Some Thoughts On: Emmeline’s Old Reliables

Hello my lovely readers!

By now I think you all have a good idea of the many, many toys that I review and honestly love. However taking the time to return to these toys can be difficult after the review stage and there are a few common favourites that I use time and time again.

So, as a little bit of fun, I thought I’d share with you my old reliables: the products I tend to either always use or always return to. These products stand above the crowd for me and have become part of my daily testing and sex life.

Let’s dive in shall we?

Mates Skyn Condoms 

Mr. Peaches and I love these condoms so much that we recently made a bulk order of them (which is pretty much the best thing ever).


Mates Skyn Condoms are made out of Polyisoprene which is non-latex and has a much nicer feel to it, in my opinion.

In use Mates Skyn Condoms fit very comfortably for Mr. Peaches and allow more sensation to transfer than Durex ones. I also find the sensation of the Skyn Condom to be very enjoyable. It adds definition while also giving a smooth sensation.

There is also now Skyn Intense Feel which I’m also dying to try.

For us condoms are a must-have in all situations (safety first and all that) so to find such a fantastic brand to call our go-to is a joy. Mates Skyn Condoms basically helps facilitate our testing and I highly recommend them!

Sliquid Sassy

In our house we always keep a bottle of Sliquid handy, and Sliquid Sassy is our most common variety.

This is another essential product that keeps my testing going. I need lubricant during sex and water-based lubricants don’t get much better than Sliquid.


The extra thickness of Sliquid Sassy means that I have a buffer when using incredibly powerful toys whereas Mr. Peaches can use it for butt stuff. We also both adore how it feels during sex; long-lasting and as smooth as its namesake.

I use many Sliquid lubricants during my testing but Sliquid Sassy comes out on top because of its versatility. Go buy yourself a bottle now!

Shunga’s Erotic Massage Oil (Organica Green Tea) 

Whenever I give a blow job I reach for this oil.

There are just so many dimensions to this product that simply can’t be overlooked. It’s a massage oil (with a gorgeous, thick consistency), a heating product, and a flavoured product. The heat is also activated via blowing on the oil, adding another layer to sensation play.

Use the code PEACHES10 to get 10% off this product at Bonne Amour.
Use the code PEACHES10 to get 10% off this product at Bonne Amour.

It tastes simply divine to me; really juicy and suitably sweet but never sickly or overwhelming. As I lap it all up I can also feel its warming effects on the back of my throat which makes the experience even more pleasurable for me.

Bonne Amour recently started stocking this oil and, since then, I’ve purchased four bottles of it. That should let you know how much I covet this particular product.

The Lelo Smart Wand (Large)

I always, always have the Lelo Smart Wand (Large) handy during any form of sexual play. More often than not I will grab for it at some point too.

The Lelo Smart Wand (Large) is just so rumbly, so strong, and so intuitive for me that I can’t help but fall back on it time and time again. If I could chose only one clitoral vibe to take with me on a desert island there would be no hesitation; this toy would win hands down.


It should be said that I’m an odd duck here. The Lelo Smart Wand (Large) doesn’t work for everyone, and some people sincerely despise it, but for me it is my most consistent sex toy. I honestly want a spare, just in case disaster strikes. One day…

The Bad Dragon Lil’ Vibes Tongue & We-Vibe Tango Combo

This is a rather recent addition to my go-to selection but is still becoming a firm favourite. Ever since I received the Lil’ Vibes Tongue for testing it hasn’t left my bed side table. Not drawer. Table. I display it with pride and grab for it without hesitation.


When combined with the We-Vibe Tango the Lil’ Vibes Tongue packs and impressive punch. It also adds a whole new level to foreplay for Mr. Peaches and I which can lead to quicker climaxes.

The We-Vibe Tango also acts as ‘a little handle’ (to quote Mr. Peaches) making it easier to create a lapping motion with the tongue.

Overall this combination is a winner that has persisted so far and I have an inkling that it will continue to do so.

The VixSkin Mustang/The Coq-A-Teal/BS Atelier Alex/The Tantus Cush

When it comes to dildos I have four choices that tend to come up more than the others and all for different reasons.

When I want a soft, but respectably sized & curved toy then I will reach for the VixSkin Mustang (review coming soon).

When I want a reliably fantastic orgasm with a rigid but comfy toy I use the Coq-A-Teal.

When I want a slimmer toy with a defined curve and a guaranteed gasp-inducing climax I reach for the BS Atelier Alex.

And, finally, when I want to be full up and feel my vagina ripple with deeply substantial contractions I reach for the Tantus Cush.

All of these dildos are fantastic at what they do (though the company that sells the Coq-A-Teal are questionable) and I love each one of them for their strengths.


So those are my most used products! If you’d like to know what Mr. Peaches grabs for then I’d be happy to do a follow up to this post, just let me know in the comments. For now, though, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about what keeps my motor going 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Until the next review!

Emmeline Peaches.