Toy Review: The Lelo Lily 2

Vibrators are fantastic. The sensations they provide, the touch, the experiences, well, they’re pretty damned great. However most conventional vibrators stay confined to the realm of touch alone. For some this is a problem. Sex is, at its core, a multi-sensual experience and a lot of people depend on their sense of smell to set the mood.

Up until this point it wasn’t really possible to safely combine fragrances and vibrators into one, but Lelo have just changed all of that with their newest release—the Lelo Lily 2.

The Lelo Lily 2 builds off of the innovative spirit of its precursor when it comes to trying to revolutionize the sex toy market. Using a brand new method of production an aroma is infused into each Lily 2, making it a safe scented sex toy.

So, with this new element introduced, does the Lelo Lily 2 bring something exciting to the industry or is it simply one sense too far? Find out below.

The Lelo Lily 2

The Lelo Lily 2 comes in three different aromas (and three different corresponding colours): Lavender and Manuka Honey, Rose and Wisteria, and Bordeaux and Chocolat. The premise of these scents isn’t to mask the natural scent or flavour of a person’s genitals. Instead it is meant to fill the role of a scented candle or incense; a tease for the senses that leads up to sex.

The Lelo Lily 2 is a treat for the senses.
The Lelo Lily 2 is a treat for the senses.

As a teen I got caught up in the scented pen trend pretty intensely so, I have to admit, I was excited for this product. Sadly I also have an intense dislike of lavender (to the point where it can make me gag) so I was hoping against all hopes that I wouldn’t receive the lavender one.

I did.

Because of this I was initially dreading opening my lovely new arrival, simply because I feared the scent would be incompatible to my palette.

Was it? Well, yes.

The Lavender and Manuka Honey Lily 2 does not have a scent that I can find arousing. However it’s not as offensive as some lavender products. In fact I barely associate it with lavender specifically; it’s just a sort of sweet, floral scent which I know some will like, but it’s not for me.

Thankfully Lelo have mastered the balance when it comes to making the aroma detectable without being overpowering. It isn’t until I put the Lily 2 very close to my nose that I can really detect its aroma. Sometimes when I’m using it I catch a fleeting whiff of the aroma but it is never overwhelming. It is, in many ways, a delicate feature and the user can engage with it as much or as little as they wish.

For example if you like sensation play then you may have some fun blindfolding your lover and, after a while, running the Lily 2 under their nose. Upon detecting the scent they will be aware of what is to come and then the anticipation builds up as they wonder when the vibration will follow.

If you dislike the idea of a scented toy then all you need to do is use it without trying to smell it. Most of the time you won’t smell it unless you make the effort to. Alternatively (if you really can’t stand the idea of a scented toy) you can buy the Nea 2, a similar but unscented toy.

Moving on from the scent the Lelo Lily 2 has a lot to offer. With a beautiful, ergonomic shape the Lily 2 is perfectly contoured to sit in the hand and hug against the vulva. Meanwhile its beautiful tip is perfectly poised to stimulate the clitoris, providing precise stimulation.

The Lelo Lily 2 is shapes for comfort and precision.
The Lelo Lily 2 is shaped for comfort and precision.

The Lily 2 is made from body safe ABS which is phthalate-free, nonporous, and completely body safe. ABS is a rather rigid material but the surface of the Lelo Lily 2 has a silky smooth texture which makes it feel more inviting than some plastic toys. In addition to being body safe the Lily 2 is 100% waterproof and comes with a lovely little storage bag, some lubricant, and a warranty card.

The Lelo Lily 2 is rechargeable via USB and 2 hours of charging will get you about 4 hours of use maximum. When charging the Lily 2 lights under the control buttons will flash to let you know that it’s charging. Once it has finished the lights will change to being consistently lit.

In terms of controls the Lily 2 has two and they’re easy to understand. One turns the toy on and filters through the vibration intensities, the other lowers the vibration intensities and turns the Lily 2 off. In order to access the Lily 2’s patterns all you need to do is hold the on button down for two seconds during use and it will do so. To return to continuous vibrations simply hold the off button for two seconds and it will revert back. I don’t touch patterns often but I did try out the controls to get to them and it was pretty straightforward.

