Product Review: The Licx Lubricant Range

Y’all know I love a good lube. That’s why I couldn’t resist when Licx kindly approached me with a request to review their products.

The Licx Lubricant Range intrigued me with its focus on consistency—offering a gel and cream lubricant for their customer’s lubing pleasure. These are two very different products and I wondered if Licx would be able to effectively pull both of them off.

These lubricants come in sizes that appeal to a variety of users.
These lubricants come in sizes that appeal to a variety of users.

The answer is a resounding yes, but the Licx range is far from perfect. While I adore the sensation that these lubricants provide the ingredients will be a massive downside for some.

About Licx

Licx is an adult product company which aims to create an approachable and receptive space for people to purchase lubricants and intimate wipes.

‘Everyone is welcome at Licx’ is the manifesto, and Licx seem committed to this line of thought.


Their ‘About Us’ page makes the effort to offer a welcoming hand to marginalized groups while being equally warm to those who fall into the conventional model of just wanting decent lubricant.

There is also a lot of focus on how difficult it can be to browse the net for adult products, which is why I am happy to report that the Licx site is very easy to navigate.

Licx is also happy to take on customer feedback and puts them at the center of their business practices. They urge people to get in touch if they have any feedback or questions and it’s really nice to see a desire for engagement.

In terms of tangible benefits Licx also provides free shipping on all orders over £15 and guarantee discretion. Licx also produces their lubricant in a variety of shapes and sizes, and I appreciate the range of products offered.

My Licx items did not arrive as swiftly as I would have liked, but this could have been because I was a review order (which, I assume, is treated differently to customer orders). Still the dispatch/shipping time is probably the main thing that I would like to see Licx address in terms of customer service.

Licx Gel Lube

There’s something about thick lubricants which drives me wild in all the right ways; something innately satisfying about dolloping a goop of lube on my body or a toy and slathering it on the surface without it running all over the place.

A reliably thick lube will provide a sure buffer for stronger toys and is a must during anal play. As such I am delighted to report that the Licx Gel Lube is one of the thicker gel lubricants on the market.

The Licx Gel Lube is a water-based lubricant, which makes it safe to use with silicone toys (and most other things). It has designed to be pH-balanced, is paraben-free, and has not been tested on animals. These are all clear positives.

The Licx Gel Lube is designed to be smooth and sensual. Its goal is to glide across the skin and provide a reliable and non-obtrusive experience.

In this the Licx Gel Lube certainly succeeds.

The thickness of this lubricant is glorious.
The thickness of this lubricant is glorious.

I was almost giddy when I first released my first dollop of Licx Gel Lube from its flip and squeeze tube. Coming out thick (and retaining its shape for some time) I knew that this lubricant was certainly one for appreciators of gel-type lubes.

In many ways this lubricant is what other gel lubes should aspire to be; it’s thick but spreads well, long-lasting but not clingy, and substantial but not sticky. This lubricant is also easy to wash off and leaves no unpleasant residue (although it does take some extra attendance).

The integrity and malleability of the Licx Gel Lube is impressive. If left to its own devices it will hold its shape for quite some time, but it is also incredibly receptive to being spread across the skin—creating an irresistibly moist surface.

In terms of sensation the Licx Gel Lube feels fresh and invigorating. The smooth buffer it provides is noticeable but mainly because of how enjoyable it feels. The buffer this lubricant provided for my toys was more than enough, even with my power house products, and it rarely needed reapplying.

The Licx Gel has created a convert at of Mr. Peaches when it comes to anal play. He adores the thickness of this lubricant and the manner in which it will cling to a toy (or to the skin) during use unless willingly spread. It certainly makes anal insertion a breeze and would be perfect for those who desire a thick anal lube.

So, what are the downsides to this lubricant?

Well although virtually odourless, it should be said that the Licx Gel Lube has a foul chemical tang to it. This sadly makes the Licx Gel Lube unsuitable for oral use.

