Toy Review: The VixSkin Mustang

I mentioned in my Sliquid Silk review that only a handful of toys have ever felt truly ‘natural’ to me. The VixSkin Mustang is definitely one of them, without a doubt.

This toy is like the holy grail of dildos. It’s expensive but it is definitely worth it and I’ve never regretted purchasing this toy.

The secret to the VixSkin Mustang is its dual density, which is unrivaled in the sex toy world, but I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s get into the review shall we?

The VixSkin Mustang

The VixSkin Mustang is a perfect all-rounder when it comes to dildos. It’s not too long, nor too short. It’s not chunky but it’s not slim either. It also possesses a fantastic G-spot curve but has the flexibility to make G-spot stimulation feel intuitive rather than too firm or too gentle.

Being diverse can sometimes be a bad thing. It’s often said that a jack of all trades is a master of none, however this couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to the Mustang. Instead this toy’s wonderful design and brilliant versatility gives it a broader appeal which cannot be beaten. I’ve yet to know a person who has dislike the VixSkin Mustang. Those who own it praise it, those who don’t covet it and it currently has a flawless five stars on Lovehoney. To my mind this dildo is the pinnacle of a ‘realistic dildo’.

This dildo is a vibrant display of everything right with sex toys.
This dildo is a vibrant display of everything right with sex toys.

I say ‘realistic’ but, obviously, the Vixen Creations have taken some creative liberties when designing this toy. My favourite of which is to offer a bright, multi-coloured skin option. I’m a huge fan of aesthetically interesting dildos and the VixSkin Mustang certainly stands out in this regard.

Anatomy-wise the VixSkin Mustang has a generously curved shaft and a perfectly proportioned head with a dreamy coronal ridge. The Mustang measures in at 8 inches with a useable length of 7 inches. Its circumference is 4.5 inches and its flared base makes it harness compatible. If you do plan to slide this impressive object into a harness then you’ll need a 1.5 inch O-ring for a comfortable fit.

While the shape of the Mustang is very impressive, it’s the silicone that really makes the Mustang stand out from the crowd.

As I said before, the VixSkin Mustang employs dual-density silicone. Essentially this toy has a firm base and a firm inner core while the outer layer of silicone is squishy to the touch. A few companies do this nowadays but none of them do it as well as Vixen Creations.

The outer layers is just so squishy, so plush that it really does feel amazing (if not a bit tacky when not lubed up). Meanwhile the soft-surface-to-firm-core ratio is so on form that it manages to replicate the sensation of an erect penis with uncanny accuracy. There have been times where I’ve lubed this toy up, ran my hand up-and-down the shaft in awe as my hands come to grips with its naturalistic feeling (quite literally, as it were).

The base of this dildo is firm and also has a wonderful opalescent effect to it.
The base of this dildo is firm and also has a wonderful opalescent effect to it.

This natural sensation translates very well during use. The give of the Mustang’s soft exterior makes insertion a breeze, whereas the firm inner core creates a substantial feeling during use. This toy doesn’t feel like being penetrated by my partner, but it certainly does invoke the sense of it. Most of the head is quite squishy, meaning that the coronal ridge caresses my vaginal walls without feeling abrasive or too firm at any point. Instead it strokes it in the most sublime manner, causing my vaginal muscles to wrap receptively around it.

Thrusting with this dildo is also a breeze. I don’t often thrust with dildos but with the Mustang it’s all part of the experience and adds to my enjoyment. This further enhances this dildo’s potential as a pegging toy, as it allows for fluid thrusting motions without causing discomfort through its firmness or shape.

Whenever I use the VixSkin Mustang I’m reminded that the bar has been well and truly raised for all other realistic dildos. It prompts you to expect more from your dildos, because it never falters in providing explosive orgasms. If you want a visual for how these orgasms feel just look at the dildo. That pretty much sums it up. It’s a vibrant splash of everything exciting about sex and sexuality. Stunning and exceptional. Playful and awe-inspiring. Undeniably unique.

In short my orgasms with the VixSkin Mustang are always deep, strong, and very easy to ride into ecstasy. Pretty much everything you’d want from a dildo.

I couldn't want for more from this dildo.
I couldn’t want for more from this dildo.

Once you’re done with the Mustang it is incredibly easy to clean. Silicone is, after all, phthalate-free, non-porous and totally body safe. All you need to do is rinse it thoroughly in soap/sex toy cleaner and water and then dry it off. No issue whatsoever.

In terms of downsides I have very few with this toy.

My biggest complaint would probably be that this toy’s soft silicone can feel tacky without lubricant. This means lubing up the Mustang before use is a must for me. This may annoy some people but I’m of the opinion that lube pretty much makes anything better so I don’t really resent this proviso.

Because the Mustang is a tad tacky it can also pick up quite a lot of dust and debris. Because of this you will need to be extra vigilant when cleaning this toy.

Those are my only complaints.

Final Thoughts

Overall I am thoroughly impressed by the VixSkin Mustang and feel like it is the must-have dildo for anyone looking for a high-quality, realistic dildo.

Cost is the biggest barrier to this product but I truly believe that the orgasms it provides make up for its steep price. This is a toy worth saving for and, if you do buy it, it most likely will reward you with its exceptional performance.

The Mustang changed my perception of what dildos could be capable of and left me craving the updated Vixen Mustang Royale. My enthusiasm for it truly does know no bounds.

Recommend to:

People who like dual-density toys.

People who like squishy toys.

People who want a G-Spotting toy.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer firm toys.

People who dislike tacky silicone.

People who want a larger/slimmer toy.

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