Toy Review: The Fifi

A while back curiosity got the better of me and I started searching ‘DIY Sex Toys’ on Youtube. I won’t bore you with the myriad of interesting, bemusing and sometimes even distressing results that came from this search but one does come to mind: It was a video of a guy taking a rubber glove, rolling it up in a warmed towel, and putting an elastic band around the makeshift contraption.

It was an idea that, at the time, didn’t seem too terrible to me. Human ingenuity and sexual desire combined.

Fast forward to today and Fifi had taken this idea and, essentially, streamlined it into a sex toy.

The Fifi basically builds on the old glove & towel method but with a product made for purpose instead of a makeshift contraption. This comes with some clear benefits but there are also a fair few downsides.

About Fifi

If you’d have asked me about Fifi a week ago I wouldn’t have much to say either way. I hadn’t even received my own at that point so my opinions were limited to what the Fifi website had to offer.

Fifi is owned by Whizworx. This company isn’t shooting for the stars. But, what they do aim to do is provide functional male masturbation tools. The Fifi is the result of this aspiration—a practical, no-mess, no-thrills sex toy that does its job without any fuss.

My biggest complaint about Fifi before a week ago was that they sent me quite a lot of emails asking me to review their product (something that wasn’t possible up until recently because they didn’t ship outside of the US). However, all of that changed when the Blogsquad brought these tweets/adverts to light:

Miss Ruby Reviews has already given a very extensive coverage of why this is wrong and the resulting fallout, so I won’t say much about it. What I will say is that, as a plus-sized gal, this totally turned me off of this toy.

The assumption that sex toys are a better option than fat people (because who would ever be attracted to a fat person, amirite) is totally unacceptable. On top of that the company has posted racist tweets, sexist tweets, and tweets that include children to sell their adult product.

There are no words.

This is on top of retweeting a lot of memes that shame people for masturbating…coming from a company that promotes a masturbation tool?

It’s all very bemusing and not at all professional (or respectful).

I reached out to my contact at Fifi to see if they would be interested in giving a statement. As of yet they have been unable to. I will update this if anything changes. However, it’s been almost a week now with no response and the offensive posts keep on coming (including the oh so original appeal to men whose women have a headache or are on their periods, charming).

Needless to say I wouldn’t blame you if the company’s social media actions alone deter you from purchasing a Fifi. However, for the sake of fairness I want to give this product a fair review in isolation from the issues of the company. Read on if that is of interest to you.

The Fifi

True to Whizworx’s ambitions, the Fifi is a very straightforward sex toy. For $15.95 you get a Fifi, 5 disposable sleeves and 5 sachets of lubricant, which is pretty damned affordable. The Fifi itself is a piece of fabric with a foam insert and Velcro on its edges. In order to use the Fifi all you need to do is put a disposable sleeve in place, roll the Fifi up, secure the ring of the sleeve around a fabric ring on the Fifi and go to town.

The Fifi is well packaged.
The Fifi is well packaged.

The Fifi has enough of a Velcro strip on it to allow users to adjust the Fifi’s tightness, allowing for a varied experience.

The fabric is mostly polyester. Because the Fifi uses disposable sleeves it stays pretty clean but, if you need to clean it, the outer layer of fabric can be removed from the inner padded section (like a cover on a pillow) and hand washed with cold water and a mild detergent.

The disposable sleeves are made out of natural latex. This shouldn’t cause an issue for most people but it does mean that those with a latex allergy should steer clear of the Fifi for now. The sleeves themselves are made for a single use, much like a condom. When out of the wrapper they do actually look very similar to a female condom, except they lack one of the rings and have more of a powdery, doctor’s glove feel to them.

The disposable sleeves are very powdery and soft. Some of the residue can also rub off on clothing and the Fifi.
The disposable sleeves are very powdery and soft. Some of the residue can also rub off on clothing and the Fifi.

The lubricant included with the Fifi is water-based and only has three ingredients: Water, Glycerol, and Hydroxyethy Cellulose. These ingredients may not agree with everyone (especially if you have sensitive skin) but most people should be fine.