For those with sensitive skin the Licx Gel Lube also contains ingredients that might irritate some people’s bodies—such as propylene glycol for instance. Personally I experienced no irritation with the Licx Gel Lube (which, in itself, endears me to this lubricant), but I do recommend that you look at the full list of ingredients before deciding to buy.

Because it is thick (and eagerly goops out of its container) the Licx Gel Lube also seems to run out faster than my other lubricants. This isn’t a problem by itself but, at £19.99 for 250ml, this does make the Licx Gel Lube a bit pricey compared to other water-based lubricants. However I don’t mind paying more for a lubricant that I like and I feel like I would commit to the product price in this instance.

Licx Deluxe Cream Lube

The Licx Deluxe Cream Lube provides an entirely different experience altogether and, for this, I really appreciate it. The Licx Deluxe Cream Lube was created with a male audience in mind but Licx now happily proclaims that it is for everyone.

This Cream Lube has a very similar thickness to the Licx Gel Lube but an entirely different consistency which is, quite frankly, rather impressive. Following up on its name, the Licx Deluxe Cream Lube feels more akin to a cream or moisturizer than a lubricant, but still does its job very well.

As with the Gel Lube, the thickness of the Licx Deluxe Cream Lube makes it ideal for use with thicker toys or for anal, but it is not restricted solely to those purposes. Because of its consistency this lubricant feels quite good for handjobs and certainly enriched my own masturbation sessions.

Veering off topic for a moment, it’s important to note that if you stack up three dollops of this lubricant you can make an ice cream shape, and it looks adorable. Anyway, back to the review.

You could put a mini ice cream on your partner's nipples or the tip of their shaft. Tell me that isn't awesome.
You could put a mini ice cream on your partner’s nipples or the tip of their shaft. Tell me that isn’t awesome.

It is amazing how smooth and thick this lubricant feels when spread across the skin. Acting much like a moisturizer, it does take a bit more effort to fully work this lubricant in to the skin, but that just makes this lube longer-lasting and an even more effective buffer.

When on the skin this lubricant shares similar sensation to the Gel Lube—in that it feels rather fresh and revitalizing—but the delivery is entirely different.

To make one good, thick lubricant is difficult, but to make two with varying and effective consistencies is verging on a miracle. Because of the Cream Lube’s consistency it also doesn’t dollop out of the container as much, allowing it more longevity.

Sadly this lubricant is not perfect. In fact I would say that it is the more objectionable of the two.

Why you ask? One word: Parabens.

Yes, sadly the Licx Deluxe Cream lubricant contains parabens, making it unsuitable for some people with sensitive skin and anyone who has pledged to avoid this ingredient. It is a shame, really, as I find this lubricant to be very effective. However if you have objections based on the ingredients then I don’t blame you.

There are also other ingredients in this lubricant that might irritate some people so, again, it is wise to look at the full list before making a purchase. Thankfully I didn’t have a negative reaction to this lubricant, but I tend to avoid products that have parabens in them.

Do not taste this lubricant! That is my official advice. It is a horrible combination of sweetness and chemicals that I do not care to revisit. The creamy texture also adds to the unpleasantness and there is a lingering chemical after taste. Sorry fellow oral appreciators, this lube isn’t for us.

Final Thoughts

When Licx approached me I wasn’t quite sure what I would think of their products. To discover that they were not only effective but pretty damned excellent in many regards filled me with an immeasurable amount of joy.

If you love thick or creamy lubricants then you can expect these items to deliver and do a damned good job at it too.

However if you have issues regarding the ingredients then it might be best to avoid these lubes. Your concerns are valid (especially when it comes to the parabens in the Cream Lube) and I share them. All I can say is that these lubricants did not irritate me at all, and I have very sensitive skin, so I was impressed.

If you’ve read this review and would like to try out the Licx range then check out their site. If you’re unsure then why not get some sampler sachets to start with? With any hope these lubricants will leave you feeling warm and gooey inside (in more ways than one).

Recommend to:

People who love thick gel or cream lubricants.

People who like a buffer for strong toys.

People looking for an anal lube.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer thin/runny lubricants.

People who want an oral lube.

People who object to the ingredients.