Toy Review: The Lelo Tiani 24k

The Lelo Tinai 24k is a luxurious treat, designed to heighten intimacy between couples. To this end even the design of the Tiani 24k is lavish and wholly dedicated to couples. After all, the Lelo Tinai 24k has its own ring—a 24k gold plated, laser engraved symbol of Lelo’s commitment to pleasure. ‘Sealed with a 24 karat gold kiss’ as Lelo puts it.

Sex toys have helped partners feel closer in the bedroom for a long time, so it makes sense that Lelo has chosen to embrace this unity in their newest product. However the Lelo Tiani 24k goes even further. The Tiani 24k is Lelo’s first product to come with ‘couples insurance’. Essentially, if your relationship dissolves within one year of purchasing the Tiani 24k then they will allow you to exchange it for one of their best-sellers.

Personally I really like this pledge. After all it could be a very empowering part of the healing process to exchange an item meant for the two of you for something that enables you to embrace your solo-pleasure. However, Lelo doesn’t anticipate needing to fulfill this insurance often as they’re certain that the Tiani 24k will work very well for most people.

It is unfortunate for me to say, then, that I am not one of those people. While I can appreciate the sleek design of this vibrator, its competent vibrations, and its expertise at promoting a slow and passionate embrace the Tiani 24k just didn’t quite sit right with Mr. Peaches and I.

The Lelo Tiani 24k

The Lelo Tiani 24k is, without a doubt, the physical embodiment of an elegant couples’ massager. With a stylish design and elegant touches of 24 karat gold, the Lelo Tiani 24k would make the perfect gift for some couples. While the gold on the Tiani 24k isn’t essential, it is absolutely gorgeous. Lelo even includes a lint-free cleaning cloth that you can use to keep the golden detailing on your toy beautifully clean.

Sex toys don't get much sexier than this.
Sex toys don’t get much sexier than this.

The Lelo Tiani 24k also comes with a remote, which can be used to control the vibrations up to 12 meters away. With it you can control the vibrations conventionally or you can try out Lelo’s SenseMotion technology. SenseMotion is a pretty fun feature which allows you to change up the vibration intensities by moving the remote in different ways (essentially tilting it to get results). While I do like SenseMotion I have to admit that I rarely use it—preferring to keep my vibrations constant. The remote also has a 24 karat gold section: its battery cap.

Yes, the remote requires batteries to work, but it’s only 2xAAAs, which are included.  Meanwhile the Tiani 24k itself is USB rechargeable with 2 hours giving you 1.5 hours play time. The Tiani 24k can also be used without its remote but only at its highest intensity, which isn’t ideal for people who like to build up to the strongest setting. When the Tiani 24k is charging a little ‘24k’ flashes on the clitoral arm, which is a really nice touch. Once it is fully charged this changes to a continuous light.

The remote also has golden features.
The remote also has golden features.

In terms of other benefits the Tiani 24k is completely waterproof and comes with some lubricant, a satin storage bag, and a warranty registration card. The storage bag is very practical and allows you to easily bundle everything into one place.

The Tiani 24k has a rigid body and a flexible internal arm, both of which are covered in silicone. Lelo’s silicone is silky smooth and on form in every way possible. It’s highly strokable and feels very nice against the skin. Lubed up its satin surface responds receptively with the body, not becoming too slippery. The Tiani 24k’s silicone body also makes it phthalate-free, non-porous, hypoallergenic, and completely body safe. Because the Tiani 24k is waterproof it’s also very easy to clean. Simply use a good toy cleaner and rinse it off with water.

In terms of use the Lelo Tiani 24k is meant to be used during PiV intercourse (although creative users could find other ways to utilize it). To this end it has an external clitoral section and a thin internal arm which is designed to stimulate the G-Spot while still accommodating the penis.

The Lelo Tiani 24k has two motors (one in each arm) and 8 different pleasure settings, most of which take advantage of the dual-motor system. I would describe the Tiani 24k’s vibrations as strong for a toy of its size. I can certainly climax if I use the Tiani 24k as a conventional vibrator but it takes time. Sensation-wise the Tiani 24k’s vibrations are buzzy but deep enough. They don’t numb my clitoris out but they’re not made for rumbling either. The vibrations in the internal arm are quite understated compared to the clitoral one unless you use the patterns, in which case they gain more oomph. Overall I’d say the potency of these vibrations should satisfy most, though they will leave power queens a bit underwhelmed.

