Update: B Balls Winner’s Review

Hello my lovely readers,

Do you remember my Fun Factory B Balls giveaway? It was a playful little summer giveaway that I had an fantastic time giving away some booty for your booty. And, much to my delight, the winner had an awesome time too.

The B Balls are the anal version of vaginal jiggle balls.
The B Balls are the anal version of vaginal jiggle balls.

I asked the lovely LittleSwitchBitch if she’d be willing to give me some feedback on the B Balls and she wrote me a wonderful review of them. I don’t want to hog the limelight for too long so let’s dive right in to her review:

Firstly, I like to say a huge thank you to Emmeline for holding the competition I was lucky enough to win these Fun Factory B Balls in.
I remember many months ago having a conversation with a fellow sex toy reviewer about this very butt plug and I remember the feeling of lust I had for these when that conversation ended. I added them to my wishlist and I never got around to picking them up. I have wondered since owning them why and if you are like me, stop wondering and pick up a pair and join me doing a jiggle butt dance.

These were jiggling in my hand before I even opened the envelope they arrived in. Yes, they are seriously jiggly. On opening the box, I was greeted with beautiful packaging. A gold cardboard box which has an outer sleeve with an image of the product on it. In the box you’ll find instructions for use as well as the B-Balls themselves securely nestled in cardboard. One thing I will say is they bloody stink. I scrubbed the hell out of them and when I finished I scrubbed them some more. Thankfully the smell has started to fade since. These are 100% silicone, which means they are the best your butt can get when it comes to hygienic materials. But that also means you can’t use a silicone based lube with them either otherwise it will eat your toy.

I guess if it’s your first time using these and haven’t tried anal related activities before I personally wouldn’t recommend them. Don’t get me wrong they feel amazeballs (Bahahaha!) but they do cause a small amount of stretch inserting them and I would consider myself an intermediate anal player. Going back to that stretch, I personally love that feeling, in fact if they didn’t I wouldn’t love them as much as I do and you get to experience that twice as each ball pops into place.

There is a reassuring T bar handle attached to them meaning they ain’t gonna do any unwanted travelling. They are safe to wear all day as well as during sex, which is what I did during my first time wearing them. But beforehand I did a lot of twerking wearing them first. You have to, they certainly do cause a spring in your step. They are far more jigglier than any other jiggly things I own. My husband was able to feel them jiggle against his cock too creating more added bonuses.

However, all the above said I need to mention this. They are designed to be an anal toy, which got me wondering about the red plastic bits on the sides which seem to serve no other purpose other than aesthetics. They don’t need to be there and cause gaps, which can harbour bacteria and gunk. Well unless they contribute to the transfer of the jiggliness and if that is the reason then it’s ok and worth the extreme scrubbing but if not, ugh.

Regardless though, for the pleasure they create it’s worth putting up with.


And that’s that! I’d like to thank LittleSwitchBitch for her wonderful review of the B Balls and congratulate her, again, for winning them. You can find LittleSwitchBitch on Twitter or check out more of her reviews over at her fabulous website or her Lovehoney profile.


A big thank you, too, to Fun Factory for providing the B Balls for the giveaway.

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