Some Thoughts On: Alfie (Buttsmithy)

By now it should be glaringly obvious that I love all things sex and fantasy based. Give me a hot werewolf woman with freckles and a voracious appetite or a butch brawling barbarian who wants a new fuck buddy and I’ll probably go weak at the knees. So when I first stumbled upon a comic called Alfie I knew I was in for a good time.

Alfie is an online web comic which documents the adventures of a halfling village when humans arrive for the first time. Sadly, unlike Sunstone, Oh Joy Sex Toy or even Elsewhere, Alfie does not have a physical or digital publication. This comes with its pros and cons.

Obviously its fantastic news for anyone who want to read the web comic without buying any content. But, on the other hand, there’s just something so wonderful about owning some high quality smut and Alfie is a comic that I would love to hold in my own hands; slowly sampling each page and taking in its visual treats. Alas, this is not meant to be yet, although Alfie does have a patreon page.


The other downside of this is that, unlike all of the other web comics I’ve reviewed, I cannot review a product when it comes to Alfie. As such this remains a ‘Some Thoughts On…’ post instead of a product review (It’s basically a review, though). I’m so sorry Alfie.

About Alfie

One of the first things that drew me to Alfie was the comic’s initial set-up. In it we find the titular character, Alfie, catching a glimpse of her best friend Melly, sampling the newly arrived *ahem* ‘human produce’.


What’s great about this is that we, as a reader, can immediately relate to Alfie. We’re right there with her experiencing all of this for the first time—glimpsing into the personal lives of these halfling ladies while Alfie, herself, gains her own glimpse of a world beyond her own. This set-up also allows us to see Alfie’s sexual awakening from its initial conception. From the very first page we see the spark in her eyes, the inescapable gaze. We see her dismay at the situation but also her inescapable curiosity and we, like Alfie, want to know more.

It also helps that InCase’s art style is absolutely gorgeous. It starts off being utterly adorable (in the sexist way possible) and develops into something truly enchanting. Each character has their own distinctive visual traits and they’re easily distinguishable from each other, even mother and daughter.

Oh, did I mention that this comic has a mother and daughter dynamic too?

That right, while Alfie is off trying to decide whether or not she wants to have illicit sex with a human man her take-no-shit mother, Vera finds herself becoming the dome for a rather effeminate elf. This, combined with Melly’s antics, makes for more than enough sex scenes, each with very different relationship dynamics.

This is another thing to love about Alfie. Yes, it’s porn, and, yes, that artist handles each sex scene with incredible prowess however this is, to quote the author, ‘plot and porn’ mixed together and it’s incredibly compelling. Each character has their own motivations for why they’re doing what we see and a fair amount of time is dedicated to their conflicts as well as their sexual pleasure. Sometimes their conflicts are even explored internally during moments of sexual pleasure and that’s brilliant. After all sex can be a highly emotionally charged event. It can cause us to reflect upon ourselves and revaluate our priorities in life. This certainly comes across in Alfie.

And I know I’ve said it before but I have to say it again, Alfie is incredibly attractive. InCase’s art style is truly compelling to me and I just can’t help but love every character represented.

Unffff. <3

On that note it should also be mentioned that this comic also has side characters and each one is a gem. They may not all have sex scenes (you may not want some of them to) but, chances are, you’ll get attached to them one way or another.

While Alfie is not entirely realistic (what with being Halfling/human/elf fantasy porn) it does have some true-to-life elements that I absolutely adore. The use of lubricant, for example, is something I value highly. As is the amount of pubic hair depicted. After all shaving seems to be a luxury within the setting (and not one that everyone wants to partake in) so it makes sense that people have visible public hair. Huzzah for the pubes!

That being said Alfie isn’t flawless (though no product or artistic endeavour is). If you dislike cheating then there’s a fair amount in Alfie. That being said Alfie in no way tries to excuse cheating, it simply explores the sexual and emotional dynamics that some characters find themselves in.

Another pet peeve of mine is one particular scene in which a dildo is used anally but it lacks a flared base. This won’t be a deal breaker for everyone but as a sex toy reviewer it’s a glaringly obvious flaw which pulls me out of the scene, primarily because I know how dangerous that shit would be IRL.

Noooo! Don't do it!
Noooo! Don’t do it!

Although I’ve never noticed it personally, some people in the comments section have also mentioned that halflings can look very similar to under-aged individuals if shown from the wrong angle. I have never seen Alfie, Vera and her mother as anything as adults so this have never even crossed my mind. That being said I would 100% understand if some people were turned off by the bodily proportions of halflings. Different folks, different strokes.

I swear, though, I could get lost in Alfie’s eyes.

Final Thoughts

Alfie is a beautifully illustrated, well written and wonderfully mature web comic that is definitely worth a visit. Mr. Peaches and I can’t get enough of it and we eagerly check the site on update days, letting each other know when/if the next page is live.

Of course Alfie won’t be for everyone but, hopefully, there will be a select few of you who really want to see a halfling bind and gag and elf before fucking him for her own pleasure.

Until the next review!