Toy Review: The Lelo Loki Wave

As some of you may know, I was never really a big fan of Lelo’s iconic sex toy, the Mona 2. In fact I actually returned mine because it just didn’t work well with my body. However, upon discovering the Lelo Mona Wave and experiencing its unique come hither motion I became a total convert. I love my Lelo Mona Wave and the sensations it provides and it’s a toy I’d happily recommend.

It was perhaps a fun turn of events, then, that Mr. Peaches and I skipped the Lelo Loki and jumped right to the Lelo Loki Wave. Utilizing the same wave technology as the Lelo Mona Wave, the Lelo Loki Wave promises some potent sensations for fans of prostate play.

What did we think of this stylish sex toy? Find out below.

The Lelo Loki Wave

In terms of sheer aesthetics, the Lelo Loki Wave was easily able to win me over. Taking the shape of the Lelo Mona 2 and refining it for prostate play, the Lelo Loki Wave looks like a perfectly streamline prostate pleasuring product. The Lelo Loki Wave also comes in Lelo’s newest packaging—which has a snake print-esque pattern to it and a viewing window so you can look in at the treat that lies ahead.

The Lelo Loki Wave has a lot to offer.
The Lelo Loki Wave has a lot to offer.

On a more practical level the Lelo Loki Wave also comes with a storage bag, a warranty card and some Lelo lubricant. Although it’s worth noting that the lubricant is more complimentary than comprehensive—you’ll need a lot more lube than a single sachet to engage in safe anal stimulation (at least in my experience).

The Lelo Loki Wave is made from silicone and ABS plastic. Both materials are phthalate-free, non-porous and completely body-safe. The surface of the Lelo Loki Wave feels luxuriously smooth and will leave you stroking it for the sole purpose of revisiting the pleasant tactile experience that it provides. This is always the case with Lelo silicone but, in this instance, it applies to the handle section too.

Choose your settings wisely.
Choose your settings wisely.

The handle itself is well made and easy to hold. The control panel included allows you to filter through the toy’s different settings for the shaft and vibration intensities whereas a central button turns the toy on and off. The Lelo Loki Wave remembers the last setting it was one when turned off, which is a nice touch. I personally recommend that you play with the settings before use and get familiar with them. It might also be worth putting the Lelo Loki Wave on the gentlest setting prior to play so that you don’t accidentally go from ‘off’ to ‘full throttle’ (like I may or may not have accidentally done).


While I’m not generally a fan of patterns the 10 included in the Lelo Loki Wave each serves a substantial purpose. After all, the Lelo Loki Wave has a come hither motion and dual-motors (unlike the original Lelo Loki), meaning there are a lot of combinations to play around with. I personally think the Lelo Loki Wave performs best when both motors are on simultaneously, creating a resonant effect.

As with most Lelo toys, the Lelo Loki Wave manages a harmonious combination between buzz and rumble which works very well. However this toy feels similar to the Siri 2 in that the vibrations feel deeper, more substantial than some of the previous models. At least to my vulva. I cannot comment on whether or not it’s weaker than the Lelo Loki because I don’t personally own it.

The come hither motion is the Lelo Loki Wave’s big innovation. This motion is a continuous, slowish nudging which whirrs up and down providing pressure. The shaft of the Lelo Loki Wave is quite firm, so it can convey quite a lot of pressure. However, if you do want to vary things up then loosening your grip on the shaft is a great technique. The Lelo Loki Wave’s instant reaction is to transfer more of the come hither motion to the handle, lessening the amount felt in the shaft. Conversely if you want more pressure just keep your grip firm and the shaft’s motions will become more pronounced.

Some people may dislike this but I’ve always found it a very intuitive way to vary up the amount of pressure used. It’s literally in my hands.

How did the Lelo Loki Wave perform for us?
How did the Lelo Loki Wave perform for us?

So, how did the Lelo Loki Wave perform for us? Well, in terms of anal toys Mr. Peaches has always preferred smaller ones. The Lelo Loki Wave measures in at roughly 8 inches—with 4 inches of useable length and a circumference of 4.5 inches at its widest point. As such the Lelo Loki Wave was at the higher end of his preference level. Still, with some warm up toys Mr. Peaches found that the Lelo Loki Wave went in very smoothly and without much issue.

Due to this toy’s design we didn’t try to use it during PiV sex but we did have some very fun oral sessions and the Lelo Loki Wave works well for that when couples are involved. Mr. Peaches also found the Lelo Loki Wave pretty easy to use solo, so it’s fair to say that this toy performs well in terms of functionality.

When it came to pleasure Mr. Peaches was very impressed with the results that this toy yielded. As you can tell from my photos, this toy has two prongs—one for external use on the perineum and one for internal use on the prostate. Mr. Peaches found both of these to be incredibly effective, especially when both motors were on, as they resonated nicely with each other. He considered the vibrations to be very powerful and they were enough to satisfy him, even on the lower settings. On the higher levels he also felt the vibrations in his shaft (which I can also vouch for).

Mr. Peaches’ orgasms with the Lelo Loki Wave have been consistently powerful and wholly satisfying. While it’s not his favourite toy he does rate it very highly and is enthusiastic in recommending it to others.

However, in an ironic turn of events it turns out that Mr. Peaches actually prefers using the Lelo Loki Wave without the wave motion technology, creating a mirror opposite to my preferences. For him the come hither motion is something he cannot quite get used to and he feels that it applies too much pressure, which can be distracting for him. He still orgasms while it’s on but it’s not his preferred method of use.

Still, this doesn’t mean that the wave motion technology won’t be for you. The Big Gay Review, for example, rates the wave motion technology very highly, as well as the toy in general.

That being said the Lelo Loki Wave does have some more general downsides.

The biggest one is noise. If you value discretion then the Lelo Loki Wave make put a pretty big spanner in the works, as it is not a quiet toy. The vibrations on their own aren’t too bad, but the come hither motion comes with a substantial whirring noise which can be a bit distracting. I like to use this toy with music, just to offset the mechanical clamour.

The only other downside from my perspective was that the Lelo Loki Wave does retain some smell after use. This is common with toys, though, even silicone ones, so it’s not damning.

And those are my main gripes with this toy. I think it’s fair to say they’re pretty minor compared to the many pros that this product affords.

Final Thoughts

Overall Mr. Peaches and I were very impressed with the Lelo Loki Wave, though it seems for him that the Lelo Loki might have been the better choice. Still, this toy can be used with or without the come hither option, which means that the option to explore its beckoning motions are always there just in case.

If you feel like you wouldn’t get much use from the come hither motion then the Lelo Loki might still be a better option for you. However the Lelo Loki Wave does succeed in providing a unique, effective, and very powerful experience which will, no doubt, please a lot of users. Add to that the fact that the Lelo Loki Wave goes for a dual-motor set-up and this toy seems increasingly worth the extra £30.

If rhythmic prostate pleasure appeals to you then I think this might be the toy for you.

Recommend to:

People who like medium-sized anal toys.

People who like dual prostate & perineum stimulation.

People who like rhythmic come hither motions.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who exclusive use small/large toys.

People who dislike firm prostate pressure.

People who like varied come hither motions.

The Lelo Loki Wave was provided to me by Lelo in exchange for an honest review. If you like this review then please consider making your purchases through the affiliate links included.