate my P-spot but hey-ho. However, as I did my normal act of clenching and rubbing I started to feel uncomfortable. This discomfort was mainly localized to the base of the toy, and got more persistent the longer the plug was in. This meant that as soon as I had the chance I removed the Twist I did, and eagerly.

Now I had to think about this for a while, as most of the Tantus toys I own have roughly the same flared base so that couldn’t have been the design of the base that caused my irritation. My conclusion was that as I was clenching the ridges on the toy were being grasped by my muscles and being pulled in deeper therefore causing pressure on my anus and ergo discomfort.

Now please don’t get me wrong, there is nothing inherently wrong with this toy; it looks fun, it safe and for some people I’m sure it will give them a good screw but I’m sorry to say this isn’t for me.

So overall the Twist was a bit of a mixed bag for us. On the one hand the effects it gave were extremely potent but, on the other, that potency didn’t necessarily come from a place of pleasure and there was definite discomfort at times. Because of this Mr. Peaches isn’t too keen on the Twist and I’m not eager to put him through anal experiences that feel unpleasant. A toy used for couples’ play has to work for both of us or it doesn’t work at all, and so the Twist simply doesn’t work for us.

That being said we’re both acutely aware that there isn’t really anything wrong with the Twist at all.

It’s designed well, its material is flawless, its base is brilliant and the twisting design does exactly what it intends to. Our so-so appraisal of this toy really does come down to personal preference and is no reflection on the Twist whatsoever. However if, like us, you’re not too sure how your posterior would react to a twisting sensation then try inserting some of your smooth toys via a twisting motion rather than a smooth insert before anything else. If that feels weird/unenjoyable to you then the Twist is certainly not for you. If, however you like that sensation and you already know that you like ridge-based texture then I think the Twist could be a very good fit for you.

In regards to objective downsides my only nit-pick is that the Tantus logo could make cleaning a tiny bit irritating, but that really is the definition of a nit-pick.

Final Thoughts

The Tantus Twist may have been a turn-off for Mr. Peaches rather than a twist-on but that doesn’t change the fact that the Twist itself is a very good toy. It’s rather unique and so it can be hard to know if it will work for you, however I hope that my recommendations can give you a good basis to decide whether or not it’s worth purchasing for you.

Overall I was pleased with the effects of the Twist and if you find that you can use it enjoyably then I really do believe this toy has the potential to be phenomenal.

Recommend to:

People who like swirling sensations.

People who like ridge-based texture.

People who have some anal experience.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike swirling insertions.

People who prefer other/no texture.

Complete anal beginners.

Meo provided me with the Tantus Twist in exchange for an honest review. Please show your appreciation by checking out their site here.