Toy Review: Bad Dragon’s Bruiser the Fusion (Small Size/Soft Firmness)

Bad Dragon’s Bruiser makes me pant. It makes me howl. If I had a tail it’d probably make it wag. This is how enthusiastic I am about this toy.

Some of this may, admittedly, be bias. I’ve had my eyes on the Bruiser since before it had a revamp. I’ve still got the old photo and story for it saved on my computer. There’s history there.

It was the one Bad Dragon toy that I always wanted but was convinced that I could never have. The main reason was size. At the time the Bruiser only came in one size and I was still suffering from vaginismus so it was sorrowfully out of the question.

However, Bruiser’s redesign came with multiple sizes and a much smoother looking design, suddenly making the toy accessible for me. Meanwhile I’ve also gotten well and truly over my vaginismus, making my Bruiser dreams even more possible.

Bad Dragon were kind enough to provide me with the Bruiser in small, in exchange for an honest review. But I’ve since ended up liking my Bruiser so much that I also purchased my own medium one (in medium firmness) during the Cyber Monday sales. That should be a good indication as to how much I like this toy.

Bad Dragon’s Bruiser the Fusion (Small Size/Soft Firmness)

Bruiser is truly a sight to behold. Designed to be a dragon/canine hybrid, Bruiser has a ridged shaft, a noticeable knot and a huge bulging base which simply cannot be ignored. Bruiser also has a nicely tapered head, a subtle but noticeable coronal ridge and some raised sections on the underside of its shaft. There is no denying that a lot of detail went in to this product, although some of the newer Bad Dragon toys have more texture to them.

The Bruiser is both beautiful and effective.
The Bruiser is both beautiful and effective.

Sharp-eyes readers might have noticed that I put the Bruiser on my luxury background when taking photos of it for this review. Why? Because I truly believe that Bad Dragon toys represent the pinnacle of what a luxury sex toy should be.

When buying with Bad Dragon you can choose to either adopt a pre-made one or have your own toy made to order. Either way the toy is a hand-poured and wholly unique product.

If you choose to make your own Bad Dragon toy then you get to decide pretty much every aspect of your toy. Size, shape, firmness. It’s all up to you. Bad Dragon also offer the option to have a cumtube or a suction cup added to your product. They really do try to cater to your every desire.

When it came to my Bruiser I decided to pick a small one in soft firmness. The reasons behind this were partly practical and partly driven by my preferences. I picked the small because I’d like to try and knot the Bruiser one day and a 2.1 inch diameter seemed do-able to me. The softness of the toy was also considered in this but, mostly, I just felt like a dragon-dog fusion would be a floppy, soft sort of character and I wanted my toy to reflect that. My Bruiser’s shaft actually flops to one side more than another which endears the toy to me even more.

I didn’t choose a cumtube or a suction cup but what I did select was Bad Dragon’s limited October colour, Opal. This colouration is absolutely amazing and perfectly demonstrates the artistry that goes into these toys. Much like a real opal, I can look at my Bruiser and still see something new each time. I can hole it up to the light and it almost shines. I couldn’t be happier with it.

Despite the colour and firmness each Bad Dragon toy is made out of the same material—silicone. This makes the Bruiser phthalate-free, non-porous, and completely body-safe. It also means that the Bruiser is very easy to clean. Toy cleaner and some water are all you need to get your toy spick and span.

Every time I look at the Bruiser's colouration I notice something new.
Every time I look at the Bruiser’s colouration I notice something new.

The silicone used for the Bruiser is matte and rather draggy (almost sticky when not lubed up). This makes the Bruiser a dust-magnet but it also aids in giving it the friction needed to provide substantial stimulation. When lubed up the Bruiser is an incredibly enjoyable ride in that it doesn’t tug or pinch at the skin, but it still retains a draggy quality which adds to the experience in a positive manner.

This is amplified by the Bruiser’s design.

Because my Bruiser is soft some of the texture is slightly diminished compared to medium and firm toys, however I was still able to feel the coronal ridge and three prominent rims that decorate the Bruiser’s shaft. During use I wasn’t necessarily aware of each individual ridge. However, what I did feel was an amazing amount of stimulation grabbing my vaginal wall and providing a swelling of sensations which made my G-Spot spot go crazy. It was like a calming massage and an overwhelming sensory bombardment all in one. Relaxing and deep but also exciting and energizing.

This sensation is best felt by thrusting the Bruiser, which is actually my favourite way to using this toy. Feeling the Bruiser’s ridges caressing my vaginal wall while I thrust it is like a rapid fire of everything right with textured toys. The big base of the Bruiser makes it an easier toy to thrust, although you’ll want to make sure your hands aren’t lubed up when grasping it. Having the Bruiser in a squishy soft firmness definitely allowed me to thrust more freely than if the toy were firmer too.

The texture provided by the Bruiser feels divine.
The texture provided by the Bruiser feels divine.

In the end I still haven’t managed to take the entirety of Bruiser’s knot but I’ve had enough to get a taster of how it feels. Fulfilling and wildly arousing, it’s enough to motivate me to up my size limits.

Orgasms with the Bruiser are fantastic, though they can sometimes be a bit odd.

Y’see when not thrusting the Bruiser its texture can sometimes feel very passive (especially with the softer firmness). Actively thrusting the Bruiser, clenching around it, or humping it easily mitigates this but users who prefer to just insert their dildo and keep it still may find that their experience with the Bruiser is diminished. Because of this when I’m feeling like a lazy sex session the Bruiser tends to be less fulfilling, however the moment I put effort in I am rewarded with fantastic sensation. Basically you have to work for your climax.

When I do orgasm with the Bruiser it’s almost always sensational. Deep gasps, strong muscle contractions, a clenching sensation in my chest (and other places). The Bruiser is able to bring me to a point where I’m craving it again and again after every climax.

So, with all that being said, are there any downsides to the Bruiser?

Well I’ve already mentioned on in that inactivity with the Bruiser just doesn’t work. This is a toy that requires energy in order to reap the benefits of its texture.

The larger base of the Bruiser may also make it a bit more difficult to use with a harness. It can be a cumbersome design. It does make it suitable for anal use though.

Lastly, because this point needs repeating, the Bruiser really is a dust and hair magnet so you’ll need to give it a thorough clean before and after each use (though I hope you’re doing this with all of your sex toys anyway).

The only other practical downside are customs and VAT charges for people in the EU. I’ve ordered a few of my own Bad Dragon toys recently and every single one has received a customs charge. It stings but the toys are ultimately worth it to my mind, so I tend to simply factor in a possible customs charge when purchasing.

Final Thoughts

Overall I am overjoyed with the Bruiser. It’s everything I hope it would be and more, and that’s saying something considering I’ve lasted after this toy for literal years. The ridges on this toy are perfectly crafted and work in harmony with the silicone to provide some truly gasp-inducing sensations.

However, if you’d prefer a toy with less or more texture and a different base then Bad Dragon most likely has you covered. Even if you’re not into fantastical phalli the unique designs of Bad Dragon are still well worth checking out.

Recommend to:

People who like ridged texture.

People who like knotted toys.

People who like big bases.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who want more/less texture.

People who dislike knotted toys.

People who dislike big bases.