It is easy to charge the Lelo Lily 2. Despite having an open port it is also still 100% waterproof too.
It is easy to charge the Lelo Lily 2. Despite having an open port it is also 100% waterproof.

The vibrations from the Lelo Lily 2 are apparently twice the strength as those in the original Lily. While I don’t own the original I can say that the Lily 2’s vibrations are very impressive for a toy of its size. I would say that it’s one of Lelo’s strongest clitoral toys and manages to be deeply satisfying.

The vibrations start as a very gentle, rumbly purr. These vibrations feel like a pleasant ambient quiver and I think they would certainly work during a sensation play session. Going up the scale the vibrations become more assertive and a bit buzzy but they keep their rumbly undertone. This acts as a pleasant tease and a lovely build up to the stronger vibrations.

Going full throttle the Lily 2 provides more of a rapid buzz which manages to reverberate and reach deep into the body. I’ve actually used the Lily 2 on my aching back in one instant and was surprised to find that it worked—such is the effective depth of its vibrations. Still the rumble does diminish at this level, taking a backseat to the persistent buzz of the Lily 2, but I don’t feel like the toy suffers for this. The Lily 2 still manages to provide strong sensations and my orgasms with it are unmistakably satisfying, although not world-changing. This is a vibrator I would definitely travel with, as I feel like it provides an extensive spectrum of vibration potency which would keep me satisfied during a road trip.

So if there anything to dislike about the Lelo Lily 2?

For me there was only one thing and that was the buttons. The buttons are firmly built into the toy and they need a firm touch to respond. However when you’ve got a small, plastic toy and lubed up hands then it sometimes becomes impossible to intuitively press the buttons on the Lily 2. Instead you end up pulling it away from your genitals and wrangling into position, pushing the buttons down with a frustrated grumble.

This isn’t a deal breaker for me but it can be a mood killer at times. Because of this I tend to simply put the Lily 2 on the setting I want it to be from the get-go and don’t bother to change it.

Other than that the Lily 2 doesn’t have any other issues and is, objectively, a pretty effective toy. It has goals in mind and it achieves them all to great effect. My orgasms can vouch for that.

Final Thoughts

Overall I really like the Lelo Lily 2 and find it to be a great little clitoral vibrator with a respectable amount of juice.

The aromatic element of the Lelo Lily 2 is done in such a way that you can take it or leave it as you wish and I admire Lelo for being able to pull that off so effectively. While I’m more of a Bordeaux and Chocolat kind of gal the floral undertones of my Lily 2 never ruined my experiences with the toy and I simply chose not to indulge in the aromatic experience.

Still if you’re looking for a powerful clitoral vibrator and love the idea of engaging your sense of smell in your sex toy adventures then the Lelo Lily 2 is pretty much the only toy of its kind on the market. It’s effective, it’s powerful, and it’s compact. In my opinion that’s nothing to sniff at.

Recommend to:

People who want a scented sex toy.

People who want a strong clitoral toy.

People who want a compact travel vibe.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike scented products.

People who prefer rumbly vibrations.

People who prefer softer toys.

The Lelo Lily 2 was provided to me by Lelo in exchange for an honest review. If you liked this review then please consider making your purchases through the affiliate links included.

  • Her

    But is it worth £99? Did you get a better orgasm than with a £12 bullet?

    LELO’s prices seem bonkers to me!

    • I certainly got a better orgasm from it than I would with a £12 bullet. Most inexpensive bullets don’t have the power or depth of products such as the Lelo Lily 2 or the We-Vibe Touch or Tango.

      These products certainly are pricey, and I can definitely appreciate that. All the added features (and the luxury brand name) add up to make a toy that you have to save for rather than an easy purchase.

      I think if the price is an issue and the smell isn’t a big factor then the Nea 2 would be the better choice. However if you wanted to treat yourself (or if someone wanted to buy you an erotic gift) then the Lily 2 is a great option. It stands out from standard bullet vibes in terms of strength and sensations and is a reliable, sturdy product.