Toy Review: The Blewit Pleasure + Performance Male Masturbator

There’s a fantastic inversion in the Blewit Pleasure + Performance Male Masturbator’s name which I absolutely adore. To blow something, especially in relation to men and sex, usually means to ejaculate too soon or to ruin your chances of sexual enjoyment in some other way.

The Blewit Pleasure + Performance Male Masturbator, however, represents something else altogether. It takes the original tagline of ‘blew it’ and turns it (or, rather, twists it)  on its head to allow for a product that celebrates male pleasure.

As you can probably guess, Blewit is a masturbator exclusive to Lovehoney. In many ways it looks very similar to a Fleshlight but with its own spin that allows it to look (and feel) noticeably different.

The Blewit Pleasure + Performance Male Masturbator

Aside from being delightfully empowering, the title of this toy is also pretty straightforward as to this toy’s purpose. The Blewit Pleasure + Performance Masturbator is meant, primarily, to help people with their sexual satisfaction and stamina. Sexual performance is often an issue that a lot of people worry about, especially for those with medical concerns such as premature ejaculation. In addition to being a fun device for all penis-owners, Blewit is specifically designed to help those who want to improve their performance in the bedroom. To this end Blewit has multiple features in place to help train for longer, more satisfying sexual experiences.

The Blewit Masturbator sports a sweet design.
The Blewit Masturbator sports a sweet design.

The Blewit Masturbator is made out of two main sections—a firm outer casing and a soft inner masturbator. The outer casing is perfectly designed to see non-discreet and looks more like an artistic statement than a pleasure device. The Blewit Masturbator’s spiraling design also makes it easy to grip (though its edges can put a slight amount of pressure on sensitive hands).

Built into the plastic casing is a pressure changing cap which allows users to control the amount of airflow that runs through the toy during use. This, in turn, changes the intensity of the internal sleeve, varying up the sensations. The Blewit Masturbator also has two plastic rings which can be switched out at the opening section of the toy. These allow users to choose between a tight or extra tight entry point, again, helping users to pick the sensations that they experience. Mr. Peaches will touch more on these rings later in this review.

The Blewit’s plastic casing also has a built-in ventilation system which, in theory, should allow the toy to air dry in a hassle-free manner. This is essential, because the inner sleeve cannot be removed from the toy, but it’s also probably the most unreliable part of the Blewit Masturbator. In our personal experience the toy never fully dried out and the internal section was always damp to one degree or another. This may not be an issue if you plan on using it regularly (and thus rinsing it before every new session) but I can imagine it would be more of a problem for an intermittent user.

There are multiple elements that control the toy's tightness.
There are multiple elements that control the toy’s tightness.

The internal sleeve used for the Blewit Masturbator is made out of ‘realistic feel’ material, meaning that it’s likely to be porous and needs a lot of maintenance. On the bright side ‘realistic feel’ materials tend to feel soft and smooth at first and have a nice squidgy aspect to them which works really well for masturbators, but I do stress that you will need to clean this toy often.

To keep the Blewit’s internal sleeve soft you’ll need to use a renewing product on it, such as corn starch or a dedicated renewal powder. Thankfully Blewit includes a powdering cup which allows you to evenly distribute your powder. I’d also like to praise this product on discouraging the use of talc powder in its wonderfully well composed user manual. It’s nice to see products taking some accountability for their user’s sexual (and general) health and well-being.

So how does the Blewit Masturbator feel during use?

For me it was pretty easy to use the Blewit Masturbator on my partner. While a bit uncomfortable for my softer hands, the Blewit Masturbator proved to be easy to grip, angle, and thrust. The valve at the top felt easy to change and I always felt like I was fully in control. It was nice to see Mr. Peaches’ reactions too.

The opening to this toy is wisely non-representational.
The opening to this toy is wisely non-representational.

In an odd turn of events (for a person rather indifferent to Fleshlights) Mr. Peaches actually seems to really like this masturbator. In his own words ‘This is a damned good male masturbator. The large amount of control over the suction that I had greatly enhanced my experience. The rings were fantastic too. Either way the toy is tight, but with the tighter ring on I found that it stroked my coronal ridge far more which was really nice. Climaxes with this toy are great and I often just lay there afterwards enjoying the toy hug my penis. Overall, yeah, it’s a good toy and I would recommend it to first time users and experienced masturbators alike’.

That’s not to say that this toy isn’t without flaws because it is and, to me, they’re rather glaring.

Firstly when cleaning the Blewit Masturbator you have to be incredibly thorough because the internal sleeve can’t be removed. This ends up feeling restricting rather than liberating and is also rather difficult to do in the bathroom sink due to the Blewit’s large design. The upper ventilation grid is particularly prone to having cum get stuck to it in awkward ways and cleaning it is like cleaning a colander that has dried mashed potato stuck between its holes. This level of effort isn’t damning but I feel like it would all be easier if the sleeve could be removed from its chamber.

As I said before, we found that the internal sleeve never seemed to fully dry out either. This always makes me a bit sketchy about a toy’s level of cleanliness and Mr. Peaches felt the same way. To quote him ‘I would rather be able to make sure whatever I’m sticking my dick into is at least 99% clean and I’m not convinced that the Blewit is’.

Some people have said that they had issues with whistling or a similar noise but, for us, this never went beyond the sound of air whooshing in-and-out of the chamber. Nothing too loud or too revealing, even with thin walls.

Final Thoughts

So, yeah, we have joint concerns over the cleanliness of the Blewit Masturbator and those are the biggest downside of the product for us. But, regardless, we’d still recommend this product to interested users.

Bottom line is the Blewit Masturbator feels great and has something very enjoyable to offer its users. I like it a lot and Mr. Peaches finds it to be the best encased masturbator that he’s tried so far. That’s no mean feat really.

Again, though, if you’re going to purchase this toy we highly recommend keeping up a thorough cleaning routine. We may be being overly cautious here but, here at Emmeline Peaches Reviews, we work by the rules of ‘Better safe than sorry’.

Recommend to:

People who like tight masturbators.

People trying to train stamina and enhance pleasure.

People who don’t mind keeping up a cleaning routine.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer looser masturbators.

People who dislike encased masturbators.

People who like low maintenance toys.

The Blewit Masturbator was provided to me by Lovehoney in exchange for an honest review. If you liked this review please do consider making your purchase through the affiliate links included in this post.