Toy Review: The Tantus Echo Handle

Is there anything more awesome than wielding a dildo? For me it’s like an act of ultimate bad-assery; the pinnacle of feeling powerful.

This is especially the case with the Tantus Echo Handle. Tantus toys just bring me so much joy, so many consistently fantastic orgasms, that when hold the Tantus Echo Handle by the handle it makes me feel like I am the bearer of an amazing experience. It’s a big responsibility and a great honour and I think that perfectly sums up why I like handled toys so much.

On a more practical note dildos with handles make some things so much easier. Thrusting, for example, and partnered use. Essentially there’s a lot of benefit to adding a few more inches onto a toy (and by a few I mean 4.25, to be precise).

But when I received the Tantus Echo Handle for review I knew I wasn’t just receiving a beneficial dildo; this was a whole new dildo for me too. Handle-or-no I haven’t reviewed the Echo yet. Because of that this review essentially tackles two different topics: the effectiveness of the Echo Handle as a dildo and the effectiveness of the Echo Handle as a handled dildo.

Let’s get to business.

The Tantus Echo Handle

The Tantus Echo Handle is a near-similar toy to the Tantus Echo with a few minor modifications and one obvious one; namely it has a handle. Although a seemingly straightforward modification this handle can unlock a world of potential. Like I said before, it certainly makes thrusting easier, and it will do well during partnered use. But I can also imagine in being useful for people with mobility issues of for plus sized individuals who need a bit more length. Basically your lifestyle will dictate what you take from the handle, which I think is a pretty cool aspect to it.

Get a handle on this great toy.
Get a handle on this great toy.

The handle itself is pretty practical. The Tantus Echo Handle is made from 100% Ultra-Premium silicone, making it non-porous, phthalate-free and completely safe. It’s also boilable (if you have a big enough saucepan) and dishwasher safe. What’s really great about the Tantus Echo Handle, though, is that it utilizes this material to the best of its abilities. The insertable shaft is a glossy silicone which is lovely, smooth, and responds very well to lubricant. This is essentially for a toy made for rapid thrusting. However the handle is actually made out of matte silicone which offers much more of a grip.

This variation of the silicone, combined with the ergonomic and comfortable design of the handle makes the Tantus Echo Handle a lovely toy to wield during use.

The insertable section of the Tantus Echo Handle is 7 inches and has a maximum circumference of 4.75 inches right at the initial ridge. The Echo Handle’s design is what I’d describe as a swirling arrangement which is only interrupted by the smoothing out of its underside. On the original Tantus Echo these swirls are more pronounced but they still provide ample sensation during use. The dulling down of the swirls should be for obvious reasons too: as I imagine they would impede rapid thrusting for some people.

The handle is very easy to grip.
The handle is very easy to grip.

The silicone used for the Echo Handle is rather firm. This is obviously to make thrusting easier and smoother but it may not appeal to some, as it does make each ridge quite firm too.

As a dildo I really enjoyed the Tantus Echo Handle. Focusing purely on sensations the Tantus Echo Handle felt noticeable during use thanks to all that raised texture, and I could certainly feel the first, largest ridge rubbing against my G-Spot. For me the glossy surface of this toy also aided in arousal, as it felt like each ridge was just delicately sliding over my vaginal walls, which might not have been the case with a draggier toy.

Orgasms with the Tantus Echo Handle were very enjoyable and certainly up to the high standards I expect from Tantus. They almost felt like an echo, as each vaginal contraction was met with the gradually smaller ridges providing somewhat of a resonance with each quick contraction, like a Mexican wave in my vagina. I can only imagine what this must feel like with the original Echo but, for now, I’m pretty happy with my Echo Handle.

Rolling orgasms are a result of the toy's own rippled design.
Rolling orgasms are a result of the toy’s own rippled design.

When it came to using the handle it served two big bonuses for me. Firstly, it really did make thrusting a hell of a lot easier and, secondly, Mr. Peaches and I got to use the Echo Handle during partnered use.

The potency I feel when holding the dildo is amplified when it’s in Mr. Peaches’ hands. Seeing your partner hold the dildo they’re about to fuck you with is very arousing but when that dildo is attached to a handle it’s suddenly in a different league. At least for me.

Sadly for us the Echo Handle has yet to yield good results when used in partnered play. The ridges which seem entirely manageable just seem a bit too abrupt when they’re out of my control and I can’t quite lose myself in the moment. This isn’t the issue with other handled toys that Mr. Peaches had used on me so it is primarily the design for us, which is just incompatible with our preferences. I’m sure this could be worked on in time but I wanted to give you my honest appraisal of where we’re at right now, so I hope y’all appreciate that.

That’s not to say that the Tantus Echo Handle can’t work well for everyone. In fact we got better results when we flipped the dildo around so my upper wall was in contact with the smoother section (but then, of course, I missed out on the yummy G-Spot action). It’s more that this toy has a certain level and type of texture which may not be suited for everyone. If in doubt Tantus does offer other handled dildos which might be better suited.

Outside of our personal struggles some other people’s preferences may also clash with the Echo Handle. Obviously unlike the classic versions the Tantus Echo Handle isn’t really harness compatible. This may upset some people but it also plays into options and potential again. Do you want to get up close and personal with a harnessed toy, going for a full-body thrust or do you want to bend them over and fuck them silly with a handled toy? Both are appealing, both can now be done with the Echo range.

Because the Tantus Echo Handle has a handle it also isn’t vibrating bullet or suction cup compatible so if you wanted to look into either of those options then the Tantus Echo Handle may be immediately rules out.

From a more objective standpoint the Echo Handle’s extended length (11.25 total) makes it harder to store. The glossy silicone also likes to pick up dust and lint as if there’s an impending shortage and it needs to stock up for the winter. The handle doesn’t do this as much, but it still does it a bit so keeping up a thorough cleaning routine is a must.

Final Thoughts

Overall I really enjoy the Tantus Echo Handle, though I enjoy it more as a solo toy than a partnered one. This, I think, is fine and it reflects the diverse outcomes of what a handled toy can provide for users, however if you are thinking of using this as a rapid-thrusting partnered toy I do recommend you consider your texture and firmness preferences first.

Honestly I never really expected Tantus to let me down and they certainly didn’t with this toy, but I don’t know if it’s my favourite Tantus dildo. With so much competition out there it’s hard to rank the Tantus toys as they’re all exceptional. I think this toy’s orgasms speak (moan?) for themselves but I also think the Bound has spoilt me in terms of textured dildos.

At the end of the day I am still overjoyed to have the Tantus Echo Handle as part of my collection and, despite being less-than-ideal for partnered use, I could still see myself buying it should my Echo Handle ever go astray.

Recommend to:

People who want a toy with a handle.

People who like textured toys.

People who like glossy & firmer toys.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who want a toy for harnessed use.

People who dislike textured toys.

People who want squishier matte toys (try the 02 line).

The Tantus Echo Handle was provided to me free in exchange for an honest review. If you like my review and want your own Tantus toys then please do make your purchases through the affiliate links in this post. Tantus also have an amazing deal on right now which you can find out about below. Go nuts guys!