Toy Review: The Laid B.1 Stone Plug

The Laid C.1 was a wonderful clitoral vibrator but when I think of Laid this is what really comes to mind. Beautiful, asymmetric designs made from materials that are 500 million years in the making and fine-tuned for our sexual pleasure. No other company beats Laid in terms of material; simply nothing can compare to these ancient stones being turned into awe-inspiring pleasure objects. There’s nothing quite like it.

The Laid B.1 is the only butt plug in the Laid line and, I have to say, it performs exceptionally well. Modest in size but substantial in weight, the Laid B.1 managed to stand out from the crowd in more ways than one.

The Laid B.1 Stone Plug

The Laid B.1 Stone Plug is an incredibly elegant product. Laid are dedicated to responsible packaging so the plug itself comes in a beautifully simple cardboard box with an elegant choice of design and font letting users know what resides within. Once opened the B.1 is humbly presented and accompanied by a stylishly plain certificate with a simple message: You are so going to get Laid.

Right you are stylish authenticity certificate. Right you are.
Right you are stylish authenticity certificate. Right you are.

The Laid B.1 itself is hard to describe in depth simply because it’s one of those product where the streamlined design manages to effectively obscure all of the finer details which make it so graceful. The smooth contours of the B.1 allow it to have a slight curve and a bulging section for optimal prostate stimulation, meanwhile the narrow neck allows it to comfortably sit in place whereas the small but substantial flared base makes sure it is safe to use. A lot is going on with the B.1 design but it’s not until you get closer that the B.1 seduces you with its sleek definition. In that it is the ultimate in understated while still managing to look like the height of luxury anal products.

The Absolute Black Granite it’s made from goes a long way towards emphasizing this as, from a distance, it looks sleek, elegant but ultimately unassuming. Get closer, though, and you can see the mottled greys and the gentle shimmers on the surface which betrays the complexity of this remarkable material. It’s something my pictures can’t do justice too and the B.1 is almost worth purchasing purely for the aesthetic delights that it brings. However Black Granite is more than simply something beautiful to gaze at.

Much like glass and metal, Black Granite retains heat well and so is great for temperature play. Left to its own devices it will also warm fairly well to the body’s natural temperature (though it starts off rather cold). It’s non-porous, phthalate-free and incredibly easy to clean. It doesn’t retain any smells and, therefore, holds more appeal to those who find the typical odour associated with anal toys to be a turn off. The material is also incredibly hard and unyielding while also managing to be incredibly smooth and inviting. You still need to use lubricant with the B.1 (and during any anal activity) but you may find that less is required.

For anyone interested in the healing properties of gems and stones Absolute Black Granite (also known as Gabbro) is heavily associated with grounding properties and the ability to bridge gaps. It is considered to be a great relationship balancer and helps with cooperation, which makes it an ideal stone to use for a sexual object.

In addition to being an aesthetic treat, the B.1 is a very accessible butt plug.
In addition to being an aesthetic treat, the B.1 is a very accessible butt plug.

Back to the practical elements of the plug the B.1 has an insertable length of just under 3 inches and a total length of 4 inches. Its circumference is 3.5 inches at the biggest section whereas the neck comes in at a tiny 2 inches. This makes the B.1 incredibly accessible, even for users. Still, its 168 grams of weight does manage to make the B.1 feel rather substantial, leaving you with a comfortable but noticeable product which keeps a constant level of pleasant stimulation.

The box for the B.1 states that it is meant to ‘intensify the feeling of and sensations ahead of an orgasm’ and in this it certainly succeeds. It wasn’t long after his first try that Mr. Peaches expressed his enthusiasm for this plug. Much to my surprise he was happy to weight up whether or not it was one of his all-time favourites. He stayed quite nonchalant when it came to a deliberation but nonetheless conceded that it was rather exceptional. After multiple tests this was what he had to say about the B.1:

The Laid B.1 Plug is great, it’s stylish, non-intimidating, made form a natural material and feels exceptional, what more could you ask for? This plug is made of solid stone carved into an asymmetric shape which, I won’t lie, threw me off at first. However, after I got over this I started to really get into the shape. The shape of this plug is great for rubbing my prostate and if given a little wiggle the asymmetric shape provokes even more pleasant feelings while in use. My climaxes while wearing this plug are pleasurable and slightly improved due to the solid nature of the plug, which makes itself felt during climax. Overall this plug feels absolutely amazing and looks just and good.

From my point of view Mr. Peaches was certainly harder when using the B.1, and his enthusiasm was apparent in his actions. In short this plug did well not just to amplify his orgasm but also our sexual experiences with it overall. I am certainly pleased with the B.1.

Some might dislike the design of the flared base, though we had no issue with it.
Some might dislike the design of the flared base, though we had no issue with it.

That being said this plug won’t be for everyone.

Obviously people who prefer smaller or larger plugs may find that the B.1 is simply not suited to their preferences. People who need symmetry may also find the asymmetric design of the B.1 to be a bit of a deterrent. As Mr. Peaches said, it did throw him off at first, even if it ultimate became one of the plug’s strong points for him.

People who like softer materials may also find that the B.1 disappoints them. There’s no bend or squish in stone and this can make it uncomfortable for some. If you have a preference towards leaner, more form-fitting bases then the B.1 may look a bit odd too, but Mr. Peaches insists that it always felt very comfortable for him.

When a toy is so beautifully simple and so effective it really is hard to find fault beyond the minor points so this really is all I have to say against the B.1.

Final Thoughts

Overall Mr. Peaches and I adored the B.1 and it has quickly become a firm favorite of ours (pun definitely intended). The sleek form of the B.1 makes you want to treat your sex session with a certain type of ambiance which can certainly increase arousal, whereas the shape of the plug itself is easily able to deliver on its desirable aesthetic.

I would definitely recommend the Laid B.1 to anyone looking to experiment with firm butt plugs. Newbies and veterans alike. Let’s all get Laid.

Recommend to:

People who like firm butt plugs.

People who like smaller butt plugs.

People who like temperature play.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike firm butt plugs.

People who prefer larger plugs.

People who prefer a different base type.

The Laid B.1 Butt Plug was provided to me by Shop Naughty in exchange for an honest review.