Toy Review: The Fun Factory Moody

The Fun Factory Moody is my favourite Fun Factory vibrator to date and that’s no small feat. Fun Factory have released some exceptional (and impressively powerful) toys recently, but it’s the Moody that has managed to capture my heart.

Why might this be? Perhaps it’s the decisive curve at the tip of the toy, perhaps it’s the beautifully swirling shaft, or maybe it’s the unmistakeably rumbly vibrations. Truth be told all of these features and more come together to make the Moody a delight to use.

But that’s enough gushing for the intro. Let’s get to the review.

The Fun Factory Moody

There’s no mistaking the creators of the Moody. This toy’s playful swirls, rippling flare, and animated pastel colours make it clear that this is a Fun Factory creation. Fun Factory have such an energy in each one of their designs and their enthusiasm for sex toys (emphasis on the toys) is almost infectious.

This toy is wonderfully playful.
This toy is delightfully playful and a delight to play with.

The Moody certainly has an appealing aesthetic to it that draws you in from the moment you lay eyes on it. Its design manages to stand out from the crowd, but an experienced sex toy user could also easily pin-point key design choices that make this product appealing: the added texture, the previously mentioned tip, and the easy-to-use handle are all appealing aspects of the Moody. Its flared section also makes the Moody anal friendly while also adding the potential or expanding sensations during use. This isn’t a toy that sticks to one orifice when in action.

The Fun Factory Moody’s shaft is covered in a silicone sleeve which is phthalate-free, non-porous and completely body safe. Fun Factory silicone is matte and quite draggy, but I find that this works well when dealing with textured toys. At no point is the Moody grainy either—just pleasantly grabby while still smooth enough when lubricant is applied.

I think one of the things I value the most about the Moody is its dimensions. The insertable section of the Moody is only about 3.5 inches long, allowing users to utilize the flared section without having to go too deep with the shaft. I honestly don’t think the Moody’s design would have appealed to me if the shaft were longer. Sometimes size really does matter. In terms of girth the chunkiest part of the Moody is 5.25 inches, which is pretty manageable, whereas the section closer to the tip is more like 4-4.5 inches. This means the Moody never feels too large but its texture still allows it to feel enjoyably chunky in places.

This toy's dimensions are perfectly devised to make for the best experience.
This toy’s dimensions are perfectly devised to make for the best experience.

Speaking of the texture, each swirl on the Moody’s shaft gently transitions into the next, making it a pleasant texture-experience for most users. If you need a totally straight shaft or very harsh/firm texture then the Moody may disappoint but most people will find the Moody to provide an accessible exploration point into textured toys. Personally I really enjoyed the Moody’s swirls, though they didn’t stand out greatly for me. They were simply there adding extra stimulation, which I really can’t argue about.

The Moody has 6 vibration intensities and 6 patterns. These are filtered through via the Fun Factory’s control buttons, which are very easy to use. In addition to a simple + and – system the Moody has a quickStop button (the Fun one) and a travel lock system, making this toy travel friendly (and making me incredibly happy).

When it comes to the vibrations the Fun Factory Moody in noticeably rumbly but also seems to have a rippling buzz to it. These buzzing sensations get stronger and take more of a forefront as the intensity is ramped up but the Moody never loses its depth. As I was writing this review I ramped through the vibrations with the Moody in hand to reacquaint myself with them and I can still feel the after effects as I type: it’s a smooth, fulfilling sensation that translates equally well when applied to one’s genitals. I’m sighing dreamily at the mere thought of it.

That being said if you’re after a conventional rumble then the Fun Factory Moody might be a bit odd for you. Fun Factory definitely has its own type of vibrations and they’re not exactly conventional.

When using the Fun Factory Moody I was never left disappointed.

The vibrations of the Fun Factory Moody felt very effective during internal use and they created somewhat of a harmonic effect with my clitoral vibrator of choice.

Initially I was worried that the flared section would stop me from using a wand on my clitoris but this, thankfully, was not the case. What the flared section did do, was make it so that the Moody’s vibrations stretched outwards and I could feel my entire genital region massaged and stimulated by the presence of the Moody. This is something I haven’t felt done effectively outside of the Moody and it’s a feeling that I definitely relish.

The Moody got it right with its flared section.
The Moody got it right with its flared section.

The Moody’s shaft is quite flexible, so the Moody doesn’t provide unyielding pressure during use. However, the Moody’s flexibility does make it feel like the shaft is working with you—receptive to every motion of your body. As anticipated, the tip was incredibly good at stimulating the G-Spot and orgasms with the Moody turned my body into a literal fun factory. I couldn’t be happier with the results of this toy.

That being said the Moody isn’t perfect.

In terms of personal preference some people will dislike how small the tip is, how textured the toy is, or perhaps how flexible the shaft is. As with any toy keep your body and what works for you in mind when considering if the Moody is a good fit.

Outside of preferences the Moody’s rippling base does require a bit of extra care but, as the Moody is 100% waterproof, this isn’t a huge issue (the Moody is also USB rechargeable too).

The biggest downside to the Fun Factory Moody is probably that it can be quite noisy but, even then, it’s nothing that some music or thick walls couldn’t mitigate. The quickStop feature also helps keep things stealthy if you’re keen of hearing and value discretion.

Final Thoughts

Overall I adore the Fun Factory Moody and I can confidently say that it is the perfect Fun Factory vibrator for me.

Will it be the perfect toy for you? I can’t say for certain. However if you like gentle texture, flexible shafts, curved tips, resonant vibrations, and need a flared base then the Moody will certainly tick all of these boxes.

If you’re in the mood for the Moody then check out its product page here. However, if you feel like this toy is lacking then Fun Factory do loads of other toys that might cater to your personal interests.

Recommend to:

People who like texture.

People who like G/P-Spotting.

People who like quirky designs.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike texture.

People who dislike any buzz.

People who need a firm shaft.

The Fun Factory Moody was provided to me by Fun Factory in exchange for an honest review.