Toy Review: The Tantus Bound

When I requested the Tantus Bound for review I got warned that this wasn’t a toy for the faint-hearted. And yet I couldn’t help myself. I’ve been craving texture more and more and it doesn’t get more hard core than the Tantus Bound; this toy provides texture that is almost beyond compare.

Because of this the Tantus Bound has gotten quite a few mixed reviews. The consensus seems to be that, while Tantus have made yet another fantastic specimen, it simply doesn’t work with everyone’s body. It goes too far, provides too much. For some it can be very uncomfortable.

With this in mind I approached the Tantus Bound knowing that there was a chance that it may be too much for me, but I was generally confident that I could take it; that it was the natural progression for my texture-craving vagina.

Thankfully I was 100% correct.

The Tantus Bound is everything I wanted it to be and I adore every last inch. When I slide this toy inside of myself I know what I’m in for and I relish every single moment.

The Tantus Bound

The Tantus Bound is actually a collaborative effort and an industry first for Tantus. Designed by SheVibe and manufactured by Tantus, the Tantus Bound provides something that stands out entirely from the rest of the Tantus range. The reason for this should be obvious.

The Tantus Bound provides and extreme twist for texture lovers.
The Tantus Bound provides and extreme twist for texture lovers.

The Tantus Bound is designed to look like a penis bound with rope, swollen and firm due to its bindings. For some this may be cringe worthy, for others it’s an image straight from their deepest fantasies.

Personally I’m not a huge fan of veins, so I was a bit concerned that the Tantus Bound would weird me out a bit, but it doesn’t. My brain pretty much totally disassociates dildos from real flesh-and-blood penes at this point, so there was no association to be had there for me. I also can’t help but appreciate the extreme level of detail that has gone into the Tantus Bound. This toy definitely falls into the realistic category. All of the creases, skin detail and rope just adds to the texture felt during use making for a very intense end product.

In order to reap the benefits of its texture, Tantus decided to make the Bound out of a firm silicone, which was a good call in my opinion. This silicone isn’t still, and it can be bent, but it has a density to it that makes it feel very pronounced and hard. It’s definitely not the most rigid sensation possible, but it is enough to make every vein, every bulge extremely noticeable.

This toy is so detailed you can almost hear the rope creaking.
This toy is so detailed you can almost hear the rope creaking.

The surface of the Bound is matte, allowing for even more texture to be transferred, due to its draggy nature.

If Tantus really wanted to make the most out of the Bound design it would be nice to see them create an O2 version too, with softer silicone. This would perhaps allow others to enjoy the sensations that the Bound has to offer without feeling overwhelmed by the sheer presence of every design element.

Silicone is, of course, non-porous, phthalate-free and completely body-safe, however the Bound requires a bit more care while cleaning. There are a lot of notches, nooks and crannies within the design of the Bound that can easily hold onto lubricant and other gunk. Thankfully the Bound can be cleaned with toy cleaner/soap and water, as well as being bleachable and dishwasher safe, but it doesn’t hurt to double check it before and after each use.

The Bound also has a flared base, making it harness compatible and anal friendly. With an insertable length of 6.25 inches and a maximum circumference of about 4.6 inches you’d think that the Bound would be pretty easy to insert anally and vaginally. However its extreme texture does make this toy feel more imposing then it actually is, so I’d advice lots of patience and lube when using it.

The dimensions of this toy may seem tame in theory but in practice they're anything but.
The dimensions of this toy may seem tame in theory but in practice they’re anything but.

Personally I lubed the Bound up like I was trying to replicate a Ghostbusters villain first time around. As it turned out, I need’nt have bothered as the Bound was quite a comfortable insertion for me. I can generally take the Bound with ease even if it’s only moderately lubricated and without a warm-up. My vagina really is a texture-craving maniac.

The Tantus Bound is one of those rare toys for me that make me almost instantly aroused and liable to orgasm swiftly. Sometimes I’m perplexed by toys like this but with the Bound I know exactly why this is the case.

As soon as the Bound goes in to my vagina my muscles start clenching around it. It’s almost a reflex, an intense unstoppable force. It’s as if my vagina wants to frantically probe the Bound’s surface and target out every ounce of detail, relishing the caress of its highly detailed surface. Each clench is met with an incredible amount of sensation and subsequently each one becomes stronger until I’m at the brink.

I can thrust with this toy but it’s hardly needed most of the time. Its mere presence inside (paired with a strong clitoral wand) is basically all my vagina muscles need to go wild. The resulting orgasms feel kind of like a bucking bronco actually; deep, powerful, and somewhat unpredictable. Enough to take my breath away and leave my lying is a daze afterwards, heart racing.

But, anyways, back to the thrusting sensation.

Thrusting with the Tantus Bound is certainly a powerful experience. I said in the introduction that the Tantus Bound is almost incomparable but the closest I can come to is this: it’s like a mixture between the Mr. Realist Dildo and the Golden Corn but with a firmer and more matte-like silicone than both. This allows for a thrusting sensation which is as exhilarating as the Mr. Realist while also having that satisfying itch sensation of the Golden Corn. Some may find this to be too much, and it could even be considered abrasive but, personally, I really enjoyed the sensation.

Of course no toy is perfect and the Tantus Bound is no exception.

There are some imperfections on this toy, probably due to the level of detail.
There are some imperfections on this toy, probably due to the level of detail.

Of course if you dislike texture, erratic bulges, or firm matte silicone toys then the Tantus Bound is certainly not for you. However Tantus has many other dildos to choose from which run the whole spectrum of preferences.

On a more objective note the Tantus Bound seems prone to superficial flaws—things like tiny air bubbles or flaky silicone. This isn’t too much of a problem (and I can’t even see the flaws on my toy from a distance) however it does make cleaning even more of a nuisance, so definitely keep it in mind when deciding whether or not to make your purchase.

Final Thoughts

Overall the Tantus Bound met my expectations and provided an incredibly fulfilling and wholly satisfying experience.

Of course in this instance I understand that my personal preference is a large factor in why I love this toy but, really, aren’t we all looking for toys that tick off our preferences?

My biggest advice when deciding if the Tantus Bound is for you is to trust your intuition but give the Bound the respect it deserves too. Even for people who enjoy the Splash the Bound is no walk in the park, as it provides a wholly different type of sensation.

Consider carefully if this toy is right for you and, if you think it is then give it a try. Sadly I can’t say that you’re Bound to love it, but I can’t say that you’ll knot either.

Recommend to:

Texture lovers of the highest degree.

People who like unusual toys.

BDSM/rope enthusiasts.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike texture.

People who dislike realistic toys.

People who dislike firm/matte toys.

The Tantus Bound was provided to me by Tantus in exchange for an honest review. If you’re interested and don’t have a colour preference then you can get it in the Closeout section too. Please consider making your purchases using the affiliate links in this post. It’s like giving me a great big monetary hug. All money goes back into the site to help make it bigger and better.