Toy Review: The Lelo Elise 2

The Lelo Elise 2 is an odd one for me. On the one hand it gives me very interesting orgasms but, on the other, it isn’t the most comfortable toy to use for me. This doesn’t make much sense to me. On paper this toy is exactly what I like: it has a reasonable girth, a nice, long shaft, and a gentle but assured curve which is primed for G-Spot stimulation.

Essentially the Lelo Elise 2 looks like a larger Lelo Liv 2 and the shape of the Liv 2 was fine for me. Yet, scaled up the Lelo Elise 2 just doesn’t quite sit right. It’s uncomfortable, sometimes painful and capable of giving me the most surreal orgasms I’ve experienced in a while. I am so confused.

The Lelo Elise 2

When it comes to quality and design you really can’t fault the Lelo Elise 2. The Lelo Elise 2 is Lelo’s attempt at a larger internal vibrator that can go deep and hit hard with its dual-motors. To this end the Lelo Elise 2 has a useable length of 5.25 inches, and total length of 9 inches. Despite its ample length, the Lelo Elise 2 is still suitably slim, with a maximum circumference of 4.5 inches. This makes the Lelo Elise 2 accessible to most people without being too girthy or too slim.

The Lelo Elise 2 doesn't work for me during use but it does during the climax. I am so confused.
The Lelo Elise 2 doesn’t work for me during use but it does during the climax.

The Elise 2 has a beautifully simple design and I especially like how mine looks in black. To me it creates almost a silhouette effect which is able to really highlight the natural contours of the Lelo Elise 2, but I digress. Another thing to like about the Lelo Elise 2 is its control panel, which is easy to use, easy to clean and easy to decipher. Two arrows allow you to sift through the Elise 2’s different patterns whereas a + and – button allow you to change the vibration intensity.

In terms of vibrations I was quite happy with the Lelo Elise 2, though I feel like one motors is much more useful than the other—namely the motor in the upper section of the shaft. The motor at the top of the shaft is very typical of Lelo. It has the buzz/rumble combo that is present in all of their toys, and it veers more of the buzz spectrum when on the higher settings. These vibrations are strong but they’re not always as deep as they could be. At least not clitorally.

However, internally the Lelo Elise 2 feels like a dream.

The motor doesn’t cause the need-to-pee irritation that some buzzy vibrators can. Neither does it distract you with a very strong rumble. Instead it strike the perfect balance to allow for effective vibrations that harmonize well with most clitoral vibrators. This is, to be frank, exactly what I want from most internal vibrators so I was thrilled to realize that the Lelo Elise 2 was effective in this endeavour.

The controls are intuitive and very easy to use.
The controls are intuitive and very easy to use.

Meanwhile, the motor near the base of the shaft has a lower hum to it and is generally much more suited to a support role. It allows the main vibrations something to bounce off of to provide a reverberation effect but it’s nothing special. That being said the lower motor is still valuable, because the sensation of two motors playing off of each other is always divine. Not to mention the fact that the low and gentle hum of the lower motor also allows some sensation at the vaginal opening, which is always appreciated.

The surface of the Lelo Elise 2 is made out of silicone which is phthalate-free, body safe and non-porous. It feels extremely smooth and tempts you to stroke it with every fleeting touch. Because the Lelo Elise 2 is waterproof it is also incredibly easy to clean, adding to its level of cleanliness.

What I will say about the Lelo Elise 2’s shaft is that it is very, very firm. As in unyielding to the extreme with no give or bend. This is typical of Lelo’s vibrators but with the Elise 2 I feel like it may have contributed to my odd experiences.

As a luxury vibrator the Lelo Elise 2 also comes with a storage bag and a warranty. It is also USB rechargeable and a 2hr charge will get you up to 4hrs of use. Not bad at all!

I was so excited to receive the Lelo Elise 2 from Lelo for review. It was actually a product that I personally requested because I had been lusting after it for so long. I had also seen multiple good reviews about it which just confirmed for me my need to try this toy.

However, my experiences with the Elise 2 were odd from the very start. The first time I used it I noticed that the very firm shaft did not sit well with my anatomy. It simply clashed with my vaginal passage in odd ways and, as such, I couldn’t really find a way to be comfortable while using it. At one point I shifted my weight and felt a jolt of pain in my vagina. I removed the Elise 2 and switched to a different toy, dejected.

The firmness of the shaft and the overall shape seems to work poorly with my anatomy.
The firmness of the shaft and the overall shape seems to work poorly with my anatomy.

Still, I didn’t want to give up on the Lelo Elise 2, as there is nothing objectively wrong with the toy. I gave it another try and, while there was discomfort during use, there was no pain. The resulting orgasm, on the other hand, was a surreal and incredibly appealing experience. It like riding a lazy river with a built in wave machine: It started off incredibly gentle, with appealing lulls and mellow muscle contractions then, all of a sudden, WHOOSH! A wave of pleasure struck me and my orgasm was in full, swelling swing. Then, almost as suddenly as it arrived, the strong muscle contractions faded back into a gentler orgasm which I enjoyed for a pleasantly long time, while also feeling slightly bewildered by it all.

The experience was amazing and was honestly unlike anything I’d ever felt before, but there’s no denying that the journey to get there was uncomfortable. At the time I was also unsure as to whether the orgasm was a one-off so I knew I had to use the Lelo Elise 2 more.

Nope: it wasn’t a one-off. Pretty much every orgasm with the Lelo Elise 2 has this gentle release which then strengthens before lulling again. All of it is part of the orgasm but it’s like an orgasm that evolves and changes throughout the entire climax; a mutable pleasure experience.

That being said the discomfort and pain were no one-offs either and I have never been able to use this toy comfortably. Because of this I’m so torn. There really aren’t any objective downsides to this toy, outside of being a bit of a dust magnet and being slightly loud. Preferences will, undoubtedly, inform your decision to buy but the toy itself has no obvious infallible flaws. However, whenever I use it I am immediately reminded that it just doesn’t work with my body at all. So where does that leave me as a reviewer?

Final Thoughts

Honestly I don’t quite know how to rate the Lelo Elise 2. To me it is a perplexing pleasure device which is uncomfortable to use but extraordinary upon climax. Ultimately I probably won’t use the Lelo Elise 2 much because of this, as I’m a firm believer that sex shouldn’t involve pain or discomfort, both of which the Lelo Elise 2 provided for me.

Still, I feel like this was a clash with my body rather than an issue with the toy itself. The Elise 2 is rated across the board as a damned good vibrator and it would be a shame if you missed out on that because it didn’t personally work for me.

While I can’t necessarily make a ruling on the Elise 2 one way or the other I will say that I hope everyone gets to experience the type of orgasm that the Lelo Elise 2 can provide.

Recommend to:

People who want a longer Lelo toy.

People who like dual-motors.

People who like gentle G-Spot curves.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer shorter toys.

People who prefer softer toys.

People who know the shape/measurements will clash with their body.

The Lelo Elise 2 was provided to me by Lelo in exchange for an honest review. If you want to support my blog then please consider making your purchase using the affiliate links in this post.