Product Review: The Meo Hurt Me Horse Hair Flogger

Impact devices are a rare treat for Mr. Peaches and I. We’re both quite particular with our preferences and we tend to hold floggers and paddles up to a high standard. After all, most of these items are quite large and require particular storage methods. Because of that we try to make sure that only the best impact items grace our collection.

With that being said Meo’s Hurt Me Horse Hair Flogger fits right in. The fact that this flogger is in fact made of horse hair already enticed me enough, however its handcrafted, beautifully woven leather handle tipped me over the edge. I knew I had to have it a Meo kindly obliged in exchange for an honest review.

So, how was it? Unique. There’s something about horse hair that really does stand out from my other floggers. But more on that in the main text.

The Meo Hurt Me Horse Hair Flogger

The Meo Hurt Me Horse Hair Flogger is an all-black flogger with a wonderful aesthetic. The leather weave on the handle is conventional but a classic and the leather itself smells lovely and rich. The Hurt Me Horse Hair Flogger also has a loop at the end, making it easy to hang up as part of your collection of impact items. For those who want to store it in other ways you may have to factor in that the Hurt Me Horse Hair Flogger measures in with a total length of about 23 inches, but this is an item worth accommodating in your toy chest.

Pony up with this horse hair flogger.

The handle for my flogger measures in at about 9 inches, whereas the horse hair tresses came in at 15 inches. This is slightly different from the measurements provided by Meo but as each of these floggers are handmade it adds to their level of authenticity and charm in my eyes.

The handle on the flogger is apparently professionally weighted and balance and I can believe that, as this flogger is a real treat to handle. Every action feels controlled, every motion manageable. Because of this I can use this flogger with confidence, which is a very important aspect in impact play. One thing to say about the handle is that the leather isn’t soft and smooth but, instead, firm and sturdy. This may be surprising to those that expected a more subtle grip but personally I feel like it adds to the overall hard-core feel of this flogger.

The handle adds to the experience of using this flogger.
The handle adds to the experience of using this flogger.

The horse hair used for this flogger is as you would expect. Its course and wire thin. Alone these hairs feel like nothing but together, well, now I get why horses have such thick skin. This flogger certainly knows how to sting, especially if you focus in so that the tip makes the most impact. It’s a sharp, shooting pain as quick and precise as the flick of an actual horse’s tail. When used in a calculated manner it can be executed to great effect, leaving wonderfully red skin which is primed for harsher forms of punishment.

Why do I call this flogger a primer? Well, the Meo Hurt Me Horse Hair Flogger may look mean but it can actually dish out a wide variety of sensations for a broad spectrum of pain tolerances. That’s not to say this flogger can’t dish out a serious sting, but it’s also capable of gentler forms of play and actually veers towards painful-but-manageable as a default. This means that some impact enthusiasts may find this flogger to be a good bit of prep rather than the main event. Personally I’m happy to use it either way, because this flogger can also work fantastically as a finale piece.

Some of the other sensations that this flogger can provide include a good old fashioned thumping feeling and a thump/sting combo depending on how you make contact. If you want to be a real tease you can also blindfold your partner and simply run the horse hair flogger across their skin. The coarse nature of the hair provides an itchy sensation that will have them squirming in the most devious manner. The best part of this is that it requires minimal effort so you get to enjoy the show 100%.

Mr. Peaches and I simply loved the versatility and unique sting of this equally stand-out flogger. Again we found it to be very manageable but we could also both muster some biting sensations which still has us gleefully cringing at times. This flogger could be too much for my pain tolerance levels at time but it took a while to get there and typically I’d only need a short break before asking nicely to be flogged some more. What can I say? This flogger is addictive.

I am always ready for the sting of these tresses.
I am always ready for the sting of these tresses.

We also both really adored the sharp whoosh that this flogger made during use. It was sharp, high pitched and very decisive. Without a doubt it added to the experience of using this flogger, making it seem all the more formidable.

So are there any downsides to this flogger? Very few actually.

My biggest issues would be with maintenance. I’m a little worried that I won’t be able to properly clean and maintain my flogger to its highest standard. Still this is a very personal concern and can be easily remedied by asking Meo or the mighty Google.

As said before, this flogger also may not be able to give everything that some impact users or receivers may want. If high pain tolerances are involved I’m not too sure how well this flogger will fare. People who dislike sharp sensations may also find the sting of this flogger to be too much to swallow.

However, as you can probably tell, none of these downsides reflect on the actual quality of the product itself, as this flogger is absolutely top notch.

Final Thoughts

The Meo Hurt Me Horse Hair Flogger is the kind of flogger that makes you want to say ‘neigh’ to your dominant just so that you can feel the sharp punishment that it would prompt.

It’s a flogger that provides a stinging rush without breaking the limits of most people’s tolerance. It demands a reaction and leaves me begging for more. Because of this I can certainly recommend the Hurt Me Horse Hair Flogger for those who like stinging sensations and want to try the unique whipping that this flogger provides.

In short, this flogger is a whinny-er. Pun definitely intended.

Recommend to:

People who like stinging floggers.

People who like a medium level of pain at base.

People who want a versatile flogger.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer thumping sensations.

People who prefer gentle or very painful floggers.

People who would rather not use horse hair.

Meo provided me with the Meo Hurt Me Horse Hair Flogger in exchange for an honest review. If you want to show your thanks then please do check out their amazing site. There’s a lot to love about it.