Toy Review: The Fun Factory Bouncer

The Fun Factory Bouncer is a true collector’s piece; one that any dildo connoisseur should be lusting after.

Why, you ask? Well, unlike most conventional dildos, the Fun Factory Bouncer has a secret hidden within. Or, to be more accurate, three secrets. Tucked under the Bouncer’s bumpy shaft are three jiggle balls ready to bounce into action. It’s truly glorious.

As a huge fan of jiggling kegel exercisers I really couldn’t resist the allure of the Bouncer. Sure, it’s been out for a while now, and at first I decided to review other Fun Factory toys instead, but in the end the allure of the Bouncer was undeniable. I mean who doesn’t want a dildo that jiggles with every thrust? It’s pure majesty.

In the end the Bouncer and I ironically had some ups and downs during the testing process and I have accepted that this dildo may not be best suited for me. However, that doesn’t mean that I can’t admire this dildo for its outstanding design and sensations which will, no doubt, appeal to others (especially rapid thrust fans). Despite my personal preferences this is one great dildo and I can’t wait to rave about it.

The Fun Factory Bouncer

The Fun Factory Bouncer is a uniquely designed dildo which incorporates three internal jiggle balls in the shaft to create a quivering sensation during use. The sensation isn’t battery powered, or electronic at all for that matter; all you require is the dildo and a bit of thrusting enthusiasm. Essentially with every movement the jiggle balls inside the Bouncer moves in turn, creating a unique form of dual stimulation—thrust and jiggle combined. If James Bond liked anal toys he’d probably appreciate the Bouncer, as shaken is definitely its preferred method of use.

The Bouncer is like three jiggle balls and a dildo all rolled in to one...literally.
The Bouncer is like three jiggle balls and a dildo all rolled in to one…literally.

The Bouncer itself has about 7 inches of insertable length and a maximum circumference of 5 inches at the bulge of each of its three wavy bumps. Despite this rather reasonable girth, the design of the Bouncer makes it feel bigger than it actually is, so users who dislike larger toys may find that the Bouncer feels quite girthy despite its manageable measurements.

Fun Factory’s silicone also contributes to making the Bouncer feel bigger than it is. There’s something about Fun Factory’s matte silicone which always feels draggier, more inclined to grip the skin than other silicone dildos. This isn’t always a bad thing (and certainly won’t be if you like your toys feeling a bit girthy) but it does give the rather conventional shape of the Bouncer feel wholly unique. Fun Factory’s silicone is medical grade and is phthalate-free, non-porous and completely body safe. It’s also very easy to wash with toy cleaner and water.

In addition its high-grade silicone form, the Bouncer has a lot more to offer, mainly concerning its base. Because the Bouncer has a flared base it is anal-friendly and harness compatible. The design of the base is also great to grasp during use thanks to its triangular shape. Even better, the Bouncer has a low profile base that also doubles as a suction cup, allowing the Bouncer to stick to various surfaces. This suction cup isn’t flawless but it tends to do its job most of the time and I’ve had no major issues with it.

The base makes the Bouncer a versatile dildo.
The base makes the Bouncer a versatile dildo.

The Bouncer’s design also accommodates a gentle curve. This, combined with the bulbous top section, does create some pretty great G and P-Spot stimulation. Because the jiggle balls inside of the Bouncer are firm, the top bulb curves quite prominently on to the G-Spot and keeps quite persistent pleasure. However the shaft itself has some flexibility, meaning that, although you can vary up pressure, you can never really apply too firm an approach to the Bouncer.

Although the Bouncer has a fantastic design my experiences with it were a bit shaky (pun intended).

Personally I love the shape. The top bulb really does hit my G-Spot almost immediately and the draggy silicone makes it feel fantastic. If I were solely looking for a G-Spotting toy then the Bouncer is very effective at that. I also tend to stop inserting the Bouncer at the mid-section of the second bulb, too, meaning that my vaginal passage is slightly widened during use, adding to my experience. Orgasms with this toy are pretty damned effective. They felt sufficiently deep and lasted a long time, impressing me. The Bouncer is certainly something I’ll be grabbing for again.

However, as a jiggle dildo the Bouncer kind of fell flat for me. Why? Well because you actually have to thrust quite rapidly and with some force in order to really reap the benefits of the balls. This isn’t my personal masturbation style and so I struggled to replicate this. The most I comfortably mustered was a mid-speed thrust, during which the balls did create a quivering sensation in my vagina but they also felt a bit cumbersome too—more like the internal ball was clunking from side-to-side rather than shaking rigorously. This didn’t feel wholly satisfying to me.

For me the Bouncer is more like a great G-Spotting dildo with the occasional added jiggle.
For me the Bouncer is more like a great G-Spotting dildo with the occasional added jiggle.

I was hoping that the Bouncer’s balls would provide some more energetic sensations even with gentler motions but, sadly, I didn’t detect much until I started thrusting with some heft. I do wonder what the effects of a smaller inner ball might produce. I think I’d like that.

Really this is a dildo that you need to use with vigor in order to yield the best results and this just won’t work with everyone’s personal style. For the ones who do love to thrust congratulations! I feel like this toy has a lot to offer you in terms of new sensations. However, as a pro-tip I would recommend that you use lots of lube, as the Bouncer’s draggy silicone is not designed to be a smooth ride without substantial amounts of aqua.

Aside from the Bouncer’s somewhat counterproductive surface is there anything else I can say against it? Not much, to be honest.

I do wish that the internal jiggle balls were a bit smaller, but that just might be me hoping for an improved experience when, really, the toy isn’t at fault here at all. The Bouncer is very good at providing the jiggly sensation that it’s designed for (and, god knows, I love waggling it around in my hand like a misguided tourist with a maraca) but it requires you to thrust hard and fast in order to get results. That’s not necessarily a bad thing but it won’t work for everyone either.

Also it can be a bit of a dust magnet, but that’s a very minor gripe.

Final Thoughts

Overall I was happy with my experiences with the Bouncer along with the orgasms it gave me. Because I ultimately found my masturbation style to be incompatible with the Bouncer’s jiggly benefits I typically ended up using it as a conventional dildo, with any jiggle being a bonus, and that worked very well for me. I was never left unsatisfied with the Bouncer, though at times I did wish its balls were more sensitive.

If you can utilize the Bouncer’s balls then you’re in for an even better time. Just make sure to keep a bottle of water-based lube close by.

Ultimately this toy is an exciting approach to the wonderful world of dildos and I do recommend it to anyone who is curious about its benefits. You can’t really go wrong with the Bouncer.

Recommend to:

People who like jiggling sensations.

People who like to thrust.

People who like bulbous, curved toys.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike draggy silicone.

People who dislike wavy toy designs.

People who want a jiggling sensation without much movement.

Fun Factory provided me with the Bouncer in exchange for an honest review.