Toy Review: The CalExotics Silhouette S17

Some toys, despite their best attempts, simply don’t work. Most of the time it’s a compatibility issue or the price-to-orgasm-quality ratio that decides this. Sadly I found the CalExotics Silhouette S17 to be both.

This toy, on the surface, isn’t badly executed. Its body safe, rechargeable, waterproof, and generally has most of the trappings of a luxury vibrator. However the shape and vibrations of this toy simply didn’t do it for me. I’ve said it before but rabbit-type vibrators simply aren’t my thing and the Silhouette S17 hasn’t swayed me one bit. Add to the fact that the vibrations are strong internally and weaker externally and I was left as one unsatisfied power queen.

To top it off the type of vibrations make it so that I can’t really justify the $90+ price tag that comes with this toy.

The CalExotics Silhouette S17

The CalExotics Silhouette S17 is part of the Silhouette line of toys by CalExotics. Some of the Silhouette toys look very promising and, if this vibrator is anything to go by, I can imagine that some of them perform very well.

The Silhouette S17 is a dual-motored, rabbit-style vibrator which aims to stimulate the clitoris and G-spot simultaneously. The clitoral arm has ripples running across it, to add texture to the experience, whereas the internal section has a lovely (if not very conventional) tapered curve which will hit some people’s G-spot quite well.

This toy leaves me feeling rather indifferent.
This toy leaves me feeling rather indifferent.

The insertable length of this toy is about 4 inches and the max circumference is 4.5—making this a very manageable toy. Meanwhile the practical length of the clitoral arm is just under 3 inches.

The toy, itself, is made out of silicone, making it phthalate-free, nonporous, and generally body safe. I have to admit the silicone used for this toy is incredibly alluring. Silky smooth to the touch it has a buttery quality that practically calls for you to stroke it. The drag is reasonable and it lubes up very well. There is a seam on the toy but it is unnoticeable during use.

Sadly the Silhouette S17 doesn’t come with a storage bag but it does have some other benefits. The main ones are being rechargeable and 100% waterproof. There is also a travel lock feature if you want to take advantage of it. This is activated by pressing and holding down the button for 4 seconds.

Speaking of buttons, the controls for the Silhouette S17 are pretty straightforward. To turn it on you simply press the bottom button once. To filter through the patterns you press the top button and to increase or decrease the vibration intensity you press and hold either the top button or the bottom button depending on if you want to increase or decrease the vibrations.

When it comes to the vibrations I feel rather indifferent. They’re strong, decently so for a vibrator of this type, but they’re incredibly buzzy. So much so that most of the levels are too buzzy and intense for my G-spot and end up just giving me a stinging need-to-pee sensation instead of any type of pleasure.

Along with reasonable vibrations the texture on the clitoral arm adds more sensations.
Along with reasonable vibrations the texture on the clitoral arm adds more sensations.

When it comes to the clitoral arm I enjoy the higher levels more. They have somewhat of a flickering aspect to them which actually kept my clit’s interest. However because the dual-motors aren’t independently controlled I can’t have strong clitoral vibrations without strong(er) internal vibrations and that just doesn’t work for me.

When it comes to toys like this there’s an increasing range of dual-motored toys which allow you to control each motor independently and I think most luxury vibrators really need to start moving towards that, otherwise they’re lagging behind in a detrimental manner. As such the Silhouette S17 did feel like it was behind on the times, and it is the user that suffers (in this case me).

Add to the fact that this toy just doesn’t fit my anatomy and things just don’t stack in the Silhouette S17’s favour. To put it simply the clitoral arm was simply way to long for me. Not only that but, due to the Silhouette S17’s odd shape, it simply felt awkward holding this toy in place. It never felt comfortable and was a real immersion breaker.

Needless to say I didn’t orgasm with the Silhouette S17 while using it as intended. However using the internal shaft as a clitoral toy yielded some results. Through sheer buzzy power it did muster an orgasm in me but it wasn’t that deep and it certainly isn’t my preferred product, let alone being worth $90.

Still, I am aware that most of these problems are personal preference and that some people will like the Silhouette S17. If you love rabbit-type vibes and crave strong, buzzy vibrations then the Silhouette S17 packs a pretty reasonable punch. Its abstract form may also appeal to some people and its G-spot shaft is pretty-much what you’d want in a toy like this.

So, personal preferences aside, are there any other downsides to the Silhouette S17? Not too many, actually, which makes this toy even harder to review in some regards.

The main downsides are that the buttons can be awkward to press and that the toy isn’t whisper quiet. It’s also very awkward to put the charging prong in and I’m always worried that I’m going to damage the toy and/or charger. These are fairly common issues with sex toys, though, so they’re hardly deal-breakers by any means.

So I suppose my ultimate gripe is with the fact that the Silhouette S17 has so many good things going for it and yet still fails to work for me. The shape, the vibrations, and even the way you filter through the intensities just irks me and at no point was an orgasm easy to obtain. In fact it was basically impossible when using it as intended.

Final Thoughts

Overall the CalExotics Silhouette S17 has all of the right components in theory but they don’t translate well in practice.

In many ways this is a case of ‘know your body’. If you think this toy will work for you and you think it is worth the price then I can’t tell you otherwise. However for $90 I expect a toy to work for a broad audience rather than a niche one and I don’t think that the Silhouette S17 is effective enough to justify its price tag.

Recommend to:

People who like strong, buzzy vibrations.

People who adore rabbit-type vibrators.

People who want a nice G-spot curve.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike buzzy vibrations.

People who prefer independent motor controls.

People who dislike rabbit-type vibrators.

CalExotics provided me with the Silhouette S17 in exchange for an honest review.