If there’s one thing I really like about the Fifi it’s how discreet it is. Upon seeing it no one would instantly think ‘That’s a sex toy’. It simply lacks the iconic appearance that something like a Fleshlight has and one could easily make excuses as to what it might be.

The simplicity of the Fifi appeals to me too. In theory it’s a nice, clean, easy way to experience masturbation in a different way.

Sadly this wasn’t the case for us in practice.

Setting the Fifi up caused no issues for Mr. Peaches and I. It really is incredibly easy and takes less than a minute to get ready. The hardest part is probably lubing up the whole sleeve sufficiently, but Mr. Peaches and I just used some extra lube.

When we first used the Fifi Mr. Peaches and I decided to do it up tight, but that made it difficult for his penis to enter the toy. On subsequent occasions we tried to vary it up but couldn’t feel much change during entry. Fifi says that their toy will eventually mould to the user’s shaft, like well-worn jeans, but I personally feel like a sex toy should be fully functional and comfortable from the point of purchase.

The fabric isn't conductive to an enjoyable experience for us.
The fabric isn’t conductive to an enjoyable experience for us.

As I used the Fifi on Mr. Peaches he noticed something. The main texture of the Fifi comes from the fabric itself. This lead to, what Mr. Peaches described as a ‘grainy rubbing’ which he didn’t find pleasant at all. To him this rubbing was akin to uncomfortable friction, no matter how much extra lubricant was applied.

Over multiple uses this remained consistent and it didn’t win Mr. Peaches over. He found the warmth of the Fifi to be nice (likening it to ‘a cock glove’) and he liked the easy clean up. However, when the sensations that the toy itself gives aren’t that appealing all other pros seem a bit less exciting and a much more like compensation.

To give credit where credit is due I’m sure the Fifi will work well for people who use the DIY towel method of masturbation and want a sex toy that replicates that sensation. The lightweight, easy-to-grip body of the Fifi could also be very useful for those with disabilities or those who struggle with heavier sex toys. However, because the toy didn’t wow us in the sensation department I can’t really recommend it highly.

In terms of other downsides I found that the disposable sleeves would make a noise during use. It was similar to a rustling bag and might be a turn off to those who dislike noisy sex toys or value discretion.

I also feel like the lubricant sachets provided don’t provide enough lubrication for even bare bones use, but this might be a personal preference.

At the end of the day Mr. Peaches seemed very underwhelmed by the Fifi. Come the end of our testing, I also felt like using it with him had become more of a chore than a pleasurable experience and no one wants to feel like that during sex.

Final Thoughts

The Fifi has potential but I feel like a lot needs to be changed before I could feel good about recommending it.

Of course their social media presence needs a full overhaul but, putting that aside for a moment, the sensations this toy provides simply aren’t that exciting. To Mr. Peaches they weren’t appealing at all, making this a pretty disappointing product for us.

If the Fifi could make the fabric they use less abrasive, offer textured sleeves, and revamp their advertising campaigns then maybe this toy would excite us more. As it stands the Fifi is just a coarse fabric tube, and that’s not exactly an appealing prospect.

Recommend to:

People who like the towel method of masturbation.

People who want a quick & easy to clean toy.

People who need a lightweight toy.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike fabric rubbing against their penis.

People with latex allergies.

People who value good company ethics.

The Fifi was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

  • Polly Vincere

    A friend of mine made himself a homemade sleeve with small foam balls, chip can, and gloves. Fifi seems like the same thing, only more expensive because you have to buy their refills. Other than it looking less like a sex toy, I can’t see why someone would get this.

  • IFoundANickel

    If they weren’t a shitty company, couldn’t you just wear a cheap condom while using it if you didn’t want to pay for the replaceable sleeve things?

    • Mr. Peaches and I tried that.
      Putting the condom in place and trying to roll it round the top of the sleeve (as you’re supposed to) just ended in a broken condom most of the time.
      The only other alternative is putting the condom of and then wrapping the sleeve around your penis, or trying to shove it into the already rolled sleeve.
      None of these options were practical in the end and were rather unappealing.