Toy Review: The Meo DeLuxe Metal Butt Plug for Beginners

There aren’t many things in my collection as adorable as the Meo DeLuxe Metal Butt Plug for Beginners. This DeLuxe Plug fits in the palm of my hand and I let out an audible ‘awwww’ when it first arrived. This is a good thing.

The Meo DeLuxe Plug is designed for absolute beginners, after all, so to have such a non-threatening, nay, cute appearance is exactly what you want. Very few people would feel intimidated by this plug.

However, the Meo DeLuxe Plug did manage to provoke caution in me. At times I was downright apprehensive. That apprehension turned out to be unfounded but it’s still not something you’d expect from such a small toy. Meanwhile, Mr. Peaches confessed that, of all his butt plugs, this is probably his least favourite one. Why? Well, it’s a mixture between design and personal preference.

The Meo DeLuxe Metal Butt Plug for Beginners

The Meo DeLuxe Metal Butt Plug for Beginners is beautifully practical. At just 2.25 inches in length and with a maximum circumference of just about 3 inches the Meo DeLuxe Plug is designed for easy anal insertion, giving a taster of what anal stimulation has to offer. Meo themselves describe it as ‘perfect for anal virgins’, making their intentions crystal clear.

This plug primes you for anal action.
This plug primes you for anal action.

Despite being quite small the Meo DeLuxe Butt Plug is made out of medical-grade stainless steel, making this a serious little contender for the anal newbie. Stainless steel is phthalate-free, non-porous, and completely body-safe, which is exactly what you want from a sex toy. The stainless steel surface also helps make the Meo Deluxe Plug a lot easier to insert, as it is polished to perfection and incredibly smooth. However, it also adds a bit of heft to the plug—making it the type of toy that you cannot forget wearing, despite its small size.

I haven’t measured the Meo DeLuxe Plug for its exact weight, however Mr. Peaches described it as feeling lighter than the nJoy Pure Plug Small. This for him, made it more comfortable for prolonged use; a clear bonus, as he doesn’t like the weight of the Pure Plug. This gives the Meo DeLuxe Plug yet another benefit, as it basically makes it a taster toy for those curious about metal butt plugs too.

‘Taster toy’ is perhaps the perfect description for this toy in many ways.

For example, the Meo DeLuxe Plug also has a raised section near its mid-section which interrupts its otherwise smooth form and provides a bit of texture. By doing so the Meo DeLuxe Plug also allows users to experiment with textured butt plug toys, especially ones that use rims or a hive-based design. In use this section essentially stops the toy from sliding straight in and provides a rimmed texture for the anal entrance. Some may find this stimulating, others may find it invasive but, at 29.00€, the DeLuxe Plug is a great way to explore your own preferences.

Update: Although it should be noted that the ridge on this butt plug is what Mr. Peaches and other reviewers have described as shelf-like. It’s a very sudden and angular segment of the butt plug which may not be to everyone’s liking and might be a rather acquired taste.

The rim around this plug allows users to try out new sensations.
The rim around this plug allows users to try out new sensations.

Despite being a great exploration plug Mr. Peaches did not enjoy this toy for a multitude of reasons.

Some, as I said before, were personal preference. Mr. Peaches and I haven’t experimented with too many textured or rimmed butt plugs and, as it turns out, they’re not to his liking. For Mr. Peaches this toy’s rather angular and unforgiving ridge felt like it just stalled insertion, which he found to be uncomfortable. This is a shame but it’s also proof of how well this toy can be used for experimentation. We didn’t know if we liked texture on butt plugs or not and now we do. A practice plug in practice, as it were.

The rest of his issues (and mine) were design based.

A big part of anal play for us is hitting and stimulating the P-Spot. However, Mr. Peaches found that this toy was too short to substantially do so. As a result his orgasms weren’t diminished but they weren’t enhanced either. A bit of an issue if you’re buying this toy to experiment specifically with the P-Spot. Mr. Peaches also found that the neck of this toy was too short and stout to allow it to be comfortable during use. If the neck were longer Mr. Peaches theorized that it would be a bit more comfortable and hit his P-Spot more reliably, which I can’t argue against.

Finally we both agreed that the flared base simply wasn’t large enough. When I first saw this toy I was enamored with its cuteness. I adored it. However, my reaction immediately afterwards was apprehension. With a circumference of 3 inches the base is very tiny, at least to my mind. I felt a bit bad even requesting that Mr. Peaches wear it. I worried about a trip to A&E. It stayed in my mind throughout our first time using it. Sex shouldn’t involve worrying about a hospital trip but that’s what happened.

This plug's base just makes me worried. It may be psychological but I can't help it.
This plug’s base just makes me worried. It may be psychological but I can’t help it.

Mr. Peaches echoed my thoughts in his own appraisal of the toy. He was less worried about wearing it but did admit that, during use, it never 100% felt like it wouldn’t slide in to his anus.

Now, it should be noted that it never did, and this toy has fantastic reviews on the Meo site, which also imply that it stays firmly in place, however that’s only part of the point. Sex toys should make you feel secure in using them. If you’re worried about using a sex toy then it’s failed to gain your confidence in some way and that’s a problem.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately I find the Meo DeLuxe Metal Butt Plug for Beginners to be a good product but one with room for legitimate improvements.

As it stands I personally don’t feel comfortable using this toy until the base is made larger or until it employs a different type of base (longer and leaner like their 24/7 plugs, perhaps). A longer neck and a smoother transition for the ridge would also do this toy wonders and allow it to expand upon its pretty strong position as a tester plug.

I mean if you want to dabble in metal toys, textured/rimmed toys, or just butt plugs in general then there’s a lot to love about the Meo DeLuxe Butt Plug for some. However, there would be a whole lot more to love if a few improvements were made to make it more accessible and assuredly safe.

As it stands I’ll let you decide whether or not this is the plug for you. If not then Meo has a rather expansive range of plugs to choose from.

Recommend to:

People who like small plugs.

People who want to experiment with butt plugs.

People who like metal butt plugs.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer larger plugs (it does come in a larger size too).

People who know they dislike textured/rimmed or metal toys.

People who want/need a larger base and longer neck.

Meo provided me with this toy in exchange for an honest review. Why not check out their site? It’s full of some pretty awesome products.