Toy Review: The Fun Factory Calice

The Fun Factory Calice is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. It’s true that it does share some similarities with other Fun Factory toys, and the shape is still undeniably phallic, however the finer details of the design are wholly unique.

While I’ll save the particulars for the meat of my review, it’s fair to say that the Calice is designed with blossoming sexuality in mind. It’s meant to be gentle and perhaps even delicate.

Yet, to me, the Fun Factory Calice stands out for one clear reason: It completely confuses my genitals. I mean, yes, I orgasm with this toy. And, yes, those orgasms are enjoyable, but the process to get there is just completely bemusing to me.

Colour me pleasantly perplexed by this toy.

The Fun Factory Calice

True to nature, when it comes to the CaliceFun Factory have designed a product that combines practical performance and a whimsical design flawlessly. The Claice is a budding flower, immortalised in silicone just before blooming: fresh rose petals ready to blossom, or, in this instance, to make its user’s blossom.

The Calice is inspired by floral delights.
The Calice is inspired by floral delights.

The Calice is made up of an ABS plastic handle and a silicone sleeve which covers the shaft and inner mechanics of the vibrator.

Complementing the petal design from which this product was inspired, the Calice’s silicone shaft comes in primarily pastel colours. You can choose from Candy Rose, Candy Lemon, Candy Violet, Candy Blue or Candy Green. The diverse colour options for Fun Factory is something that I admire the most from them and I happily went for Candy Lemon. This light yellow colouration is beautiful in person and does stand out among my collection.

My first Fun Factory toy, the Stronic Eins, had a rather grainy silicone surface, however Fun Factory’s silicone has improved leaps and bounds since this point. I’ve never had a toy that felt as gritty as the Eins from them since. The Calice itself feels grabby but not at all grainy, which is what you’d expect from a high-quality matte silicone toy. Once lubed up the Calice becomes a lot smoother and is very nice against the skin while still retaining a decent amount of drag for the pleasant kind of friction.

The Calice has two different uses: as an external vibrator on the vulva and as an internal vibrator for the vagina. Sadly this isn’t an anal-friendly toy, but Fun Factory has many other great products for anal enthusiasts. In terms of measurements the Calice is 6.75 inches long with a useable length of 4.5 inches. Its maximum circumference is about 4.75 inches, making it a very manageable toy. Fun Factory actually class it as a miniVibrator rather than a fully-fledged vibe.

Externally Fun Factory have chosen to invert the usual method of stimulation. Rather than having a raised nub meant to probe at the clitoris the Calice, instead, has a little indentation that it meant to hug up to the clitoris, providing it with a little crevice to cuddle up in. Meanwhile the lines cascading down from this indented tip are meant to stimulate the labia in what Fun Factory describes as the ‘tender and gentler side of desire’.

The Calice takes a non-conventional approach to clitoral stimulation.
The Calice takes a non-conventional approach to clitoral stimulation.

It was difficult for me to position the Calice in the way that Fun Factory had intended, but I did find ways to make this toy work for me. Thankfully the Calice is pretty accommodating and was receptive to alternate methods of use, making it comfortable as a clitoral toy even if positioned in an unconventional manner.

Fun Factory describes the Calice’s vibrations as ‘gentle to intense’ but I would like to add ‘for a miniVibrator. The Calice is firmly part of the miniVibrator range and, as such, even its most powerful vibrations aren’t in the same league as something like the Miss Bi. The Calice’s vibrations are prevalently buzzy but with an unmistakable rumble to them. However, this rumble is still quite rapid so I’d describe it best as a hum: an underlying promise of something beyond that of a standard vibrator.

These vibrations should serve people who like mid-level vibrations pretty well. They have a nice range—6 intensities altogether—in addition to 6 different patterns to play around with. For me they can seem a bit shallow at times but I think that a lighter touch is part of what Calice is going for. If I take my time with this vibrator I can orgasm with it clitorally but it’s not my preferred method. I’m a power queen and I need oomph externally. That’s what it ultimately comes down to in my case.

The controls are incredibly easy to use.
The controls are straightforward and incredibly easy to use.

