Product Review: Okamoto 0.02 Condoms

I like to consider myself somewhat of a condom connoisseur. I try quite a few and, while I don’t always write about them, I do keep note of how they felt and functioned.

With that in mind it’s fair to say that the Okamoto 0.02 Condoms were unlike any condom I’d ever felt before. Or, rather, hadn’t felt. That’s right; the Okamoto 0.02 Condoms pride themselves on being some of the thinnest condoms available on the market and their near-nothing presence is both impressive and a bit unnerving.

The Okamoto 0.02 Condoms

The Okamoto 0.02 Condoms are named for their measurements—namely that the thickness of the condom, which is an unbelievable 0.02 mm. This thinness is Okamoto’s claim to fame, it seems, as they delightedly declare that their condoms are of ‘the world’s highest level of thinness’. The 0.02 condoms are also described as being ‘Inspired by Japan’s delicately-thin Sakura petals’ which is a lovely description. A petal-thin condom. Beautiful.

When my condoms first came I couldn't help but snap an excited shot of the packaging.
When my condoms first came I couldn’t help but snap an excited shot of the packaging.

As you probably guessed from the company’s name and advertising tactics Okamoto are a Japanese company. In fact, they are the number 1 condom company in Japan. Their goal is to help people enjoy sex without compromising quality or safety. To that end all of their condoms are rigorously tested and are valued for their impressive quality and steadfast dependability.  That being said Okamoto 0.02 Condoms aren’t available everywhere. Personally I had to import mine straight from Japan.

The Okamoto 0.02 Condoms are made out of Polyurethane. This means they should be compatible for people with latex allergies and they can be used with oil-based lubricants. Because of how thin these condoms are I do recommend using lubricant with them. The ideal would be a squirt of silicone lube inside the condom (of the wearer) and then a slathering of water-based lube externally but if you only have water-based lubricant that works too.

These condoms are incredibly thin and beautifully clear.
These condoms are incredibly thin and beautifully clear. (P.S. Don’t worry; that’s a dog hair, not a tear).

Okamoto claim that their condoms are scent-free. As this is a selling point I decided to test it and, yeah, there’s basically no odor coming from these condoms at all. This will be a huge relief for some but may upset others, who find that the scent of a condom is a factor in arousal.

These condoms really are incredibly thin. When you take the condom out of the packet (which is easy to do) you’re greeted with a very delicate looking, beautifully clear condom with a tiny ring. This condom really is like a Sakura petal because I end up wanting to handle it with the utmost care; afraid that one wrong move will cause it to break or blow away on an oddly timed breeze.

While these condoms do look incredibly delicate they are still incredibly sturdy. How do I know this? Well Mr. Peaches and I have both been more than a little bit rough when trying to roll it down his shaft. Because these condoms are so thin it is incredibly difficult to apply them without a few fumbles and a forceful grip (which, by the way, is difficult when lube is involved).

The Okamoto 0.02 Condom compared to a Skyn condom.
The Okamoto 0.02 Condom compared to a Skyn condom. The difference in thickness is very noticeable.

Size is also something to keep in mind. The Okamoto condom line is generally made for average or below average sizes. As such Mr. Peaches found the Okamoto 0.02 Condoms to be a slightly tight fit and above average penis owners may feel the same way too. My condoms came out as having about a 38mm diameter as a reference point.  Again, this size issue didn’t help with application.

During use the Okamoto 0.02 Condoms felt totally surreal.

On the one hand I knew that Mr. Peaches was wearing a condom—as the surface texture of a person’s skin doesn’t transfer through the condom, so you’re still left with a smooth glide. However, on the other hand the condom was feather light and near-unnoticeable. Mr. Peaches’ coronal ridge was much more prominent when wearing these condoms and I got to feel it bumping against my G-Spot with much more persistence. Needless to say this felt good but it was still a bit odd.

Mr. Peaches’ experience was much less enjoyable.

With the condom feeling so light Mr. Peaches felt like he was missing a key component of his sexual wellbeing. To put that in context Mr. Peaches and I are each other’s only sexual partners, we had our sexual debut together and we’ve always used condoms. Because of this the feeling of absence that the Okamoto 0.02 Condom gave was an unsettling one for Mr. Peaches. He kept on worrying that the condom had broken, or feeling like it was defective in some other way. This was never the case, of course, but psychology plays a huge part in the sexual experience. As such Mr. Peaches was never able to truly let go when using these condoms, so any experiences with them were more dreaded than anticipated.

This is definitely a personal issue with these condoms but it’s one worth keeping in mind, especially if you’ve also always used condoms.

In the end there were more than a few times when we had to stop and put a different condom on. For us there’s only so close we’re willing to go when it comes to the condom-less sensation.

When it comes to other downsides there’s very little to say about the Okamoto 0.02 Condoms. They’re clearly very well designed and have an eager audience. However, for people who are larger than average or people who worry about things that give the illusion of being delicate than the Okamoto 0.02 Condoms may provide a disconcerting experience. Some people will undoubtedly love these condoms but we’re not those people.

Final Thoughts

Overall I would recommend these condoms but only if you’ve done all of your research and know exactly what you want in a condom.

If you’ve never experienced incredibly thin condoms before than the feather light feeling of these condoms may be more troubling than arousing. But if you’re always looking for the thinnest condom possible and you’re not above average in size then the Okamoto 0.02 Condoms certainly do provide a unique and near-naked experience.

Recommend to:

People who want very thin condoms.

People who are slim-to-average in size.

People who have latex allergies.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who want larger condoms.

People who like the scent of a normal condom.

People who associate the feel of a condom with sexual health and security.

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  • Mary Q. Contrary

    I love this review! It tells me exactly everything I need to know. I may need to get some of these. Thank you!

    • Thank you so much for your feedback! If you can nab a pack and you know they’ll fit then they’re certainly worth trying out.