Toy Review: The VixSkin Bandit

The VixSkin Mustang is one of the more natural toys that I own but, I have to admit, it doesn’t hold a candle to the VixSkin Bandit.

That is, at least, when it comes to feeling more natural—more like a straight up shaft than a silicone sculpture—but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a better toy.

The Mustang and Bandit provide some very different sensations which, in some ways, makes them feel like they’re worlds apart. However, one thing remains consistent between the two: that absolutely divine dual-density silicone.

The VixSkin Bandit

The VixSkin Bandit is one of Vixen Creation’s unique VixSkin products. Essentially VixSkin is a dual-density system—with the inside being made from a firm silicone inner core and the outside consisting of a squishy, malleable silicone. This outer layer has a greater level of elasticity than pretty much any other silicone toy on the market, and the contrast between the surface silicone and the internal core feels divine during use.

The VixSkin Bandit can steal the show, but only under certain conditions.
The VixSkin Bandit can steal the show, but only under certain conditions.

Of course, because the Bandit is made out of silicone it is also phthalate-free, non-porous, and completely body-safe. When in contact with body heat it warms well and retains that warmth during use. It can also be sterilized by boiling it for 3 minutes if you so desire (soap and hot water is my go-to method of cleaning).

The Bandit certainly falls within the ‘realistic’ category of sex toys and is one of the more impressive specimens on the market. Veins and skin texture decorates the Bandit’s shaft, while the detailing near the head is equally impressive. The Bandit also features a slightly pronounced coronal ridge. Coronal ridges always make me swoon so the Bandit got my attention on this point.

At 8 inches in total length and over 7.5 inches in useable length the VixSkin Bandit is a rather impressive dildo. With a 5.5 inch circumference this toy also comes out as quite a girthy specimen, and this shows when looking at it. The VixSkin Bandit looks like a hefty piece of equipment. It can fit into a 2-inch O-Ring but the balls can sometimes make it a bit fiddly or uncomfortable. Still, it’s pretty much worth it just to be packing such an awesome piece.

The Bandit is delightfully detailed.
The Bandit is delightfully detailed.

Despite its larger dimensions the VixSkin Bandit is easy to insert in most instances. This is wholly due to its soft outer layer, which has a very generous amount of give. This makes the VixSkin Bandit an excellent toy for those wanting to take a step up in girth without being worried about potential discomfort or limitation. In this capacity the Bandit is a great facilitator.

Indeed, the girth of the Bandit is its greatest asset. Y’see the Bandit doesn’t have much of a curve. It has a slight one but it’s not enough to be spectacular on its own. In fact when I first used the Bandit I was a bit underwhelmed by how little attention it gave my G-spot compared to the Mustang. This wasn’t the fault of the Bandit, rather, the Mustang is so effective at hitting my G-spot that it was jarring to find that the Bandit took a different tactic.

What the Bandit lacks in a G-spot curve it makes up for in girth. This toy will fill most people up in a comfortable manner and provide sensation through sheer force of girth. The Bandit manages to feel plush when inserted but its firm core allows it to feel substantial. The draggy sensation of the silicone also affords it more presence, making it undeniably pleasurable.

While it’s not my usual style the Bandit is also absolutely fantastic for something else and that’s thrusting. The dual-density shaft of the Bandit makes it so that thrusting really does feel much more natural and intuitive. The softer exterior makes sure that nothing ever feels too hard, bumpy, or abrasive while the firm inner core keeps things interesting. If you’re the type of person that has issues with hitting the pubic bone during thrusting then something like the Bandit is great toy for you, as its head is pretty much all squish and always ready for some thrusting action.

The balls, or (as I like to call them) 'thrust enablers'.
The balls, or (as I like to call them) ‘thrust enablers’.

While thrusting two aspects of this toy become more noticeable. The first being the draggy aspect of the silicone (which, in this instance, just adds to the natural sensation) and the second being the coronal ridge. The moment you start thrusting the Bandit its ridge becomes much more noticeable and the G-spot more receptive. At least that has been my experience with the Bandit.

As I said before, I typically don’t thrust my sex toys with any enthusiasm but the Bandit is the exception to the rule. It just feels so divine, so right to thrust this dildo that I do so with unbridled joy. With every thrust it seems to reward me with heightened sensations and a throbbing G-spot. It’s amazing what sheer squishy girth can do when rapidly jostled in-and-out of the vagina.

I’d like to say that all of my orgasms with the Bandit were sheer bliss but that would be a lie. Sometimes I orgasm with this toy and it’s amazing and it goes on for ages and I’m in sex toy heaven. Other times, though, it simply lacks the curve and pressure that I’m craving on that day. These lackluster orgasms primarily happen when I’m not in the mood for the Bandit but try to use it anyway (because sex toy testing). I suppose, because of this, I am more inclined to reach for the Mustang than the Bandit, but when I am in the mood for the Bandit it rarely disappoints me.

So, are there any downsides to this toy? Well, yes, but a lot of them are personal preference.

If you prefer firm toys then this isn’t the toy for you. To me it feels even squishier than my Mustang (probably due to the amount of soft silicone used). If you’re looking for a prominent or forceful G-spotting toy then the Bandit isn’t ideal. If you like very small or very large toys then the Bandit will probably also be unsatisfying. But all of these are things that are more to do with the user than the product itself.

I suppose my biggest complaint about the Bandit is that its balls feel very firm and look somewhat deflated. I often use sex tots with my thighs squeezed together, but if I do this with the Bandit then I’m typically left with achy indentations in my thighs. This is irksome at most but it’s still something to consider. Not everyone wants a toy with balls, after all.

The Bandit is also clingy. It’s a dust and hair magnet. I live with a dog. You can imagine my plight.

Final Thoughts

I’ll admit, the Bandit is a toy I have to me in the mood for to use. However, when those times come, it is always a delight to use the Bandit. This toy just works so seamlessly with the body and feels so uncannily familiar during use that it’s hard not to be ecstatic with the results.

At £79.99 this dildo is certainly on the high end of the luxury dildo market. However, much like the Mustang, in terms of realistic dildos this toy can’t be surpassed. If you want to feel full and thrust without restraint then the Bandit will help fulfill your desires.

Recommend to:

People who like comfortably filling toys.

People who like squishy toys.

People who like realistic toys.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who want a curved G-spotting toy.

People who like firm toys.

People who prefer petite/large toys.

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