Product Review: Elsewhere Vol. 1, Love★ Sex★ Magic

Illustrated erotica has always had more of an appeal to me than conventional smut and my current favourite has to be Elsewhere.

I discovered Elsewhere through the ever amazing OhJoySexToy, where Delidah was doing a guest comic and from that moment I was hooked like a new student on fairy dust (read the comic, you’ll understand).

If the realm of fantasy is where you get your kicks then I recommend you head off to Elsewhere too.

Elsewhere belongs to the ever-talented Delidah.
Elsewhere is the creation of the ever-talented Delidah.

Horny tomboy dryads, curvaceous elven fighters with a massive package, deliciously femme wolfmen, Elsewhere has something for everyone. In fact, each sexy chapter scenario is selected from a roster of ideas presented to Elsewhere’s patrons over at Patreon.

Delidah is incredibly receptive and fan interaction is part of what makes Elsewhere great. But I’m rambling now.

Elsewhere is free to view online but I’m not reviewing the entire comic today. Instead I’ll be reviewing the digital release of Vol. 1 in which readers get some bonus material and yet another chance to support this amazing comic.

Elsewhere Vol. 1: Love★ Sex★ Magic

For a little context Elsewhere is an adult fantasy comic set in the mythical city of Elsewhere. Elsewhere is a place where all kinds of fantasy race coexist and thrive. As such people are much more accepting, genders are more fluid, and generally anything can happen.

I really love the underlying tone of acceptance in the Elsewhere world. It’s a hypersexualized place where no one is going to yuck your yum and that’s fantastic.


Elsewhere Vol 1: Love★ Sex★ Magic is one of the ways that fans of the online comic can support it if they cannot commit to a Patreon subscription. The comic costs $9.95 and contains five different scenarios and some bonus content.

The bonus content is the main draw for those who already have access to the comic online but there are also some changes to the first scenario which I really appreciate. I have to admit, when I first read the first story, In Too Deep, online I didn’t quite know how to feel about it all.

In it our main character, a sex enthusiast and sorceress dryad called Delidah, refuses the advances of the eager elf Emberli before eventually acquiescing to her requests. However, as Emberli craves more Delidah soon finds that she’s bitten off more than she can chew.

The premise doesn’t sound bad at all on paper but its execution seemed a bit too forced for me. But in Elsewhere Vol. 1 some simple changes in dialogue eliminate pretty much all of the hang-ups that I had with it. It just goes to show you how subtle changes can make all the difference sometimes.

Changes in the artwork itself have also been made to update the style and keep in in line with later chapters of Elsewhere. I’m the type of person who loves seeing how artists alter things when publishing so it was really interesting to compare the online and published version and see how they differed. Ultimately I really liked the changes and felt like they were worth the price of purchase alone.

Delidah is the driving force behind Elsewhere and I wouldn't have it any other way.
Delidah is the driving force behind Elsewhere and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Every scenario in this volume is incredibly hot. This is in no small part due to Delidah herself. Delidah’s enthusiasm for all things sexy is an absolute joy to witness. The art style of Elsewhere is bold, expressive, and extremely arousing at times. Elsewhere allows its characters to pull funny faces or enjoy a less-than-flattering orgasm face, which is something I adore. In our culture we often demand perfection but rarely crave it. It is a person’s unique quirks that make them truly attractive and this couldn’t be more apparent than in Elsewhere. Everyone is sexy but no one is flawless and that is very important.

As another bonus Elsewhere doesn’t shy away from different body types or sexual preferences either. This is something which, as far as I can tell, is inherent in the Elsewhere universe. The diversity of everyone’s race and body type seems to be celebrated rather than shamed in any way. Another fantastic element of the comic.

Sometimes you don't need to be pulling a perfect O-face in order to be considered sexy and Elsewhere gets this.
Sometimes you don’t need to be pulling a perfect O-face in order to be considered sexy and Elsewhere gets this.

Elsewhere also taps in to some of my personal kinks along the way.

Delidah’s ability to summon a magical dick is incredibly hot and appeals to my personal craving for the D. I also greatly appreciate Delidah’s size limit in terms of girth. It’s established very early into the comic that Delidah is not a size queen and no amount of fairy glide is going to change that. Instead of being a downside, Elsewhere presents this as a legitimate preference and offers alternative methods of play that are equally valid to penetration. As an ex-vaginismus sufferer (and someone who still has limits) I can’t articulate how significant that was for me.

Elsewhere Vol. 1 also provides readers with some background as to Delidah’s origins and how Elsewhere came to be. This is accompanied by some sketches and artwork which, again, completely justify the comic’s $9.95 pricetag. Readers are also treated to a glimpse into how Elsewhere is made, which is very insightful. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: successful artists often have the ability to make their end product look effortless but to understand the amount of work that goes in to every piece is to truly appreciate it.

So are there any downsides to Elsewhere Vol. 1? Honestly the only downside for me is that I can’t buy a physical copy of this glorious smut. I absolutely adore Elsewhere and I would love to see it adorning my shelves like a proud piece of pornographic perfection. Still, I totally appreciate that physical copies are expensive to get off the ground and would cost much more to purchase. Really this isn’t a gripe with Elsewhere Vol. 1 at all. Instead it’s my personal pipedream.

Final Thoughts

I think it’s fair to see that I’m totally addictive to Elsewhere. It’s a sexy, humorous, respectful romp through a fantasy land that is totally worth checking out.

If you read the online Elsewhere comic and want to show its creator your thanks then Elsewhere Vol. 1 is the perfect way to do so. Not only do you help support future smut but you also get your very own pdf of Delidah’s adventures through chapter 1-5 and a bunch of fantastic bonus content.

If you want to go even further then I do recommend supporting Delidah on Patreon where you can get even more bonus material (including some artwork for yourself) but, for now, let me just say that Elsewhere Vol. 1 is totally awesome and deserving of your money.

Also I have the hugest crush on Stella. That is all.

Recommend to:

Fans of fantasy settings.

Fans of genderqueer adult comics.

Fans of playful art styles.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike fantasy settings.

People who prefer vanilla adult comics.

People who prefer a more realistic arts style.