Toy Review: Doc Johnson’s Super Hung Heroes, The Hammer

This dildo is Marvel-lous.

Bad puns aside, The Hammer is actually a pretty enjoyable dildo. It’s definitely more for fans of the Marvel universe than anyone but by this point who isn’t a fan of Marvel? Who doesn’t know the Avengers? Even if you don’t know Mjölnir by its name there’s a high chance that you’ll know about Thor and the mighty powers that his hammer possesses.

Thanks to Doc Johnson, Mjölnir has had a little bit of a revamp to make it more worthy of its new purpose. The Hammer is sturdy, well-designed, and aims to provide users with an exceptional orgasm. To quote the box directly:

The Hammer gives orgasmic strength to whoever possesses it. A treasure from a far off planet, The Hammer provides mythical pleasure powers and the thrill of a legendary force.

Corny? Definitely. Appealing? Undeniably.

Doc Johnson’s Super Hung Heroes, The Hammer

When I first got The Hammer, I have to admit, I did hold it up into the air as if I had been chosen to become the new femme Thor. The geek in me really loves the aesthetics of The Hammer and there’s just no denying it. I was in the zone—posing as if I could summon lighting, or, at the very least, an electrifying orgasm or two.

The power is in your hands.
The power is in your hands.

Appearance-wise The Hammer is basically flawless. I feel like you could wear it with a cosplay and only those in the know would have any reason to question the somewhat more phallic shape of the shaft. The hammer section of The Hammer is a bit compact but it needs to be for the sake of practicality. Meanwhile, the shaft is beautifully decorated with a faux-leather surface, complete with wrapping and stitching marks. The whole thing feels incredibly professional and does make you feel like the price is justified.

Going in to more depth about the surface, the hammer section of The Hammer is made from a firmer, glossy silicone. It’s hefty enough that you’ll probably need to hold it during use but not so bulky that it detracts from the experience of using it. The shaft itself is still made out of a glossy silicone, however because a faux-leather effect is applied most of it feels almost matte. The exception to this is the tip which is smooth.

A faux-leather surface makes the shaft of The Hammer feel substantial.
A faux-leather surface makes the shaft of The Hammer feel substantial.

The shaft itself is nicely flexible and has a medium firmness to it—enough to squish it a bit but not enough to make it overly floppy. Still holding The Hammer as if it were a hammer will cause the shaft to bend a bit depending on where you grasp the shaft. It’s simply not made to support the weight of its massive head. This sadly eliminates any use it had as a potential impact toy, as you just can’t control it in a reliable manner.

The Hammer is made out of sturdy Premium Platinum Silicone. This makes it phthalate-free, non-porous and body safe. It also makes it easier to reliably clean which is a godsend. Especially because of the finer texture on the shaft.

Speaking of the shaft, The Hammer has the perfect dimensions to make it easily accessible while also providing a reasonable amount of girth and stimulation. The shaft itself is 5 inches in circumference with a useable length of 6.5 inches.

While this does make The Hammer easier to insert than some of the Super Hung Heroes line I recommend that you don’t underestimate its prowess. Thanks to its incredible amount of texture The Hammer does feel very substantial when inserted.

This toy's shaft provides a considerable amount of stimulation.
This toy’s shaft provides a considerable amount of stimulation.

The ring that transitions the tip into the faux-leather section is very prominent when inserting The Hammer and remains noticeable throughout use. Even moderately thrusting this toy allowed me to feel every single detail of the shaft’s texture. Seriously, it was as if I could feel every single indentation, ever minor stitch. This is most likely due to the faux-leather effect, which does make the shaft quite draggy and grabby. Lube is a must when using this toy.

For a straight shafted toy I was absolutely shocked by how effective The Hammer was at making me orgasm. And these weren’t tiny orgasms either; these were the powerful, substantial, tingles-throughout-my-entire body orgasms that I had hoped for. Had holding Mjölnir with such confidence really invoked the gods of climax? Well, no.

What’s much more likely is that the hyper-present texture stimulated combined with the G-Spot caressing ring at the tip of the shaft was enough to provoke a strong reaction out of my vaginal walls and prompt equally strong orgasms. This is certainly how it felt during use, at least, so it’s my best appraisal of the situation.

Obviously if you dislike a lot of texture then you probably won’t like this toy. While the texture isn’t massively raised or bumpy it is very noticeable, and so it most likely won’t appeal to fans of a smooth shaft. On the other side of the spectrum if you need incredibly raised, bumpy, or swirly texture than the finer details of The Hammer might not appeal to you either. The Hammer is probably more for the texture connoisseur who likes experiencing all forms of non-conventional stimulation.

People who need a curve may also find this dildo lacking, although I had no such issue. Again, primarily due to this toy stimulating me in other ways.

In terms of other downsides there really aren’t that many.

This is your classic hunk of insertable silicone and there’s not much that can go wrong with a hunk of silicone really.

The biggest thing that could be said against it is that the crevices in the shaft can be difficult to thoroughly clean. However, this is easily remedied with a bit of patience and persistence.

Final Thoughts

Overall I was pleasantly surprised with The Hammer and the powerful orgasms that I provided for me. This is a fantastic toy for fans of the superhero genre, and especially Marvel fans, however it also works well for sex toy geeks with a lust for texture.

The straight shaft and extreme texture may be a deterrent for some but I found then to work to the toy’s benefit and my orgasms were certainly enhanced by one of those factors.

I would definitely recommend this product for anyone who is interested. It’s a super product that packs a punch. Not that I want to hammer in the point or anything.

Recommend to:

People who like superheroes.

People who like texture.

People who like straight dildos.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike straight toys.

People who dislike texture.

People who prefer more prominent texture (check out the rest of the line). provided me with The Hammer in exchange for an honest review. Get an exclusive detail from them by using the code below.