Toy Review: The Fun Factory Flexi Felix

Are these the cutest anal beads available?

That was a rhetorical question, of course, because the answer is crystal clear. With two diddy antennae topped off with baubles, wide-eyes, and a constant smile the Flexi Felix Anal Beads are an adorable addition to anyone’s collection.

Of course I’m biased because I’ve always been a fan of Fun Factory’s aesthetics. Even when they’re toys are a miss there’s always something to love about their colourful, quirky designs and the Flexi Felix is just downright adorable.

That being said anal beads aren’t judged on cuteness alone. I’m sure what you want to know is whether these beads perform or not. So let’s get to it!

The Fun Factory Flexi Felix

The Fun Factory Flexi Felix are what I would quite frankly deem the perfect entry level anal beads on the market. They’re cute, they’re non-intimidating and their design is very practical. On top of that at a cost of €19.90 they’re incredibly affordable.

The Flexi Felix Anal Beads are adorable and effective. What more could you want?
The Flexi Felix Anal Beads are adorable and effective. What more could you want?

The bug-like face of the Flexi Felix allows it a certain amount of playfulness but it also facilitates a very sensible design too. With two huge eyes the Flexi Felix essentially has a handle that you can slot your fingers through for easy removal. The entire face actually acts as a very good flared base, which is essential for any anal toy. However be warned that some may not find it as comfortable for long term wear as some other designs available on the market.

The Flexi Felix is made out of 100% medical grade silicone, making it phthalate-free, non-porous and completely body safe. This silicone has a matte texture and is silky smooth. It responds to water-based lubricant well, which is another must whenever you’re using anal toys. That particular hole isn’t going to self-lubricate.

Because it’s made from silicone I don’t recommend using silicone lubricant with it—as the two can often clash and leave you with tacky toys—but very pure lubricants may claim to be compatible so you can use it at your own risk. If you do, though, please do a spot test. The Flexi Felix has more than enough places on it to allow you to safely test your lubricant of choice.

The stem running through the Flexi Felix beads to connect them is (as you’d expect) incredibly flexible. You can twist and swing Flexi Felix’s beaded body all over the place and it’ll happily go along for the ride. That being said the beads themselves are suitably firm and have an egg-like shape to them, allowing for easy insertion and removal.

These beads are incredibly easy to insert.
These beads are incredibly easy to insert.

Another reason as to why the Flexi Felix is so good for beginners is because of the size of the beads. Granted you may find that your body can accommodate larger beads once trying the Flexi Felix but everyone has to start somewhere. The bead circumferences for the Flexi Felix are as follows:

1st bead: 2.25 inches.

2nd bead: 2.5 inches

3rd bead: 2.75 inches

4th bead: 2.9 inches

5th bead: 3 inches

With such small measurements pretty much anyone can try this toy, though some might find its flexible neck to be more of a hindrance than a help. The size of these beads also makes it easy to pull them out without the fear of discomfort.

Personally I don’t use anal toys but Mr. Peaches was on the case when it came to the Flexi Felix.

Hilariously he didn’t actually notice that the Flexi Felix had a face until I started photographing it. At that point the conversation sort of went like this:

Mr. Peaches: Wait…does that thing have a face?

Me: Yes. It’s got a happy little smile.

Mr. Peaches: Oh. I feel kind of bad now.

Me: Why?

Mr. Peaches: Because it’s been smiling at me this whole time.

What Mr. Peaches was oh-so-elegantly expressing was that some people may actually be off put by their anal beads having a cute little face, peeking out from between their butt checks.

A cutie pie or a peeking pervert?
A cutie pie or a peeking pervert? (Answer: A piece of silicone that works really well for its intended use)

Personally I find the Flexi Felix adorable but Mr. Peaches found its face unnerving and both reactions are valid. When push came to shove Mr. Peaches conceded that the face of the Flexi Fexi would not dissuade him from buying it, because what really matters is the performance of the beads; which was quite good by his accounts.

To quote him directly:

The Flexi Felix Anal Beads are a pair that I really enjoy using. In use the softness and slight give of the material aids in insertion and feels nice to squeeze around. With their small size pulling them out is also easy, fun, and feels really nice. I can’t say my orgasms were improved by them, or if they were it was so little I didn’t notice, but that wasn’t really what I used them for anyway. Overall I would say these anal beads are great for beginners and warm up sessions and I thoroughly enjoy using them for that.

In defense of the Flexi Felix Anal Beads Mr. Peaches is what I would easily call an intermediate anal user and we started out with a much larger pair of anal beads. As such I feel like the odds were stacked against the Flexi Felix in terms of stimulation but it still managed to come up tops, which is impressive.

However if, like Mr. Peaches, you typically use larger anal toys upon climax then the small size of the Flexi Felix may be a bit lackluster for you depending on your preferred use.

Aside from that there aren’t many things I can say against the Flexi Felix. Personally I’d like the stem to be a bit firmer, but that’s because I’m not confident when it comes to inserting anal toys into Mr. Peaches so I prefer toys that don’t have the flexibility to wriggle. The Flexi Felix does also retain some anal scent, which is a pet peeve of mine.

On a more practical not the adorable face of the Flexi Felix does require some extra maintenance in terms of cleaning. The whole toy is also a notorious dust magnet and keeping it lint free is a near-impossible task. Thankfully toy cleaner/soap, water, and a good scrub will typically clean up the Flexi Felix, but this maintenance level is something to be aware of.

Final Thoughts

Overall Mr. Peaches and I really like the Flexi Felix Anal Beads and we’d eagerly recommend them to anyone starting their anal adventures. Veteran butt buddies may think that they have no use of the Flexi Felix and its small beads but there’s still a benefit to be found for such users; as pulling these beads out is a slick and stimulating treat.

Of course, much like the Flexi Felix’s face, these beads won’t appeal to everyone but at such a reasonable price they’re certainly worth a try even if you’re simply curious.

Recommend to:

Anal beginners.

People who like small anal beads.

People who like flexible anal beads.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who like larger anal toys.

People who dislike flexible beads.

People who cannot come to terms with the sheer cuteness of a tiny bug face acting ad their flared base.

The Fun Factory Flexi Felix was provided to me by Fun Factory in exchange for an honest review.