Toy Review: The California Exotic Novelties Silhouette S12

This is the type of review that it always difficult to write. Not because this toy is fantastic, or because it is terrible, but because it is perfectly serviceable.

The CalExotics Silhouette S12 is a good toy. There’s nothing much to dislike about it and it performs its duties admirably.

However, the Silhouette S12 is nothing exceptional either. It has a role to fill in the world of sex toys, and it’s an intermediary role of sorts, but it’s not exactly a standalone hit.

With all of that said I shall throw the Silhouette S12 to the court of public opinion and allow you to decide whether or not it’s worth a try.

The California Exotic Novelties Silhouette S12

The California Exotic Novelties Silhouette S12 is a vibrator with a very familiar shape. It’s the kind of shape that can be found on the iconic Pure Wand or the beloved Comet Wand, but the Silhouette S12 utilizes its bulb in a different manner.

This toy has a very similar shape but a slightly different user-base.
This toy has a very similar shape but a slightly different user-base.

In terms of appearance the Silhouette S12 is familiar but also a bit quirky. The weird design of its handle gives it a distinctive flare whereas the rest of its design is pretty conventional. In use the handle acts more as a sort of half-handle instead, making the Silhouette S12 difficult to thrust.

That being said, the shape of the Silhouette S12 isn’t well-suited for thrusting anyway and it’s actually quite nice to be able to use a toy without worrying about a bulky handle or base (I’ve tested a lot of large-based dildos recently).

The Silhouette S12 is made out of silicone and ABS plastic. This makes it phthalate-free, non-porous and completely body-safe. The surface of the Silhouette S12 is suitably smooth and is matte in appearance. It lubes up well and isn’t a huge dust magnet. It’s what I would, again, describe as completely serviceable. That seems to be the buzzword of this toy.

Speaking of buzz, the Silhouette S12 has 10 different patterns, including 3 steady vibration settings with increased intensity. These vibrations are easy to navigate through thanks to the Silhouette S12’s single-button control, which is very easy to use.

The Silhouette S12 pitches itself as a luxury vibrator and, in keeping with this, it is USB rechargeable, 100% waterproof and even comes with a one year warranty. The box the Silhouette S12 comes in also feels suitably sturdy and good for gift-giving (though it’s hardly the height of elegance).

This toy has a single button and a rather quirky handle.
This toy has a single button and a rather quirky handle.

Coming back to the Silhouette S12’s vibrations, they’re decent but very buzzy. It’s the sort of high pitched buzz that some people might steer clear off or find too abrasive or annoying, but there is some power behind these vibrations and buzz-fanatics will probably appreciate them. Personally I find the Silhouette S12’s vibrations acceptable on the lower settings but on the higher ones they give my G-spot the wrong sort of need-to-pee sensation.

Although the Silhouette S12 looks very similar to the Comet Wand and the Pure Wand it differs in one significant area and that’s material. Whereas the Comet and Pure Wands are made out of a very solid material, the Silhouette S12 is made of a standard vibrator shaft with a silicone sleeve and a firm silicone head. This means that the Silhouette S12’s neck is actually quite flexible, thus negating the firm and persistent pressure that the G-Spotting greats are known to produce.

In practice this means that, although the Silhouette S12 has a lovely bulbous head, it can never utilize it to the fullest effect. When you go to add pressure the shaft yields instead, causing a minimal change in pressure. Now, of course, this doesn’t stop the fact that the Silhouette S12’s bulbous head is effective at reaching and stimulating the G-Spot, but it’s just one or two steps short of being called ‘exceptional’ rather than ‘pretty good’.

The bulb does the trick but it isn't the most amazing treat in the world.
The bulb does the trick but it isn’t the most amazing treat in the world.

My orgasms with the Silhouette S12 were always strong but the lack of pressure meant that they did take longer than usual. When they came they weren’t overly prolonged but they were pretty good.

Because of this I can see the Silhouette S12 filling a hole in the market for those who want to try the Comet and Pure Wand’s shape but don’t like firm pressure or firm materials. For anyone looking for a toy like that the Silhouette S12 has pretty much got you covered. I just wish it could give a little bit more.

So, are there any downsides to this toy beyond its middling status? Not really to be honest with you.

I do sometimes worry that the shaft is a bit flimsy but, so far, those worries are unfounded. Despite liking the half-handle it can sometimes make positioning the toy difficult too, which is a problem if it slips into the wrong angle.

The control button can also attract gunk. Is this a nit-pick? It feels like one.

Basically I like this toy but I’d like it more if it had rumbly vibrations, a firmer shaft and maybe a looped handle. It’s simply a good toy with room for improvement.

Final Thoughts

Would I recommend this toy at $63.99? Probably not. However, SheVibe is currently stocking the Silhouette S12 at $41.99 which is a bit more palatable.

Ultimately the Silhouette S12 is a decent vibrator that won’t meet the needs of everyone but it will certainly meet the needs of some. I have nothing overly bad to say about it and I’d even recommend it to some friends, especially if they’re looking for a toy like the Comet or Pure Wand but want it to be a bit gentler (while also vibrating).

Now I’ve tried a lot of toys, which is why the Silhouette S12 comes across as a bit ‘meh’ for me, but that doesn’t mean that the Silhouette S12 is without a place in the world. Hopefully by reading this review you’ll know if that place is in your toy box or not.

Recommend to:

People who like bulbous toys.

People who like flexible shafts.

People who dislike firm materials.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer firm materials.

People who dislike buzzy vibrations.

People who already own the Pure and Comet Wands.

California Exotics provided me with the Silhouette S12 in exchange for an honest review.