Internally the vibrations feel much more fitting for me. They don’t steal the show but they do act as a nice way to enhance my orgasm, allowing for a longer, more intense climax. However, internally this toy really does leave my vagina completely dumbfounded.

Let me explain.

The floral design of the Calice, while delicate in some ways, is also very angular. Its ergonomic design has many sharp contours and some very defined edges. As such when I first insert this toy my vagina is bombarded with sensory information, as the angular design of the Calice very prominently makes itself known. There really is no escaping it; I can feel every curve, every line of the Calice’s shaft and my vagina simply doesn’t know what to make of it. Sometimes it can be uncomfortable, other times it simply is what it is.

There’s arousal when I use the Calice but it takes time. Mainly because my vagina needs that time to process what is happening. As such it typically takes me longer to reach orgasm with the Calice than I would necessarily like. Again, this is a toy you acquaint yourself with softly—creating the orgasmic equivalent of a pretty sonnet—but my vagina was never much of a poet.

When I do orgasm with this toy the results are good, but the process to get there is disconnected, disjointed. My body and the Calice simply don’t work well together and it’s not the toy’s fault, it’s simply how things turn out sometimes.

Obviously if you, too, are dubious about non-conventional shapes or know that you don’t like very angular designs then the Calice may not be for you, but this toy has very little in the way of objective downsides. The Calice is waterproof, USB rechargeable, comes with a storage bag and toy fluid, can be travel locked and knows exactly what role it fulfills in the sex toy market. Because of that I can’t really fault the Calice for our incompatibility. Alas, it simply wasn’t meant to be between this flower and my own.

Final Thoughts

Overall I feel like the Calice has succeeded in its original intentions, despite them being unsuited for my body.  While sharp shapes don’t succeed in seducing my sweet spots I’m sure that someone out there will find them sumptuously seductive. If you are that person then I recommend that you give the Calice a try. It is a very palatable miniVibrator that has a lot to offer the right user.

However, if you are dubious about the Calice’s design or have never really experienced angular toys then the Calice might be a bit too steep of a learning curve. I generally like texture and non-conventional shapes and even my vagina was left befuddled by what the Calice has to offer.

Ultimately you know what works best with your body. The Calice is the best miniVibrator that it can be, it just needs the right owner.

Recommend to:

People who like smaller toys.

People who like mid-range vibrations.

People who like angular toys.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer fully-fledged vibrators.

People who like stronger/rumblier vibrations.

People who are unfamiliar with angular designs.

Fun Factory provided me with the Calice in exchange for an honest review.

  • Tzipora

    Darn. I just noticed this for the first time on the Fun Factory site and was very interested in the shape and pretty colors (literally, I want a toy in each one of those shades so I hope they plan to release some others in the pastels!). As a fan of broader external stimulation I was super intrigued by those ridges…. But I have such high demands for power to get off I don’t think it would work. Darn.

    Kind of a funny story but the ridge vaguely reminds me of things that worked for me growing up… I was always an avid masturbator as long as I can remember and back then I was all about being on my belly grinding against my hand or firm objects. I don’t know if the Avon company really exists outside of the US but a relative used to sell it so their bubble baths and such were often given to me as gifts. The bubble bath bottles have these unique textures… I so could find you a photo because I don’t know how to explain it. But rounded and ridged portions. And those were heaven to me if I positioned it just right. Haha. Anyway, the shape of this vibe reminds me of that in a way and I’m super curious how it would feel. But with meds and chronic illness it is so much harder for me to orgasm so I don’t know if it would be worth it. Especially if it feels that weird internally. That would’ve been my consolation if it didn’t work clitorally because I’m a big fan of internal vibes (in fact that’s where I like patterns!) But I can see how that shape would feel super odd as you described so eh… Probably not worth the money. But I’m insanely curious!

  • Tzipora

    By the way, what is charge time and battery life on this? Fun Factory never lists that on their own site so I was curious.

    • Do you know what? I don’t actually know. I charge it after 3-4 uses and never have any uses so it seems to last for a reasonable amount of time. I could always ask Fun Factory if you’re curious?