Product Review: The Lelo Tux

If you read my previous update then you’re probably already acquainted with the Tux, however consider this review as a formal introduction to this piece of intimate apparel.

If it’s not outwardly obvious the Lelo Tux is a suit designed specifically for the penis. Lelo claims it is meant to ‘redress’ the balance of sexual attire in the bedroom: offering more options for men when it comes to dressing up (or down) in the bedroom.

However as is probably apparent by now the Lelo Tux is not designed to be a completely straight-faced item. Instead the Lelo Tux acts as a high-quality piece of playful attire for roleplay and general tomfoolery in the bedroom. As Lelo put it themselves the Tux occupies “the center of the Venn diagram of sexiness, self-expression and playfulness”.

When I saw the Lelo Tux this was exactly how I felt about it too. I knew I had to request it for review immediately and Lelo kindly obliged. So let’s see what happens when fashion and the phallus meet.

The Lelo Tux

Despite the Lelo Tux being somewhat of a novelty item Lelo have not compromised on quality. The Lelo Tux is made with a satin weave and has a black bow tie and artificial rose detailing. The section that comprises the white shirt comes with vertical lines of varying thickness sewn in, creating a nice pattern. Meanwhile the black jacket even has tiny pocket openings built into it (though sadly there are no tiny pockets).

Is this not the swankiest penis attire you have ever seen?
Is this not the swankiest penis attire you have ever seen?

The Lelo Tux also comes beautifully packaged. Honestly it wouldn’t look out of place propped next to a vase of roses and a bottle of champagne…in fact that’s a rather glorious mental image. Accompanying the Tux is a ‘how to wear’ guide which perfectly encapsulates both the sophistication and inherent humor of the Tux:

Slip into the Tux and secure with band positioned beneath and behind the male undercarriage. Ensure bow tie is straight and your demeanour is relaxed.

I have to say the cheapest component of the Lelo Tux is sadly the band used to secure it into place. That’s not to say that it isn’t well-sewn or up to task (it is) but compared to the rest of the materials used for the Tux it does feel a bit basic and every day and ‘basic and every day’ is the last phrase I expect to associate with a satin evening suit made for the penis.

Still this band does its job and it does it well. The band itself can stretch to more than 5.9 inches in width accommodating most people’s anatomy. Once applied and properly adjusted it keeps the Lelo Tux firmly in place, meaning all you have to worry about is straightening that bow tie of yours.

Presentation is key.
Presentation is key (you may need a tiny penis-tux lint roller too).

Mr. Peaches found the Tux to be quite comfortable during use, though we suspect it would cause chafing if worn for a longer duration and it is noticeable under trousers so this isn’t one to wear under actual formal attire.

The Lelo Tux is designed with ‘one size fits all’ in mind but it’s always useful to know the measurements too. The Tux itself has a width of 2.7 inches and a length of 5 inches. The bottom of the Tux is open ended, which should allow longer sizes to poke playfully out of the bottom end of the Tux. When worn the bow tie and collar are near the base of the penis.

I have to admit, I didn’t expect the Tux to go this way personally. I’m not sure why but I imagined the head of the penis being able to poke out as if it were an actual head sticking out from a suit, but I suppose Lelo had to draw the line somewhere in terms of humor. The Tux is also supposed to add an air of sophistication and sexiness after all.

Now, I’m going to wear my sexual preferences on my sleeve here for a moment and admit to being one of those women who goes ga-ga for a man in a suit. When Mr. Peaches slips on formal attire I pretty much want to tear it off as soon as possible. I’m also a big fan of fantasy, roleplay, and a bit of playful banter in the bedroom. Combine all of those elements together and I’m basically the perfect candidate for the Tux. It should be no surprise, then, that I absolutely adored this product.

It's the little details that make it.
It’s the little details that make it.

You think it looks adorable in the advert? Try seeing it in-situ, adorning you own/your partner’s shaft. Words cannot fully encapsulate how I felt the first time Mr. Peaches slipped into the Tux. What I can say is that together we went on an emotional roller coaster of being bemused, entertained, overjoyed and, yes, even aroused. We both appreciated the finer elements of the Tux while also getting more than a little bit of enjoyment out of it. Aaah heck, there’s no point underplaying it, we loved it!

I have to admit, there’s been no formal roleplaying yet but I can imagine it now: Bond-esque situation, or perhaps maybe a business man. If you’re into superheroes you could even do a Bruce Wayne/Catwoman sort of thing. There’s ample room to be playful and explore with each other when the Tux is involved and all I know is when Mr. Peaches finally does pair the Tux with a fantasy scenario I’ll be absolutely giddy.

But, of course, as is always the case no product is perfect and the Tux, while outstanding in its field, does have its downsides.

Perhaps the most glaring is that the instructions for cleaning are ‘Dry Cleaning Only’. Presumably this is a joke but it could deter some people (while simultaneously conjuring up images of taking a tiny penis tux to your local dry cleaning lady). Personally I plan on hand washing mine like a renegade.

On a more serious note the white shirt section of the Tux does cut off inside of it and this could cause some chaffing for sensitive shafts. Mr. Peaches personally found that when his foreskin was retracted the Tux sometimes resulted in minor irritation.

The button may seem a bit out of place.
The button may seem a bit out of place.

One size fits all may also be a bit overambitious for the Tux (although I should make it clear that the box for the Tux instead says ‘one size suits most’). While it should cater to most people’s body type some may find that it is simply too big or too small to be taken seriously in any capacity. In this case I advise some common sense when it comes to the measurements provided: Based on the measurements decide whether or not you’d be comfortable with the Tux and work from there. It’s supposed to be an empowering object after all.

Some people have also observed that the Tux seems like a bit of an odd move for Lelo. Personally, however, I think it’s a fun luxury novelty item which certainly has a place in my toy box and the Lelo brand.

As a final aesthetic note, though, I do kind of wish the button for the Tux was a bit smaller. Compared to the perfectly proportioned rose and tie it just seems a bit too large to properly fit in.

Final Thoughts

It’s not too often I get to review a product that causes so many gleeful giggles while still managing to be an effective turn-on but I’m glad to say that the Tux falls in to that rare category. If the Tux isn’t your thing then fine, I completely understand. However as fun sexual roleplay items go the Tux hits the nail on the head and does so with style.

It’s clear that the Tux could also make a fantastic Valentine’s gift so you’ll be happy to hear that Lelo are currently offering it as a free gift when you spend $180 or more in their online store.

What’s more if you use the code PEACHES you’ll get 20% off of your total order price! These two offers can be combined as long as your basket still totals out at $180+ come the end of it (basically allowing you to get more for the same price tag). I’m so excited to gift this offer to you all but make sure you use it before it expires (16/02/16 for the code) and make sure you make your order sooner rather than later if you want it in time for Valentine’s.


With any hope the Tux will bring you as much joy as it has me (and, if not, you can get a free candle instead).

Recommend to:

People who like sexual roleplay.

People who like humour in the bedroom.

Formal wear enthusiasts.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who are too large/small.

People who simply don’t appreciate the premise.

People who want perfectly proportioned tiny buttons.

The Lelo Tux was provided to me by Lelo in exchange for an honest review. If you want to support Emmeline Peaches Reviews then please do make your purchases via the affiliate links in this post.