And internal and external arm makes sure that both areas gt the attention they deserve.
And internal and external arm makes sure that both areas gt the attention they deserve.

So why didn’t this toy work very well for us? Well, it’s all about method.

The Lelo Tiani 24k is a toy you take your time with. It’s something that you bring in during foreplay and I can imagine it’s conventional use:

You insert the Tiani 24k and hand over the remote to your partner and let them tempt and tease you with the SenseMotion while you both caress each other. After a while, they slide their penis into you and practice slow, deep, thrusts, the internal arm stimulating you both while the clitoral arm provokes a climax.

In short the Lelo Tiani 24k works best when you forgo rapid thrusting motions and, instead, embrace the intimacy of the moment in gentle, loving embraces.

While I do appreciate this I’m the type of gal who likes to finish off hard and fast (and start that way, for that matter) and the Lelo Tiani 24k doesn’t work well under pressure.

I say ‘pressure’, what I really mean is rapidity.

When Mr. Peaches began thrusting more vigorously the Lelo Tiani 24k often quickly fell out or needed to be re-positioned. It got to the point where I’d have to constantly hold it in place during use, which kind of defeats the point of the toy and gave my hand a cramp on more than one occasion. There were also instances where our thrusting caused the Tiani 24k to dislodge from its position and then jab my vagina wall, which was incredibly uncomfortable.

Don’t get me wrong. I love to use this toy as a slow build up for a strong climax, but the moment I begin aiming for that strong climax the Tiani 24k gets removed and cast aside, lest it sabotage what I worked so hard for.

This was the same no matter what position we tried and it’s an honest shame. When I was on top I got fantastic sensations from the Tiani 24k but it was liable to slip out sooner. When we tried doggy style it stayed in for longer but caused Mr. Peaches discomfort, like a pinching. The pinching sensation wasn’t isolated to doggy style either and Mr. Peaches often reported a type of grabbing, catching, or pinching against his shaft that was uncomfortable for him.

It is important at this point to note that we use condoms, so this might have contributed to the pinching issue, but I don’t feel like a toy should force us to compromise our safer sex practices.

The weird thing about this is that Mr. Peaches and I have used the Noa before without any issues, but it seems like the subtle differences with the Tiani 24k are enough to make it ill-suited for our needs.

On a more positive note when the Tiani 24k worked well for me it was amazing. The internal arm hit my G-Spot in the most divine manner, causing me to make entirely new noises. If I could use this toy all the way throughout sex then I’m sure I’d be in heaven, but I can’t.

So are there any other downsides to this toy? Not really.

This is one of those frustrating cases where personal preference is the name of the game and it can be hard to tell if you’re on to a winner until you’ve tried it. Some would argue that this isn’t a downside on its own but when the toy in question costs £279.00 at full retail price (or £111.60 as of this review) it’s something that requires some serious consideration.

I’m sure most people with have a great time with the Lelo Tiani 24k. It has great reviews on Lelo’s site as well as from other sex bloggers. However no toy is perfect and the Lelo Tiani 24k simply can’t take Mr. Peaches and I all the way.

Final Thoughts

Obviously due to our experiences and the price of this toy I can’t wholeheartedly recommend this the Lelo Tiani 24k, but I do feel like there’s a market for it.

If you like to take things slow, or want to try gentler motions in the bedroom, then the Lelo Tiani 24k is a great way to ffacilitate this while providing additional stimulation Alternatively if you have no issues with being vigorous and simply adjusting or holding this toy throughout use then the Tiani 24k still has a lot to offer.

Intentions can sometimes be everything and, sadly, the Tiani 24k’s intended use is just incompatible with ours, but that shouldn’t stop you if the Tiani 24k appeals to you.

Recommend to:

People who like to take things slow.

People who want to explore each other’s body.

People who don’t mind adjusting/holding the toy.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who like vigorous motions.

People who like to be fast and furious.

People who want a truly hands-free toy.

Lelo provided me with the Tiani 24k in exchange for an honest review. If you’re interested in the Tiani 24k (or any of Lelo’s other products) please do consider making your purchase through the affiliate links in this post.