Toy Review: The We-Vibe Nova

‘Cautiously optimistic’ are the words I would use to describe my emotions when first hearing about the We-Vibe Nova. We-Vibe consistently deliver powerful, rumbly, and sometimes invaluable sex toys so the prospect of a We-Vibe dual-stimulator (also known as a ‘rabbit vibrator’) was intriguing to me.

As interested as I was by the We-Vibe Nova I generally stayed away from the hype surrounding this toy, so when it arrived at my doorstep I was genuinely befuddled by its design. The clitoral arm is firm but flexible, conventional in placement but swirly in design. The curved and bulging shaft looked perfect for G-Spotting but I struggled to reconcile it in my mind with the placement of the clitoral arm.

That is because We-Vibe have tried something relatively different with the Nova.

Unlike most clitoral vibrators, which have their clitoral arm try to reach for the person’s clitoris, the We-Vibe Nova has an arm which curved like a C and simply folds closer to the shaft’s base to flex into place with most people’s bodies.


The moment I realized this I became incredibly excited by the We-Vibe Nova. Could this be the rabbit that finally fits me? Well, like Cinderella’s glass slipper the Nova is, indeed, a perfect fit. However I’m not about to walk down the aisle with it because this is one match that isn’t made in heaven.

The We-Vibe Nova

If you’re looking for a rabbit vibe and you like a firm fit, a lot of power, and a fair bit of pressure on your clit then I’d say the We-Vibe Nova was damned-near perfect for you.

This toy’s beautifully elegant design really does allow for effortless use, as the Nova bends to accommodate you instead of you having to change for it. Its flexible clitoral arm has just the right amount of give to allow it to move with your body but also the right amount of firmness and stability to stay in place during a play session. Like I said, though, both the main section of the clitoral arm and the shaft itself are incredibly firm, so if you like a bit of squish in your toy then the Nova may simply be incompatible with your preferences.

Preference is particularly important when considering the Nova.
Preference is particularly important when considering the Nova.

With a useable length of 3.1 inches, a diameter of 1.3 inches max on the shaft and a diameter of 1.1 inches max on the clitoral arm, the We-Vibe Nova is also the perfect average-sized dual stimulator. If this was lined up next to a bunch of conventional rabbit vibrators it would look wholly out of place for all the right reasons. Sleek, non-representational, slim and body-safe, the We-Vibe Nova puts many of the jelly-ridden bunnies bouncing around out there to shame.

Of course there’s nothing wrong with wanting a girthy silicone bunny but a fair amount of people do feel intimidated by the sheer size of some rabbit vibrators. I know I was at first, so having a daintier, more streamlined option like the We-Vibe Nova is a breath of fresh air.

The We-Vibe Nova is made from silicone, which is phthalate-free, non-porous and completely body-safe. Unlike the We-Vibe Rave (We-Vibe’s other new vibrator) the Nova is also 100% waterproof, making is easy to clean and safe for some fun in the tub. The silicone used for the We-Vibe Nova is matte with a fair bit of drag, but it sends to come off as velvety smooth during use rather than grainy or annoying. This is especially the case if you’re generous with your water-based lube (like I am).

While the We-Vibe Nova may look elegant and unassuming its vibrations are anything but. Deep, rumbly and richly satisfying, We-Vibe haven’t skimped out on making sure that the vibrations which made the Tango and Touch great have been followed through into their new gen of vibrators. If I had one bit of feedback to give on the Nova it’s that the clitoral arm’s strongest vibrations become rapid enough that they’re almost buzzy but, like the Rave, ‘almost buzzy’ never actually becomes ‘buzzy’ where the Nova is concerned. The vibrations in the Nova are actually strong enough that I don’t need to use them on the highest level, nor would I want to. I’m happy on the lower levels.

The We-Vibe Nova’s vibrations are accommodated by 2-motors which provide 10 different vibration modes. The Nova is also compatible with the We-Vibe app, meaning you can make your own vibration patterns with it or play around with it with your partner. Dual motors means more ways to play with these patterns too, and you can choose whether or not you have both motors on or one or the other.

A few other luxury perks included with the Nova are a storage bag, a 1-year warranty, an eco-friendly manufacturing method (so you can feel socially responsible), and a free sachet of lube. The Nova is also rechargeable via a magnetic clip on the front of the Nova which has an impressive amount of staying power. 90 minutes get you up to 2 hrs of use, which is pretty awesome. The Nova will also let you know when its batteries are running low so that you can pre-emptively charge it and save yourself a sad situation.

The unique design of the Nova meant that it fit me like a glove.
The unique design of the Nova meant that it fit me like a glove.

Using the We-Vibe Nova I was incredibly impressed with just how well the Nova worked with my anatomy. The shaft went in easily and targeted my G-Spot with similar ease, the clitoral arm latched down on to my clitoris as if it were a long-lost lover and when thrusting or readjusting it never lost contact. But that was the problem with the We-Vibe Nova really: it never lost contact.

Alas, I have to say it: The We-Vibe Nova is a perfect fit with my body, but not with my preferences.

Y’see my clit, though typically hungry for a lot of power, cannot handle direct, pin-point stimulation. It likes, no, needs a buffer or dispersed vibrations which engulf my entire vulva instead of it specifically. Because of that the precision with which the We-Vibe Nova located and buckled down on my clit sent my whole body into a bit of shock. This combined with the sheer power of the We-Vibe Nova made it all too much for me.

I did try a few ways to barter with the Nova. One of the things I tried the most was to try and grip and reposition the Nova’s clitoral arm so that it was slightly to the side of that thing. But when I did that I literally felt like Eddie Valiant trying to wrangle Roger Rabbit off my lips. In short it was a battle and my fingers always ached before I reached orgasm.

Once this toy finds your G-Spot and clitoris is will clamp down regardless of your preference.
Once this toy finds your G-Spot and clitoris is will clamp down regardless of your preference.

The shaft is a nice way for me to reach climax, and with the shaft of my clitoris I can have a very enjoyable orgasm. However at that point I’m abundantly aware that the We-Vibe Nova is wasted on me. A perfect fit, but a poor match.

Preferences are going to be the primary downsides for this toy, I think. With a clitoral arm like the Nova’s most people are going to find that it can hit their clit but it may hit it too hard, it may be too direct, it may even be too powerful. Because of this when buying the We-Vibe Nova you really do need to be incredibly aware of your body and what it wants.

Final Thoughts

Despite the We-Vibe Nova clashing with my clit I would still give it my seal of approval. This is, to date, the only rabbit vibrator that I’ve felt 100% fit my body and it wasn’t down to a unique coincidence; it was due to a smart design which keeps the user in mind.

Of course no toy can cater to every user and my qualms with the Nova are purely down to what does and doesn’t work for me, but that’s not to say that the Nova can’t work for you and work incredibly well.

Recommend to:

People who like strong, rumbly vibrators.

People who like firm clitoral pressure.

People who like direct clitoral pressure.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer gentle or buzzy vibrations.

People who dislike firm or direct clitoral pressure.

People who dislike all dual vibrators (try the Rave instead).

We-Vibe provided me with the Nova in exchange for an honest review.