Product Review: Ooh by Je Joue What Happens in Vegas Pleasure Kit

If this is what happens in Vegas then it can stay there because I don’t want it. Okay, that might be a little bit harsh but you have to understand. The idea of Ooh by Je Joue was an incredibly exciting one. Inspired even. Basically, Ooh by Je Joue comprises of a large motor which can be plugged in to specially designed attachments to create a wide range of mix n’ match sex toys.

The motor itself only costs £29.99 and each additional component has its own price (usually a reasonable one). All told it’s a great way to diversify your collection while also keeping things relatively compact and affordable (there aren’t that many out yet but more are set to release next year). Or, if you’re feeling really enthused, you can buy one of the Ooh Pleasure Kits, which the What Happens in Vegas Kit is a part of.

The What Happens in Vegas Pleasure Kit comes with the cock ring the classic vibrator and, of course, the motor. All told it’s a pretty good way for couples to be introduced to Je Joue’s new modular line…that is if it were any good. Sadly, Mr. Peaches and I were left thoroughly unimpressed with this kit. In theory it’s a pretty awesome ideas but it’s got a long way to go in practice.

Ooh by Je Joue What Happens in Vegas Pleasure Kit

I have to give this kit props when it comes to presentation, at least. The Ooh by Je Joue What Happens in Vegas Pleasure Kit comes in a very snazzy little bag. Everything is nicely stylized and the Ooh by Je Joue logo really does draw you in. It does require scissors to open the bag but that’s hardly an issue.

This kit looks good but aesthetics alone don't make a good adult product line.
This kit looks good but aesthetics alone don’t make a good adult product line.

Inside is everything you need to ‘enjoy’ your new toy, including the vibrating motor, the classic vibrator, the cock ring and a charging cable. The motor takes 120 minutes to charge for 120 minutes of play time, which is excellent.

The motor for this kit is made out of ABS plastic whereas the cock ring and vibrator shaft are made out of silicone. This makes them phthalate-free, non-porous, and completely body safe. The silicone has a matte surface and feels nice but not silky smooth.

The shaft of the vibrator and top section of the cock ring are both rather rigid whereas the bottom section of the cock ring is moderately flexible. It’s certainly flexible enough to accommodate most sizes, but those with a larger shaft may find it to be an uncomfortable and fiddly fit. Even Mr. Peaches was a bit doubtful at first, but he did manage to get it on with little-to-no trouble.

Both the cock ring and the vibrator attachment have metal sections inside them which the motor clips into during use. They also have little arrows on the side indicating where you need to press to eject the motor. At first Mr. Peaches and I found this a struggle (particularly on the vibrator attachment) but it became pretty easy once we got the hang of it. But, dear god, never try this when your hands are covered in lubricant. It can be a nightmare.

The motor provided in this kit has 3 speeds and 2 motors, all of which are fairly good. They are distinctly Je Joue vibrations, by which I mean that they have this rhythmic flickering to them, almost like the fluttering of a butterfly’s wings. Their intensity, however, is not butterfly-wing weak and they hold their own pretty well against similarly sized vibrators. The higher settings lose some of their flickering charm but replace it with impressive depth, but it does get buzzier too. If the motor itself were a solo vibrator it’s probably something that I could use and enjoy. It’s nice, portable and pretty incognito. Alas, it isn’t and things just go downhill from here.

This much bulk is unreasonable.
This much bulk is unreasonable.

The cock ring is probably the best attachment out of the two included in this kit, but it’s still pretty sub-par. When plugged in you’re looking at a bulk of about 2 inches protruding in length for the clitoral section. The plus side of this is that this cock ring most likely has the range required to hit most people’s clitoris. The down side is that it’s so bulky and top heavy that if often slides to the side, missing it entirely. Using this cock ring is the very definition of cumbersome and Mr. Peaches and I did not have an enjoyable time with it. Yes, when the vibrations kit my clitoris they did feel nice, but more often than not they missed entirely. Still, at least the cock ring allows you to feel the motor’s vibrations.

There have been some amazing progressions in the sex toy world recently. Companies aren’t afraid to experiment; to strike out on their own and pursue new avenues. Innovation is the name of the game and expectations are high. You’d think amidst all of this that Ooh by Je Joue would at least be able to get the vibrations to travel up the shaft of their vibrator attachment. But, no. Unfortunately not.

I wish I was joking or exaggerating here but I’m not. The vibrations for the classic vibrator attachment stay almost entirely at the base of the toy. This makes sense, as the motor is essentially where the control button is, and I could forgive it if the vibrations were just dulled a bit as they got to the toy’s tip. But a particularly strong purr from a cat could make more of an impact than the vibrations at the tip of the classic vibrator attachment. It’s thoroughly depressing.

Do you like your vibrators trying to flip on to their side? Because this toy certainly likes to do so.
Do you like your vibrators trying to flip on to their side? Because this toy certainly likes to do so.

In addition to this the design of the classic vibrator makes it so that the toy is constantly trying to slide off to the side. Every time I used it I had to wrestle with it to try and keep it in place. Not an easy task with lubricated hands. In the end the classic vibrator attachment won every time and I was left masturbating with a wonky vibrator. The resulting orgasms sputtered and stalled in the strangest way. It was not fun.

Aside from the inherent flaws in these toys, the only other big downside is that the arrows and the button logos on these toys can collect lubricant and other gunk so they need extra attention when cleaning them. But, really, that’s a minor gripe compared with the major disappointment that I felt when using these toys. I’m very upset.

Final Thoughts

The Ooh by Je Joue line had potential but, as it stands, the finished product can’t live up to the innovation that it promised. This is especially true with the What Happens in Vegas Kit.

With a top heavy cock ring attachment and a classic vibrator attachment that is all about that base (and keeping the vibrations there) there really isn’t a lot to like about this kit. The only bright side is that the motor itself is decently powerful, but if that doesn’t translate into the attachments then what’s the point?

Recommend to:

People who like strong, small motors.

People who don’t mind bulky cock rings.

People who want to try the modular toys despite this review.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike bulky cock rings.

People who want to feel vibrations in their insertable toys.

People who would rather try individual components.

The What Happens in Vegas Kit was provided to me by Lovehoney in exchange for an honest review.