Update: Lelo Announces the Lelo Tux

Hello dear readers,

I come to you today filled with glee. I have a smile on my face that cannot be overlooked. I’m brimming with delight. Why? Well Lelo has announced a new product in time for Valentine’s Day (their first release of 2016, for that matter) and…well, just watch the Youtube video.

That’s right; it’s a tiny penis tuxedo. A tiny penis tuxedo. A tiny penis tuxedo which is dry clean only. DRY CLEAN ONLY!

I can’t express how happy this makes me. It’s just so tongue-in-cheek that I can’t help but love it. Every time I think about it I just imagine someone taking a tiny penis tux to a dry cleaning store and I can’t suppress my joy.

lelo tux

There’s something very British about this product which I think appeals to my National Pride too. It’s like a prop from a Monty Python sketch. This may not be a mistake, as Lelo have said that they were inspired by the UK’s ‘Willy Warmers’ (which are also whimsical to the max).

Willy Warmers are also quantifiably ridiculous.
Willy Warmers are also quantifiably ridiculous.

Of course there are some valid criticisms that can be lobbied against the Tux. Some people have compared it to women’s lingerie in which case the absurdity of the design becomes even more apparent and no one wants to feel like their genitalia is the butt of a joke. However I see the Tux more as a comparison to novelty nipple pasties; undeniably ridiculous but incredibly fun.

Yes, this product is unbelievably silly, but the silliness is part of the point. No one wants to be laughed at during sex if it wasn’t the intention but adding a bit of humor to the bedroom can be enlivening and even arousing.

I’ve always had a thing for seeing Mr. Peaches in formal wear, so imagining his penis donned in the same gear is pretty much the best thing ever for me. I told Mr. Peaches about the Tux and he actually asked if we could review it. When I asked why he said he thought it’d be a great bit of fun. Plus, to quote him, “I’d like to wear it under my clothes and then hang out with friends, secretly knowing that my penis was wearing the fanciest clothing in the room”. We both burst out laughing.

Bottom line I have no doubt that Mr. Peaches would look like a suave motherfucker while his penis was adorned with the Tux, although neither of us would take the situation seriously.

This was clearly what Lelo had in mind as they describe the Tux as ‘sophisticated & eccentric for individuality’. It’s basically just a luxury novelty item and it looks well made for its purpose. In their press release Lelo stated that they hoped to ‘remind couples about the importance of fantasy, game, play and a little humor behind the bedroom door – just some of the ingredients needed for a healthy sexual life’ and I am 100% supportive of that remit.

In short I think the Tux would make a fantastic Valentine’s treat for a couple looking for a luxury item with more than a dash of humor.

That being said if you want a more practical Valentine’s gift from Lelo here are my personal recommendations:

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