Toy Review: The nJoy Pure Plug (Small)

It was thanks to the generosity of my sponsors that I was able to purchase the nJoy Pure Plug (Small) for a review.

The nJoy Pure Plug series are champions among butt plugs. The crème da la crème. Oh Joy Sex Toy adores them. Dizzy Girl considers them to be the best butt plugs ever made, and Epiphora describes them as ‘flawless, glorious nuggets of shiny stainless steel’.

These are all reviewers that I respect highly and, of course, they are right; when it comes to butt plugs it doesn’t get much better than the nJoy Pure Plug line. That being said the nJoy Pure Plug (Small) is not Mr. Peaches’ favourite toy. Not even close as it happens, and I can relate to him.

When a toy is so objectively flawless and well-received by many it can be hard to admit that it doesn’t work for you. There becomes this weird aura of reverence and you just feel like unless you conform then you’re somehow doing it wrong. I felt this with the Mona 2 and Mr. Peaches and I both felt it with the nJoy Pure Plug (Small). The magic simply wasn’t there.

More often than not this will make people avoid commenting on their experiences. After all, they’re so different from how things should be that you can feel like your opinions aren’t productive or even valid. In this instance I have to admit I’ve been guilty of this.

Mr. Peaches and I have had the Pure Plug (Small) since late January and I’ve only just got round to reviewing it. Part of this was due to prior review commitments but, deep down, I kind of wanted to avoid talking about the Pure Plug (Small) because it felt like my opinions couldn’t provide anything productive to the conversation.

That is, of course, totally incorrect.

Even if a toy is good it won’t work for everyone. Bodies are diverse, as are preferences, and to ignore that it to create a false representation of how any given sex toy does and doesn’t work for people. To write a negative review (or even just a comment) about a well-received toy is simply to add another voice to the conversation; which, at the end of the day, will round out perspectives and give potential buyers more opinions to take on board.

We’re all in this together—during the good, the bad, and the ugly—and if someone’s good toy turns out to be another’s bad (or even ugly) one then that’s just reflective of the diversity that exists among us all.

Now that my rambling is done let me finally get on to the task at hand: the long overdue nJoy Pure Plug (Small) review.

 The nJoy Pure Plug (Small)

The nJoy Pure Plug (Small) is a butt plug with a difference. Not only is the shape very appealing for those with a prostate, but the nJoy Pure Plug is also made out of 100% stainless steel.

This a a beautiful plug with an impressive review rating.
This a a beautiful plug with an impressive review rating.

This not only gives the Pure Plug a stunning appearance but it also has many practical applications. The first, most apparent, one is for temperature play. At its natural temperature the Pure Plug is quite cold but It can become even more chilly if placed in some icy water. Alternatively, it can also be warmed up to make it nice and cosy. Either way the Pure Plug is very receptive to temperature changes and will enhance a sensation session with ease.

Stainless steel is also very, very smooth. This means that the Pure Plug is incredibly easy to insert and works well with all lubricants. The lack of drag means it feels quite inoffensive while sliding in but the Pure Plug can still provide some very interesting sensation. This is mainly due to its shape and weight.

At 140 grams in weight the nJoy Pure Plug (Small) has some heft to it (and the weight increased as the size does too). This makes the Pure Plug a very prominent butt plug—one that you won’t easily forget. In theory this means that the Pure Plug can be worn for longer periods of time without losing its arousing appeal. You own little secret.

Because the Pure Plug is so weighty it can also be used by someone during PiV sex and the one doing the penetration will actually feel it stimulating their penis. This also adds extra sensation for the one with the vagina and leads to generally amazing times (again, in theory).

And, of course, because the Pure Plug is made out of stainless steel it is phthalate-free, non-porous, easy to clean and totally body safe.

