Toy Review: The Sundaze by A Touch of Glass

The Sundaze is an odd one. As opposed to being a curved dildo, or even a textured one, it is an entirely different shape, and that shape is best described as ‘a screw’.

I’ve had somewhat of an obsession with oddly shaped dildos recently and the Sundaze was no exception. A Touch of Glass were kind enough to provide it for review and it came safe and sound with a storage bag and a free lubricant sachet.

After having used the Sundaze for a while now I have come to a firm conclusion; it’s entirely dependent on user preference. Unlike other toys, which you can compare to your collection, the Sundaze is almost entirely unique in appearance (almost) and there aren’t many toys which replicate its sensations. As such it’s ultimately up to you guys as to whether or not the Sundaze is something you’d like to try.

Oddly enough the Sundaze also happens to embody the decision to purchase products at A Touch of Glass full stop in this instance too. You may or may not be aware but A Touch of Glass have recently come under a lot of fire for fabricated social media accounts, dishonesty, and attempts to illicit sexual content from its reviewers. This is in addition to the origin and quality of their glass being bought in to question.

Now, my experiences with A Touch of Glass have always been positive and wholly professional. They were one of the first companies I worked with and I was never asked for in-use photos or videos. However I believe that you have a right to know what’s been going down, as well as a right to make up your own minds. Dangerous Lilly has already done so much to cover the cons of the company. In this review I will be focusing solely on the product and how it performed during use. The rest is up to personal choice.

The Sundaze by A Touch of Glass

The Sundaze is another absolutely beautiful dildo. With its swirling glass shaft and yellow-tinted edges it looks more like an artistic window decoration than a dildo. Not long after getting it Mr. Peaches gasped and placed it to his forehead. His long-running tradition of making himself into a peni-corn had met its ultimate conclusion; he finally had his own swirling horn. It was perfect.

This dildo looks very appealing.
This dildo looks very appealing.

My initial reaction, however was a bit different. It was a mixture of anticipation, excitement and apprehension. Could I really fit the Sundaze inside of myself? How? Would I really need to screw myself? What would that even feel like? Pleasurable or painful? These are questions I expect most people would have if presented with a screw-shaped dildo but the Sundaze does help put your mind at ease a bit.

Firstly the tip is very nicely tapered making it seem rather non-threatening. It has a girth that you can work up to, being only 4 inches at its widest circumference. This is probably for the best, as I think I’d be trembling if it was any girthier.

In terms of material the Sundaze is made out of borosilicate glass. This means it is phthalate-free, non-porous, and body-safe. However, as I mentioned before, the quality of this glass is under question right now.

What glass is good for is temperature play. The Sundaze can be warmed up or cooled down for some divine variations in its sensations. As usual I prefer it warm.

I gave Mr. Peaches the honour of inserting the Sundaze into me first time around and it was very surreal. I soon learnt that my vagina likes to be screwed counter clockwise. If the Sundaze is swirled counter clockwise it feels like a nice, smooth twisting sensation internally. If it is swirled clockwise that twist turns into a tug and becomes painful and uncomfortable. I couldn’t possibly comments on whether or not this is the norm but it seems my vagina has a preference.

It could well be that your vagina has a preference too.
It could well be that your vagina has a preference too.

The twizzling shaft of the Sundaze alone is nice but not mind blowing. It is what I would describe as a pleasant sensation but it doesn’t provoke my G-spot much and it wouldn’t tip me over the edge. Because of this I usually just screw the Sundaze in and then put a vibe to my clitoris to reach orgasm.

Up until the point of orgasm the Sundaze is actually a bit uncomfortable for me. It’s tapered tip and non-conventional shape feels mismatched and ill-fitting for the natural contours of the vagina and, as such, it ends up prodding me uncomfortably whenever I shift my weight during insertion. However the orgasms with this toy are truly amazing.

I don’t know how the Sundaze does it, I honestly don’t, but the moment I reach orgasm with this toy I’m just filled with this overwhelming wave of pleasure as my vaginal canal swirls with sensation. I don’t even necessarily feel the screw shape during climax; I’m too distracted by the deep throbbing of my impressively prolonged orgasm.

Upon climax these swirls work their magic.
Upon climax these swirls work their magic.

For me it’s almost worth using the Sundaze just for its overwhelming end result, however it would be nice if I didn’t have to endure discomfort beforehand. The only thing I can think of is that the twisted shape of the Sundaze only comes into its own when I’m highly aroused and suddenly that discomfort turns, instead, to a disco dance of delights; a bit awkward at first but undeniably great fun.

In terms of downsides the only real one is the unconventional shape of this toy. Combined with the firmness of glass it certainly won’t appeal to everyone, though if it were made of something like silicone then it would lose its prominent sensations. I can’t really fault the toy for its primary design.

Other than that this toy is easy to clean, easy to use, and easy to store. There’s really not much to say against it.

Final Thoughts

As I said before this toy is tricky. I couldn’t honestly tell you if you’d like it clockwise or counter, if you’d find it uncomfortable or pleasurable or if you’d also get the disco-vibes from this dildo.  But ultimately I did enjoy my time with the Sundaze and I think others could too.

If you’re the kind who loves unconventional toys or unusual shapes then the Sundaze may tickle your fancy. If curiosity gets the better of you I hope you have a great time with the Sundaze. However, given the current situation with A Touch of Glass, I will be omitting any personal recommendations.