Toy Review: The Zini Ran

Before Meo provided me with the Ran to review I had been tangentially aware of Zini as a company but had never tried any of their products before. Sure, their products were suitably designed and they carried a certain level of appeal which justified their luxury vibe price range but I never knew exactly what to expect from them.

Having now tried the Zini Ran I feel much more confident about recommending interested people to take the leap themselves.

The Zini Ran isn’t what I would call a flawless toy but it is an enjoyable one. The sum of its parts easily come together to create a beautiful product which can and does make me orgasm with great effect.

The Zini Ran

The Zini Ran is a vibrating insertable primarily designed for G-Spot stimulation. Zini as a company seem to draw inspiration from nature, and specifically from flowers and seeds. As such the Zini Ran has somewhat of a floral aesthetic to it; inspired by the natural contours of an orchid.

The Zini Ran is a good toy with a few kinks.
The Zini Ran is a good toy with a few kinks.

Personally I was drawn to the Zini Ran because of is slightly curved, slightly bulbous shaft which seemed similar to the design of the Structured Orchid, another orchid-based dildo which I adore. In short I wondered if the Zini Ran could combine a shape that I love with the vibrations that I crave, creating something simple but effective. But before we get onto vibrations let look at some other key features.

Firstly I should say that the box the Ran comes in is lovely. It’s got a very understated pattern on it which some reviewers have compared to carbon fibre. Personally I think it’s the type of pattern that would make a very sophisticated business tie, so no complaints from me. The same pattern is used on the Ran’s storage bag. The storage bag itself is smooth and sturdy. It wouldn’t arouse suspicion in any way, save for the ‘Zini’ label which only the initiated would recognize anyway.

The cap can be a bit fragile so be careful with it.
The cap can be a bit fragile so be careful with it.

The Zini Ran is rechargeable and a 2 hour charge will get you up to 2 hours worth of user time. 1/1 conversion rates are always appreciated for rechargeable toys so I’m glad that the Ran is able to provide this. The Zini Ran is also waterproof as long as its built in silicone cap is placed securely over the charging port. However I wouldn’t recommend submerging the Ran as the cap can be a bit flimsy.

I actually found that my cap broke on my first Zini Ran after its very first charge. It simply came off as if it had a structural weakness. Thankfully Meo are amazing and provided me with a replacement but I do advise that people take extra care with the Zini Ran cap because of my experiences. Zini does offer a 1 year warranty on their products which should have you covered once you register for it.

The Zini Ran also has a travel lock, 5 different speeds for their consistent vibrations and a whopping 15 different patterns. What’s better is that the Ran has an LED system on its control panel which gives off a different light for each feature.

Personally I adore this, as it makes it easy to keep track of your favourite pattern setting (plus it’s just cool) but there’s also a way to disable it too. The controls are easy to operate once you get used to them and there’s a guide included for users who want some extra assistance. The bulb-like shape of the handle makes it easy to hold and to press the buttons that you want to. The handle is also made out of ABS plastic with a faux-metallic sheen which is phthalate-free and non-porous.

These lights will also tell you when your battery is running low with a 'green, amber, red' system.
These lights will also tell you when your battery is running low with a ‘green, amber, red’ system.

In fact all of the material used for the Zini Ran is phthalate-free and non-porous, making is completely body-safe. The shaft is made up of silicone which covers a firm frame. This silicone is lovely and smooth which a soft matte finish. It lubes up well and has just the right amount of drag to grab the vagina wall’s attention in all the right ways.

When it comes to the vibrations I’m a bit torn. The Ran has two motors, one near the shaft of the toy which is quite buzzy and shallow and another near the tip which is rumbly and mid-level in strength. The rumbly vibrations are amazing and feel perfect during use but they only kick in on the last setting of the consistent vibrations or when using the patterns. So basically if you want the rumbly vibrations you’ve only got one level of intensity to play around with.

For me this wasn’t too much of an issue, because the vibrations themselves worked well, but I’d love to see some more variety. I appreciate the deep rumblings of the Ran but I’m left frustrated that I can only experience them on one setting that I like (what with not being a pattern lover). I just wish Zini would get the dual-motor balance right.

I also don’t see much use for the buzzy (apparently primary) motor. It’s set near the handle of the toy which means that during use you’re getting more vibrations from the handle than the shaft, which really takes me out of the moment. Again, I don’t think this would be as much of an issue if they resonated against the rumbly vibration on all settings but this isn’t the case.

That being said the rumbly vibrations, when in effect, were great and I was able to easily orgasm with them clitorally and internally. These orgasms felt like they justified the price of the Ran but because of the vibration limitations they do happen on the Ran’s terms rather than on mine. This may bother some people, it bothers me, but it doesn’t change the fact that this toy gets results. Hence I’m torn.

This curve works very well during use.
This curve works very well during use.

The shape of the Ran was very effective for both clitoral and G-Spot use. Used clitorally it hugs against the vulva very well and provides a reasonable amount of handle for use. The Ran is also very light which might make it a good vibrator for those who struggle with heavier toys. Once the rumbly vibrations kick in it is not whisper quiet but neither is it overly noisy, so discretion isn’t an issue.

Size-wise the Ran has a maximum circumference of 4.1 inches, which makes it incredibly easy to insert and should suit people who prefer slimmer vibrations. Despite its slim stature the curve and bulb-ish section of the shaft still managed to stroke the G-Spot with enough precision to provide substantial stimulation. This is aided by the firm shaft meaning you can apply as much pressure as you like. In short the shape is brilliantly designed for purpose.

If there was one more complaint I could lobby against the Ran it’s that its control panel buttons are a bit flimsy and can be accidentally pressed with ease. This is especially the case if, like me, you use a large wand vibrator clitorally when using it for G-Spot stimulation. As a luxury toy I kind of which it would just ditch the tacky plastic control panel and make a fully silicone toy with sturdier buttons. If the Ran did this and addressed its dual-motors then I’m sure it would be a personal favourite of mine. As it stands the Ran is a good toy with flaws that need to be weighed up before purchase.

Final Thoughts

While there are some road bumps in the Ran’s design I do still feel like it’s worth experiencing if the shape and vibrations are suitably appealing to you. As my personal experiences have shown a flawed toy does not necessarily produce flawed results and my orgasms with the Ran were ultimately unaffected by my personal gripes.

Overall I like the Ran but I do hope there are some improvements in the works. In the meantime the toy we currently have is still pretty damned enjoyable and its kinks may not detract from its performance for you either.

Recommend to:

People who like mid-level vibrations.

People who like buzzy vibrations.

People who like smaller insertables.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who like a full-range of vibration options.

People who dislike patterns.

People who prefer a more polished final product.

The Zini Ran was provided to me by Meo in exchange for an honest review. Meo are also kind enough to sponsor my site so if you want to show your gratitude please do consider visiting them and browsing their fine selection of products today.