I wish I could say that the price was a ‘steel’ too (because that pun would be priceless) but, sadly, I can’t. At £64.99 the nJoy Pure Plug (Small) is an expensive purchase, but it’s one that many consider to be justifiably expensive. The Pure Plug certainly does make a great gift-giving item. It comes in its own solid storage case which (when opened up) contains the Pure Plug sitting comfortably in a custom fit interior, lined with a silken fabric. It doesn’t get much swankier than that.

It's lovely storage box makes this plug a good gift.
It’s lovely storage box makes this plug a good gift.

When I presented the Pure Plug to Mr. Peaches he was suitably impressed (and grateful). However, as time went on I noticed that he wouldn’t reach for it much. This bemused me; the Pure Plug is supposed to be the butt plug. Why wasn’t he reaching for it consistently?

After a while I asked him about his experiences with the Pure Plug and he gave me the following appraisal:

Emmeline surprised me one day by buying me a nJoy Pure Plug (Small) which was nice. Since then I’ve used the plug many times and now feel thoroughly informed to offer a review of this butt plug.

Up until this point I had only used silicone and glass plugs, never metal. Well, let me tell you; you might think glass and metal toy would have a similar feel to them, but they most certainly don’t.

Glass is firm but light so the firmness is the main aspect of the toy. Metal on the other hand is of course firm but has a lot more weight to it, which I noticed straight away.

When in use this weight is interesting. The plug feels like it might slip out so you are having to clench which brings the head of the toy up and rubs against my prostate. After a while my body did this naturally, which was pleasurable.

I must hasten to add that the plug never does fall out; I’ve tested this and even when doing star jumps it didn’t fall out so that’s nice.

Now for a slightly more detailed look at the Pure Plug in use.

On the first use I immediately felt the weight of the toy as well as the (bloody freezing) temperature.  The head of the plug is curved so that is stimulates the prostate and I found the weight really made it so that the head made its presence felt. This plug has never failed to give me a strong and longer lasting orgasm.

In fact, you could say I’ve nJoyed them all…I’ll see myself out.

Now this toy is not without its flaw, I find that having the plug in for too long can cause some discomfort; and by too long, I mean 10 minutes or more. I have concluded that it is the weight of the toy that causes this discomfort; all the weight has to rest somewhere and for me at least it rests on the opening of my anus.

Overall this is a great plug, even for beginners, but it’s not something I reach for often.

This discomfort really does mean that, while the Pure Plug delivers strong orgasms, it’s simply not the toy for us. No one wants an uncomfortable orgasm, after all.

I don’t usually use butt plugs but I wanted to see if this plug would be good for beginners (as Mr. Peaches put it), as well as test out the effect of the plug during PiV intercourse.

This butt plug is simply too weighty for our liking.
This butt plug is simply too weighty for our liking.

For me the plug did slip in easily enough but, like Mr. Peaches, I found the weight to be unsettling. During sex the weight became even more worrying. I could feel the plug during use, feel Mr. Peaches moving in and out of me, and that motion jiggled the plug. This might feel great for some people but I don’t associate my butt with pleasure and so the sensation was just distressing.

Like I said before, these experiences won’t apply to everyone, but it did apply to Mr. Peaches and I, so we couldn’t really get the full benefits that the Pure Plug provides.

In terms of objective downsides there really are none aside from the price. It’s all personal preference.

Final Thoughts

Because of our experiences with the nJoy Pure Plug (Small) I can’t wholeheartedly endorse it, however I do urge you to look around at other reviews and come to your own conclusions. This toy is well shaped, has a great handle, and is wonderfully body-safe.

Many people like this line of plugs and there’s a strong chance that you will too. It’s a shame that Mr. Peaches and I can’t hop on the Pure Plug bandwagon but I hope you can.

In the meantime, this review can at least stand as a reminder that even amazing toys may fall flat for some.

Recommend to:

People who like smooth toys.

People who like weighty toys.

People who like good handles.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike smooth toys.

People who dislike weighty toys.

People who dislike firm toys.

The Pure Plug (Small) was purchased through my sponsor’s support. If you liked this review please click on their links and check out their own fantastic products and services.

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